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The Dragon Achak is a spirit that protects a town called Terrowin a small town in Ireland and was going through hard times. There's a hero that will stop all wrong things it this town.

Adventure / Fantasy
Jesse Moreau
Age Rating:

Six Days Left

On one day, in a far away town called Terrowin a boy named Jacob was working when every other kid was playing or thoughs who can afford school was learning how to read or write.

He was working in the poor farm that his uncle owned. When he stopped to take a break his uncle grab him by the colour of his shirt and shoved him back to the Fence of the farm. He worked all day.

Next day Jacob was walking in the town at night to the store to git some bread, when he asked for bread the man asked back for 5 gold coins. Jacob had 3 and said that the man put the price up with the bread so jacob went to bed hungry that night. When he got up the next morning his uncle was arguing with a man early in the morning. Then when it got Quiet Jacob heard a loud crash and his uncle yelling "git off of me!!".

He didn't know what was going on. Jacob was watching from his bedroom door. Then another man saw him and ran at him when he got close enough he hold him down on the ground and Jacob yelled what's going on.

The man was wearing armor and black leather with a red symbol on the chest. Then Jacob realize that theses are guards from the King. The man that is holding Jacob down said that "the farm you are on belongs to the king and you're on private property". Jacob said "no this farm has been in the family for years!". His uncle looked at him like he was crazy. Jacob's Uncle knew that the guards was furious and did not like what Jacob had said.

The guard looked at his with a long smile that said (Ok let's play) he said "you have 6 days with 256 gold coins and the farm will be y'all".

They let them go and left, Jacob's uncle yelled at him started talking adout "what he was thinking", then with "this is why your family left you at that river". His uncle stop and looked at Jacob for a while, then Jacob sat down and cried.

Jacob cried for a long time his uncle still looking at him with sorrow. Jacob ran out the house and never stopped running till he found him self sitting by a waterfall. He stop when it was night and then he slept under a small hole with a rock over the top. He woke up at dawn. He washed him self in the waterfall and changed back in his old clothes and started walking back to the town.

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