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In which the Min twins not only fight for the crown but also for the cute poet Kim Taehyung working in the palace and attracting more attention than he wants to. TopYoongi TopSuga BottomTae

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(Note: I will use McCune Reischauer as Hangeul Transcription system whenever referring to the korean names, so please don’t be confused with that.)


Back in the ancient days, the emperor Min of Korea has been blessed with two identical twin sons. They were his happiness and he was proud to announce the oldest his heir, the both of them beloved by the korean folk and all of them anticipated what heroes they would become later in the future.

The Silla Kingdom has been in frequent, short brutal wars alongside with their sworn enemies, the Paekche and Koguryeo* kingdoms, the three big kingdoms. After a potential peace offering was brought down, the soldiers of Paekche attacked Silla which they could only fight back with the help of Tang China. This followed a long ugly period of time filled with fights and it soon took Emperor Min’s life.

His elder son, Min Suga was announced as the Crown prince right before these fights took his father’s life and he has been preparing to become king for the most period of his life. Only with the difference that he would never become King. It was the twins’ sixteenth birthday, right after the death of their father and Suga should be announced king the next day.

He was a generous, kind and calculating person and everyone anticipated his way to the throne in the pure beliefs that he was going to form their kingdom new and offer them new powers the old emperor Min couldn’t offer the korean people.

Yet the only one who wasn’t happy about Suga’s upcoming coronation day, was none other than his own brother and twin, Min Yoongi. Their father has always preferred Suga over Yoongi as the blond boy has been way too tyrannic and had too many brutal antics to be considered a gentle king, much to the difference of his elder brother. They were always compared and it drove Yoongi insane to be held back in the shadows of his luminous brother who was so much better than him, in everything and it pissed the younger prince off.

An evil plan formed in his head to take the kingdom as his and in the night of the coronation day, Yoongi crept into his brother’s chambers and sliced his face. No korean prince was allowed king when there was a scar visible on his face and Yoongi used this knowledge to make his brother unworthy king. He didn’t want to kill his brother but rather make him unsuitable for the king position, a position he was going to take.

In that night, he was said to have murdered his entire family, including the Crown prince who was unknowingly spared, grabbed by a maid to be brought out of the palace before Yoongi could change his mind. But Yoongi created the belief of a group of japanese soldiers breaking into the palace and killing the royal family, with only him being spared.

He hid the bloody wounds on his hands when Suga tried to stop him and was soon announced King himself as he was the last alive member of the royal family. Min Yoongi has not once been included by his father who pretended to love him but who could never love a cold hearted monster that has turned into his son, his once innocent lovely son who was now filled with dread and insanity that he wanted to see Korea burn.

Yoongi crowned himself King and would slaughter anyone defying his reign.

His brother could only watch horrified as he was taken away from the palace and hidden in the maid’s birth village, far away from the glorious capital and the kingdom fell into darkness. Yoongi’s reign was brutal and he showed no mercy to anyone. He was the Mad King, the Tyrant and an excellent sword’s master, so skilled that he liked to kill his enemies himself.

These endless fights soon caused him to receive the final nickname that would change his reign forever and turn it into an official nightmare. Min Yoongi was soon known as the Scar King, the same Scar sliced on his face thanks to none other than Suga himself who has sneaked into the palace and attacked the king, his brother, his twin.

He barely came out alive but a few villagers were able to spot a black haired man looking exactly like the king, holding his bloodied side and hope rose in their chests before they started the rumors of the real Crown prince being very much alive rather than dead. It made Yoongi furious and he punished those who dared to speak about it.

He now was wearing a scar on his face as well, the same scar that forbid his brother to rule but he ignored the old traditions and stayed on the throne, fighting off everyone defying him. But the damage has been done and soon enough, Suga formed his own rebellion ring, ready to take back everything what Yoongi has taken from him.

Right in this eventful time, a young beautiful poet stumbled into the Silla kingdom and turned the twins’ world upside down without them even knowing. Without Yoongi knowing who this gorgeous poet was.

Kim Taehyung was a less privileged Prince of the Paekche Kingdom and asked to become a scholar at another royal court which was him allowed so he traveled to the Silla kingdom and was soon offered a place as a poet. Taehyung was nothing but delicate and too innocent minded to be allowed further into the royal palace as more than a scholar but he was happy nonetheless. As long as he stayed away from the Scar King and was following the orders given to him, he was determined to stay in Silla as long as possible until his schooling was over and he could return to his kingdom with new knowledge.

But Taehyung should’ve never left his home of Paekche. Because now, he was officially involved in not only an in country war but also pulled into the hatred of two brothers fighting for the same throne.

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