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Stars and Fireflies - Manan


Hi guys this is a manan story inspired by kyy characters but with a totally different plot. Two people of totally different nature meet each other by destiny and started shinning for each other making one another complete.

Romance / Erotica
Bhavya sharma
5.0 2 reviews
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Character sketch

Manik Malhotra - The most eligible handsome and charming bachelor of India.CEO of Malhotra Industries. Lead singer of Fab5. Elder son of Raj Malhotra and Urvashi Malhotra. Loves his family and friends the most. Girls go gala over him. Wears the mask of arrogance as he is a perfectionist. Loves his step brother cabir the most.

Nandini - A sweet bubbly and chubby girl. An orphan doesn't know anything about her family.Lives in Asha ophanage.Recently got graduated in commerce from St Xavier's College. Loves her Maa the most.

Maa - Care taker of Asha orphanage. Loves nandini like her own daughter.

Cabir Malhotra -Step-brother of Manik Malhotra. Drumer of Fab5. Younger son of Raj and Urvashi Malhotra. Handles Fab 5 office along with Dhruv. Full of life jolly person. Loves manik the most. Manik's brother cum best friend.

Raj Malhotra - Father of Manik and Cabir. Loves both of them the most. Husband of Urvashi Malhotra. Member of Board of directors of Malhotra Industries.

Still loves his first wife.

Urvashi Malhotra - Cunning Wife of Raj Malhotra and mother of Cabir. Fashion designer by profession .Owner of NU fashion house.

Step mother of Manik. Hates manik and wants Cabir to be the CEO of Malhotra Industries.

Nyonika Malhotra - First wife of Raj Malhotra. Mother of Manik. Died in a car accident.Rest will be disclosed as the story progresses.

Alya Saxena : Member of Fab5. Ex girlfriend of Manik. Still thinks that they both are made for each other. But manik has broken up with her as he doesn't love her.

Dhruv Vedant - Member of Fab5 .Loves Alya but haven't confessed yet. Waiting for the right time. Handles Fab 5 office with Cabir.

Mukti Vardhan - Member of Fab 5. Evil twin of Cabir. Likes abhimanyu thakar his father's business partners son.

Soha khurana : Daughter of Mr khurana. Wants to marry manik due to his name and fame. In good books of Urvashi malhotra inorder to marry manik.

Abhimanyu Thakar : Business associate of Manik and friend as well. Likes mukti but haven't said it yet. Loves his baby doll nandu.

Rajesh Thakar : Father of Abhimanyu thakar. Friend of Raj Malhotra. Loves nandini like his own daughter.

Sushma Thakar : Mother of Abhimanyu. Owner of Asha ophanage. Loves nandini.

Hi guys....I am very excited to write my first story. Do comment and vote. Will update the first chapter soon...stayhome takecare washhands.

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