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A Minecraft Book


Tom wakes up in a world, but not just any world. This world has no curves, just cubes, cubes, and more cubes.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

A cliff.

I open my eyes and I'm standing at the edge of a cliff, So I do what any other person would and fall backwards while yelling. I'm about to rub my eyes but then I see another problem. I don't exactly have arms, just boxes for limbs.
Seeing this caused even more freaking out. I (finally) realize that this is getting me no where, so I stand up and back away from the cliff, not realizing there was another fall right behind me.
"Oof!" 'how high did I fall?' I wonder, then rubbing my eyes so I can see clearly.
That's when I realized that there were NO curves, ANYWHERE! just cubes, cubes, and more cubes.
I decide to wander around and see if I could find any signs of civilization. Maybe a town, a ranger's station, heck a road to follow, if I wasn't feeling picky. But I didn't find anything except for a new growing hunger. Then I noticed a herd of cows. That's what they're called, right? A herd? Anyway seeing them automatically filled my mind with images of steak, but sadly I had no tools to kill it with.
I keep wandering and I see woman, punching down a tree?'Nah, she probably has an ax but I just don't see it from here' I thought
But then all rhyme and reason fly out the window when she takes out a chunk of the tree, AND IT DOESN'T FALL OVER!
"Who ever is watching me please stop creeping around and present yourself!" She suddenly shouts, with me suddenly realizing she must feel my gaze.
I approach slowly and then she sees me.
"Who are you?" asks me threateningly, with me quickly responding.
"Tom, I think. I can't remember much of anything." She looks me up and down, then replies. "Me neither, my names Clair."
She had brown hair, green eyes, a black shirt, and jeans shorts. Meanwhile, I was wearing a tank-top, black shorts and red sandals.
"Now about this tree..." I say turning towards the miracle of anti-gravity."Exactly what I was thinking, and it's pretty amazing that I was able to punch it down with my hands." So my first thought was correct!
"How!?" I ask amazed."Well, I was getting hungry, so I was trying to find something to eat, but when I couldn't find anything, I got frustrated and took it out on a the tree. But when I punched it cracks popped up on it, making frustration dissolve into curiosity. So, I kept punching it and, this happened." She said gesturing to the tree.
"Well, do you have any tools?" I ask hopefully. She quickly checks a backpack that I just noticed that she had."Nothing except for map." I quickly check mine too,"Ditto."
"Well, looks like it's just me and you against the world." Clair says."Guess so."
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