Of Fire and Ice


Rebecca Danielle Rojas
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Chapter 1

A/N: This is just a random story I felt like writing. Helps get ideas flowing, so I thought I'd post it and see how it evolves. DO NOT take it seriously and enjoy!

A small boy stood outside, the December wind chilling his malnourished body to the bone. It was to be expected, being Christmas and all. His relatives, like every Christmas before, wanted nothing to do with him and refused to have him around their son, and his cousin, on such a special day with his freakiness. As such, young Harry James Potter was thrown out of the house and into the backyard with nothing but the clothes he wore to sleep the night before. No shoes were seen on his small feet, not a winter jacket around his shoulders. Instead, the boy huddled to the warmest corner and tried desperately to keep warm.

He began to realize a few hours later that he began to feel numb, and from experience, that was a very bad thing. Huddling closer to himself, Harry tried to use the warmth inside himself to warm his body. It was a strange feeling, the warmth. It was comforting, and gentle, but he could feel the raw power and strength in it as well. Either way, he knew that using too much of it, exhausted himself greatly.

So, rather than using his warmth completely, Harry tried to rub his cold chest and bring his toes closer to his body and avoid touching the frozen ground completely. As he turned to look at his relatives laugh and smile, Harry couldn't help but wish he were far away. Away from the cold and with someone who would care and love him like his Aunt and Uncle showed Dudley. To be far away, like a bird and simply fly as far as the wind would carry. He hardly realized the warmth engulfing his body, but when he did he realized something impossible had happened.

One, he wasn't cold, not in the slightest. Instead, he felt completely content, his body temperature perfectly at balance. The next major thing he noticed was the fact that he was no longer a ten year old boy. No, rather than skin, he seemed to have scales that sparkled like freshly fallen snow. His hands had become claws that looked to be capable of clawing his way out of anything. His neck felt longer, far more flexible than what he was used to. Craning his head around, Harry realized he was on all fours, like a dog or cat and it felt perfectly natural. He gasped in shock when he noticed two wings sprouting from his back. He tried to see if he could move them, and not a second later his wings stretched out, spreading out fully as he had seen birds before taking flight. He didn't mind the tail so much, he felt as though without it, he wouldn't be nearly as balanced than with it.

Taking one last long look at his relatives, Harry walked out to the open yard, spreading his wings once again and pushed against the gravity that kept him grounded, defying the law and pushing harder until he was airborne. The feeling of nothing gripping hold of his larger body was breath taking. He never wanted to feel the earth underneath his feet again it was so wonderful. Pushing himself up more, he began to fly around, feeling one hundred percent absolutely free.

No fears of his Uncle clutched at his heart. No worries he wouldn't go without food for the next few days. There was nothing that could take away the feeling he was feeling at that very moment. He felt himself give into the instinct to fly away from the house he had lived in for ten years. He felt the air swiftly moving around him, caressing his frame with a cool hand. He didn't know which direction he was going. He honestly didn't care. The wind would tell him when to stop, the very sky would tell him when he had found home.

Harry hadn't known how long he had flown until he felt the need to land, and more importantly, the need to hunt. He took in the surroundings of his landing point. It was some sort of frozen marsh of land. It felt comforting to his cool scales, as though this were his natural home. Taking a moment to breathe in the cool December air that no longer harmed him, Harry let his instincts take hold once more, and when he returned from them, realized his stomach was full of winter rabbits, and some other small creatures who had the misfortune of crossing his sense of smell. It sickened him to a point that he had not only eaten raw meat, but also that he had to kill the animals with his teeth or claws. He pushed the thoughts away, realizing that he needed to eat the creatures. The hunger was simply too great to ignore.

Looking around once more, Harry realized he had moved from his original landing point and was closer to this strange looking building of some sort. The place reeked of an assortment of food. The smoke of past meals still lingering in the air. It also had an aura Harry immediately recognized as a 'nest.' He hadn't known where that thought had come from, but the word felt so natural he didn't question it. The odd building was a nest, and from the smell, had quite a bit of hatchlings lingering inside. A part of Harry envied what he recognized fully as a home. They, like the Dursleys, were obviously loving to their own. Love seeped out of the very cracks in the home. Love, kindness, and family all littered the aura around the house.

It was both wonderful and hideous to Harry at the same time.

Choosing to move away from such happiness, Harry went to make himself his own 'nest.' Bringing in piles of ice and snow into one particular area, forming the mound with his tail and claws. Once he had felt he had done enough, he climbed on the small pile of snow and ice, and quickly let slumber take hold, not fearing that in the morning, he would find himself back in the cupboard under the stairs, or human Harry once more. No, he felt it in his very bones that he was a dragon, and a dragon he would remain to be.

Two voices broke his peaceful slumber, and Harry was met with the overcast morning of his new nest. The voices were getting closer and closer, and what they were saying became clear to his highly sensitive ears.

"Gred, I'm telling you, it's full proof." One of the voices said.

"But of course it is, Forge, I wouldn't believe any less." the other, now identified as 'Gred', said.

"We just need mum-" Forge began, followed by Gred.

"-to be distracted-"

"-then we can come in-"

"-and no one will notice-"

"-a thing." they finished together.

Harry, whilst listening in, was trying to wrap his head around what they were actually saying. Between them going back and forth and completing each others sentences perfectly was a little befuddling. He continued to listen as they actively spoke about some sort of plan that would leave their "Ronnikins" terrified of any small noise for days, something they found hysterical for reasons Harry couldn't understand. Thankfully, as close as they were, the snow and his little mound of snow camouflaged himself fairly well and neither of the voices seemed to notice him.

Soon enough, however, they became edging closer and closer to his nest, Harry felt his instincts telling him to defend his nest. To get rid of the intruders before they harmed him like his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin had. But, he remained silent and pushed back his baser instinct to look at the two voices. They were both older than him, tall with vibrant red hair as well as numerous freckles speckling their faces. Looking at the two, it seemed they were identical twins, which would explain quite a bit on their ability to complete each others sentences so wonderfully. He had often heard at school that twins simply had this bond that no one could explain. But it was stronger than any bond, for it was naturally born with them. But then again, who wouldn't form some sort of bond from spending nine months together in a small enclosed space?

Noticing the two were getting a bit too close to his nest, Harry let out a small growl of displeasure automatically, unable to hold back. He wasn't that surprised at himself, these two strange people were trespassing on his home, his nest. He would protect it no matter what, and protect himself from any possible threat. He was a dragon now after all, he could defend himself from two people who stood considerably shorter than he did.

The twins, however, heard the small growl and rather than be cowed away from the area, they looked at each other and bore identical mischievous grins on their faces.

"What do you think that was, brother o'mine?" one asked, Harry unable to pinpoint whether it was Forge or Gred.

"Not sure dear brother, but I believe we have a duty to check it out." the other said.

"Too true, too true. Shall we?" the first motioned toward his nest directly, though still ignorant to his being there.

"Let's" the other said taking the first step toward his nest.

After the first few steps, Harry couldn't take it anymore, and he raised his head in a slightly threatening manner, snarling to the point where his many sharp white teeth were barred at the two now petrified twins. They both wore shocked wide eyes as they stared at Harry's nine foot height, and the teeth that could literally split them into tiny little pieces. Neither brother had even uttered so much as a yelp, utterly afraid of what was going to happen to them as they were facing an actual, honest to Merlin, dragon.

Their brother Charlie had spoken animatedly about the dragons he had been taking care of in Romania, how dangerous it was at times, and they had learned quickly from his constant lectures that one should not trespass on a dragons territory. Young or old, most dragons were extremely territorial, mostly when females were nesting, or when hatchlings leave their nest and make their own.

Something the two had just done.

They stood in their spots, not daring to move an inch as the rather beautiful snow white dragon stared into their eyes with his emerald orbs. They glowed against the contrasting white scales, and while he looked menacingly at the both of them, neither could deny the urge to run their hand over the silk looking scales that shimmered in the dull sunlight. Charlie, however, told them that when dealing with a wild dragon, one should make no sudden movements, little to no noise, and to hope and pray it leaves you alone if you were alone with no knowledge of how to protect yourself.

So, the two being alone in a sense and having no knowledge in dealing with a wild dragon, Fred and George Weasley stood frozen in their spots, praying to every god known that the dragon would leave them alone.

Harry stared at them for a few moments, and decided that they weren't a threat. Neither moved, and neither smelled of any aggression or impending attack. Both smelled greatly of fear, which was something Harry had never experienced being sent toward him. He was always the one afraid, never the other way around. Because of that, Harry dared to come closer to them, sniffing the air about them before smelling them directly. They smelled of smoke, and if laughter had a scent, they certainly smelled it.

After a while, the twins still not daring to move as he maneuvered around them, he felt the urge to be stroked, like a cat would yearn to be pet. It was an odd thing, but something Harry couldn't deny. So he moved his head to be under one of the twin's hands, trying to budge it to be placed on top of his head so that he would get the idea of what he wanted. After all, as a dragon he wouldn't be able to communicate with them.

Fred felt the head nudge his hand, and he couldn't help but feel that was the last time he would feel his left fingers, no doubt the dragon was seeing if he wanted to bite it off. His brother looked on with petrified fear, trying to decide whether or not he should risk moving away and running for Charlie, and leaving the wild dragon with his brother, or whether or not he should stay put and see what happens to them. He couldn't leave his twin, so he looked on, cold sweat dripping down his cheek, as the dragon nudged his brothers hand.

Instead of eating the hand, the dragon continued to nudge at it, like a kneazel would when it wanted to be pet. Fred, trying to appease the dragon, decided to slowly move his hand across the silky white scales of the dragons head, feeling the soft ridges where his horns were starting to come through. It was obvious that the dragon was young, but it was already fairly large, to think it hadn't grown it's horns already spoke volumes of how large the dragon would be when it matured.

Once Harry felt the hands begin to rub against him gently, he pushed harder against it, happy that he got what he wanted. Deep in the back of his throat, a small sound hummed through, sounding not so much as a growl, or a purr, but something in between. Once he felt content, Harry pushed his head back and looked at the two emitting a small happy shriek that caused the both of them to fall to the snowy ground on their backs. Harry looked while they fell, laughing at the pair who still had wide eyes staring at him. The laughter came out in a combination of low shrieks and growls.

The twins looked on, somehow knowing that the beautiful white dragon was laughing at them. When it stopped, the twins remained stock still as the beautiful creature placed his head between the two bodies, laying down comfortably and completely tame in front of them.

Slightly turning his head to the side, Fred whispered to his brother, "Georgie boy..."

"Yes, Fred o'l chum?" George whispered back, not daring to divert his gaze from the dragon.

"I think we just got a friend dragon..."

"I think you might be right..."

Sharing a look, the two gave identical face splitting grins.


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