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The Devil's Groom (Malec ff)


This Fanfic is about A to guys who meet at a birthday party and fall in love while they grow through a mysterious world and have an amazing adventure

Romance / Drama
Bugz Stories
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The Birthday Party

(One hot summer afternoon, Magnus got a call from his best friend Izzy).

//Ring ring//


Izzy:”Hey Magnus, are you ready”?

Magnus:”Ready for what”?

Izzy:”For my brother’s birthday party”.

Magnus:”OHHHHH Right, I forgot about that sorry”

Izzy:”UGH how could you forget”? “I told you like 500 times”

Magnus:”Yeah I know, but hey at least I have a present”.

Izzy:”Ok i already sent you the address so when you get here just ring the bell twice so i know it’s you”

Magnus:” OK will do”.

Izzy:” See you soon”.

Magnus:” See ya”.

(Magnus quickly got dressed and he drove over there to Izzy’s brother’s birthday party)

(Magnus rang the doorbell twice and waiting with the present in his hands)

Alec:”Hello, who are you”?

Magnus:”Oh I’m Magnus, Magnus Bane, I’m a friend of your sister, she invited me here”.

Izzy:”Hey finally you got your lazy self over here, come give me a hug”.


Alec:”*Clears throat*”

Izzy:”Oh yes this is my brother Alec, Alec this is my best friend Magnus”.

Alec:”Pleasure meeting you”.

Magnus:”Pleasure meeting you too”.

(Alec shock Magnus hand and smiled super hard, Magnus blushed we he saw Alec’s hug smile)

Magnus:”Oh uh this is for you, your sister made sure I got you a gift”.

Alec:”Oh thank you, that’s to kind of you”, “Oh and please come in”!

Izzy:”But I thought you were a to-”

(Alec elbowed Izzy in her stomach because he knew were her mind was going)

Magnus:”I’m sorry what was that you said at the end,”?

Izzy:”Oh it’s nothing,”


Alec:”Anyways just go outside that’s where the party is , I just came to get a drink that’s how i heard the door ring.”

Magnus:”Oh thank’s”

(Izzy stepped back and just had some evil smile, Maguns and Alec were standing face to face while having their own conversation... until Izzy came up with an idea)

Izzy:"Hey i'm going to go back to the party, see ya".

Magnus-Alec:"Ok bye"

(As Izzy walked past them she pushed Alec into Magnus, because Alec tried to stop himself from falling he out his hands on the wall near Magnus's face,)

(Alec had his eye closed because he thought he was about to fall over, but when he opened his eyes, he looked straight into Magnus's eyes they were staring at each other for a long time, they were blushing super hard)

Alec:"U-u-u-uh are y-y-you ok"?

Magnus:"Y-y-yea w-what about you, a-a-are you o-o-ok?

Alec:"Yea....... we should probably get back to the party now, I bet their worried about us,".

Magnus:"Yea your right,.."


Helloooo there, if you have made it here to the bottom then that means you read my story, i would just like to say since this is my fanfic to write here on Inkitt, that in the future I will be looking at the comments and checking to see if anybody have any request for fanfic's please don't hate, if you have any request pleaseee put them in the comments i will look them up if i don't know who they are or if i do i'll just do the fan fic also i am a K-POP fan so if you know anybody from K-POP i will be happy to do your fan fic. Please make sure you put everything all the details about your ship, person or a y/n and someone else fan fic so that way i make sure to have everything you want there on the fan fic. Thank you see you soon

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