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Malfoy reads Ikigai


What could happen, if nefarious Malfoy read and loved a book like Ikigai.

Humor / Fantasy
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Malfoy's blissful smile

# Malfoy reads Ikigai

Ron Weasley, “They’re upto something, I tell you its the smile. Seeing that Malfoy smile blissfully chills my very bones. And he’s been quiet for too long. He’s upto something.”

Hermione, “Oh come on, you’re overreacting. I think he’s changing, for the last 3 years he’s been quiet, I even once saw him gardening and he actually flustered and ran away. It was kinda cute.”

Ron, “Oh please, he must be hunting for some new poison.”

Hermione, “if anything he was looking for recipes for female perfume, he was growing roses. Well black roses, but still roses.”

“See that’s the point, his heart is black. Who grows black roses!“, Ron.

Hermione, “Mr Weasley, black roses are beautiful too, what is this racism against blackness? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Whole of Africa went against this in an apartheid movement, human rights...”

“I have been following him, and over the last 3 years he’s slowly making home the room of requirements, but of late more and more shady folks are joining. I think he’s managed to recruit all the sons and daughters of Death Eaters. The usual suspects are already present - Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, Astoria the entire crew and more. There must be atleast a 50 of the slyest bastards of Hogwarts, and what really freaked me out was that I saw Crabbe and Goyle cry and hug each other. Crabbe and Goyle cry and hug each other outside, that’s not done.”

Hermione, “Harry say something, you’ve been awfully quiet.”

Harry, “Well I don’t know what to think, but its Malfoy and if he has a team of 50 and whatever they’re up to made Crabbe & Goyle cry and hug. We atleast should check it out. We have an invisibility cloak and the Map. Let’s go”

They made their floor to the 7th floor and did their 3 rounds thinking that they need to really find out what’s happening with Draco and gang.

The door appears. And they quietly turn the handle to enter.

What greets them is crazier than their wildest dreams....

## 3 years before

Hello, I am Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. From a rather high polished, bad ass, muggle hating, pure blooded family. My dad mingles with the likes of Voldemort and the dumb puppet that sits as the Minister of Magic. Yes I am what one would call a classy snob, and that’s part of the entitlement package that comes wirh being rich, and from a name of great renown and ofcourse money.

All was well in my life, until oneday I decided to fill a baloon with magical beard growth serum and throw it at that silly mudblood Hermione. It was all some good alpha pure blood fun. Didn’t mean nothing by it. But I was observed in the act my Professor McGonnal and she being a mongrel that she is decided to detain me and the punishment of my detention was to be decided by the now bearded Hermione. And she gave me a fucking muggle book to read. And I shall appear for detention every Wednesday until I can answer all the questions to satisfaction.

I swear that mudblood is trying to kill me from dullness, but I do have to grudgingly give it to her ingenuity, a book by a muggle, not a single drop of magic in his veins. The book is called Ikigai, the art of living well. Like a muggle would know what constitutes living well. So as one would expect from me I threw the book in a corner, snuck in a story book from the forbidden section of the library - the best kind. Enchanted it to look like Ikigai and went to detention. After a month I was caught offguard by an impromptu test and my detentions were now Wednesday and Sunday.

I had no other option but to read this book. And don’t tell this to Coyle and Goyle it wasn’t as abysmal as I had expected or told them it was. It dealt with a different sort of magic of living longer and being happier. And I could use some of that living longer bit, we Death Eaters - yes not the most optimistic of names. And as one can guess all that Death Eating business leaves a lot of stress and negativity and our life expectancy is usually 60 years. That’s not much. Not much at all, and all these muggles are living to 120 with just some simple lifestyle changes. Now this is a great fear in my life, I know of very few relatives who die of old age, and those that do - die as shrewd, pessimists complaining about wizard superiority. I had visited my great uncle who in his 5th decade looked like he was into his 5th century and I was pretty sure in his next life he would be a Dementor. For he sucked away all happiness and smiles from the room.

I suppose I must make notes about Ikigai.

## Malfoy’s Notebook

### Notes on Ikigai

/** couple of notes - this section is a copy paste from my earlier notes on Ikigai, it needs to be deeply edited and I suspect broken up into small parts to gel in more harmoniously with the short story.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being.” It is the intersection point where four things meet:

What you love
What you’re good at
What you can be paid for
What the World needs

So now let’s see....
What I love - that’s easy, I love being rich & powerful.
What I am good at - being a snob & kinda evil (let’s be honest)
What can I be paid for - I don’t see myself being paid for any of these shit
What the world needs - Hmmmm... my dad says its killing mudbloods, but can I really hate Hermione and gang. They’re fun to bully, but do I hate them? And who am I kidding my dad’s boss - Lord Voldemort is a half blood. So what can I do that the world needs, to make it a better place? Well I don’t know, I must think on this some more.

/** I am thinking of ending the first diary entry here. But it needs to be made a lot more sassy - more Malfoy. Or should I make Malfoy a secretly pretty thoughtful character?

- - - x x x - - -

I stopped writing and turned around to see Professor McGonnal behind me, spying on my notes with a big amused motherly smile on her face. As I turned red, she walked away, “your detention for the day is done.” And I swear I could hear the amusement in her voice. Amusement but clearly no malice.

So I went on pondering and off to bed.

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