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Ghost and Roach are sent on a recon mission to recover Intel on where the prime minister is for the UK but what they dont know is that there is a special trap waiting for them

Action / Adventure
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"Night vision goggles on" said ghost as he had planted breaches on the door. "Roger that, breaching in 3,2,1 nine bang out"shouted roach as he had tossed a nine bang. They both proceeded in, taking out any hostile in the vicinity. "ROOM CLEAR" shouted ghost as he had shot the last person to make sure they were dead. They had found a computer and a board full of pictures of delta team. They had both gathered as much as Intel as they could so they could pin point the location of the prime minister. "Overload, this is echo 3-1, we are returning to base over" said ghost. "Roger that, we are sending a helie over to your location for LZ pickup" replied overload. "OH SH.... GET OUT NOW" Shouted roach as he saw explosives under the table. He had pushed ghost out of the room and ran as far as he could but could not get far enough to not inflict any damage. The room was a disaster, bricks everywhere and smoke covering it. Roach was wounded but could still fight, but he couldn't move as the detonation had severely damaged his leg. "Granata" shouted enemies that were proceeding to our location. Ghost had picked up roach and ran as the grenade had indicated they were not friendlies. "OVERLOAD WE NEED AIR SUPPORT NOW" Shouted ghost over the comms. Overload had replied saying that there was an AC-130 proceeding to there location. "This is Angel Actual for orders, move to safety to avoid danger close" said the pilots in the AC 130. Ghost had ran through the forest. It was dark and very dangerous as there were all kind of poisonous plants that could harm them.

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