The Child

Chapter 3


After quite a bit of consideration, Heloise Ives decided she did not like the wicked glow in the eyes of the man her mother spoke to. It seemed that her mother wanted some serious information from him and he was playing games. Something she had learned from living for a month with her mother was that Ms. Ives wasn't much for games.

She watched from where she sat on the wooden chair at the entrance of the man's office. Inspector Rusk that rhymed with dusk, tusk and musk, not one word that she knew very well the meaning of.

It seemed like the time never really passed and as she sat back kicking her legs, she saw how her mother began to look quite angry, her cheeks turning red and her big eyes turning even bigger, in that very uncomfortable way. From her own experience, Heloise knew that the man wouldn't last long and soon they would be out of this building, hopefully on their way to grab a bite to eat.

Vanessa had grown sick of the man's twisted little grin and if it weren't for her daughter staring at her and the several policemen, she would have rung his neck or caused him any other form of severe and miserable pain. But God how she loathed him! Loathed him for thinking she could not force information out of his mouth, for underestimating her due to her gender and for calling out on her promiscuity. So by the force of her powers and of her rage, she slammed the doors of his bureau shut, as if caused by heavy wind and pushed him against the nearest wall. His eyes for just a moment widened and expressed surprise, even a bit of fear, but soon enough, that smugness he seemed to always carry was back and she oh-so hated him for it.

"Where is Mr. Ethan Chandler?!" She growled, her eyes locked on his. Mr. Rusk smiled that nasty little smile and pointed to the binder on top of his desk.

"Imprisoned and awaiting trial in his home country. I wonder how it must feel to be cornered by his persistent and wealthy father, his power seeking cousin and the bloodthirsty law system… Oh, but wait—" His tone of debauchery deeply annoyed her. "Bloodthirsty is he more than anyone. Is he not, Ms. Ives?"

"And if you do attempt to find him in New York, say, to bid him farewell, do search for him under his true name—Ethan Lawrence Talbot. Might be easier for you… It's a pity really, isn't it? That the only man willing to be with such a lovely and hopeless little whore is a beast waiting to be killed down. I would say, Ms. Ives, perhaps in the new lands you will find better luck?"

And that's when Vanessa pushed him onto his chair, whispered a few words that he did not know the origin or meaning of and stormed out of the room. Heloise hopped off of her chair, wide-eyed and followed her mother out.

Later that evening, when tickets were bought for their voyage to America and they lay in Vanessa's bed together in Grandage Place, Heloise's head resting on Vanessa's chest and Vanessa's hand tracing lines gently on her back, Inspector Rusk convulsed in the darkness of his office, tortured by an ever growing migraine and the pains of his sins passed. He was once again looked in the eyes by the beast that had tarred away at his arm and his anger only grew. Soon the image grew more and more vivid and he felt like it were ten years ago and he was being hunt down. He ran and ran across the room, bumping into and throwing things to the ground, his heart pounding on his chest and hot tears running down his cheek. He screamed for help and out of terror for the beast and everything Vanessa saw, lying in her bed with her sleeping child tucked next to her.

Five days later, inspector Rusk was submitted to the hospital where he was treated for several superficial wounds and submitted to a psychiatric hospital. And the next morning, Vanessa Ives packed hers and Heloise's belongings, wrote Sir Malcolm a very long letter for when he returned and cooked hers and Heloise's final dinner in London.

The Ives women arrived early at the docks, ready to go on the large steam ship that would transport them to New York. Vanessa looked around through the crowd, a hand firmly grasping the hand of her daughter and the other their two suitcases. Her eyes caught sight of feathery hats and furs and women at their husbands' arms.

"Ms. Ives, I was looking for you…" She heard his voice and she let out a breath she did not know she had been holding.

"Dr. Frankenstein!" She couldn't help but drop her luggage and hug him. He who had become the closest thing she ever had to a brother. "Thank you for coming."

He attempted a smile and nodded his head. The hollowness and deep scarlet of them concerned her as she knew his addiction had been getting worse. She hoped that during this 3 week trip, she could help him overcome it, at least a bit and that maybe he could give her that much needed support to go ahead with her crazy plans. But then he wasn't the most elusive of the three of them, there was still—

"Mr. Lyle! You came as well!"

"How could I not Ms. Ives? To abandon my dear new friends and allow our poor Mr. Chandler to suffer the horrors of incarceration so far away from us and all alone. Oh goodness, oh my! Who do we have here if not a little version of you Ms. Ives…" His smile was sincere and his charisma irresistible as Heloise opened up a smile.

"I'm Heloise."

"And I Ferdinand Lyle, young miss."

"Heloise is my daughter Mr. Lyle and Dr. Frankenstein."

"Well, I never suspected, but it's a pleasure to meet such a darling creature." Mr. Lyle said with a smile and a bow. "Young Ms. Ives, do you know anything of the wonders and mysteries of the river Nile…" Heloise grabbed his chubby hand and they all embarked on the trip to the unknown.

"If anyone asks doctor, you are my younger brother and I am but a poor widow."

"No wonder all the black." Vanessa chuckled and grabbed onto his arm. "I truly thank you for coming."

"And I thank you for saving me… At least for now."

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