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Seven Years in the Nineties


What happens when Riley and Maya accidentally get transferred to the past and bump into young Cory, Shawn and Topanga? A whole lot. Read full summary inside! :)

Children / Romance
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The Makeup

Summary: Ever since her godfather and English teacher, Shawn Hunter moved in across the hall, twelve year old Riley Matthews has been feeling neglected by her parents. Katie Hart has finally gotten her big break in the acting world which causes the biggest issue that Katie and Maya can ever face and Shawn decides to get involved. What happens when a snow storm causes Riley and Maya to go back in time to 1993 and accidentally run into young Cory, Shawn and Topanga? Will they affect the future? Will they realize their world is not so different from the nineties? What if they can never go back? What if they never want to go back? A coming of age story of how one wrong turn can turn a friendship upside down and change their lives forever. Read if you enjoy fanfictions with BMW/GMW together!

Prologue: Riley's Point of View

I was twelve years old the first time I met my godfather, Shawn Hunter, when he came home to visit for Christmas. He decided to stay permanently in New York City and move in across the hall from our brownstone apartment. Because my father, Cory Matthews, Shawn's best friend, gave Shawn a key to our apartment, Shawn has been coming in early in the morning to talk to my parents about the good 'ole days, which apparently took place in the nineties. Their generation. They talked about high school and college. I never understood that. It happened more than twenty years ago! So I guess what I am trying to say is that ever since Shawn Hunter moved in across the hall, my life has changed forever. I just didn't know how much until it happened. I am a little older and a little wiser since it all happened after all. Shawn once told us that he would write a story about us someday because he thought we lived 'interesting' lives. But the story I'm about to tell is incomparable to anything else I've ever heard before. No seriously. I guess I beat Shawn to it this time; so here is my story...

Friday, February 13th, 2015, New York City

Present day, 6:45 A.M

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and the loud laughing of my parents. I smelled coffee and pancakes. The only reason why my parents would be up this early in the morning was because Shawn was over. That didn't surprise me anymore. For the past month and a half I tried to be optimistic about Shawn moving in next door, but how could I when all my parents did was talk about the legendary Shawn Hunter? I suppose the problem wasn't so much Shawn but the way my parents ignored me every time I tried to talk to them.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as I got out of my warm bed. The coldness hit my skin as I got near my bay window. When I pushed away my bright curtains, the window revealed snow. Snow was everywhere. I could see small figures on the sidewalk trying to cross the streets of New York City. People, who were covered up head to toe, trying to get by the terrible snowstorm. Thank god it's Friday, I thought to myself. Tomorrow would be Valentine's Day and I strive to look really nice because I wanted Lucas Friar, a boy from my class, to ask me to be his Valentine today. He was my first and only crush. I met him while riding on the subway with my best friend, Maya Hart, back in September in the beginning of the school year. Ever since I fell into his lap that beautiful morning, I wanted him to like me back.

I walked to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. My face and hair looked like they'd both been in a train wreck. It happened more often than my self-conscious self wanted to admit. I picked up my tooth brush, spread toothpaste on the tip of the brush, and brushed my teeth. Sometimes it was hard for me to look in the mirror. I didn't know why. Perhaps it was because I was just beginning to get pimples on my face and it was pretty embarrassing. Mom and Dad have told me it was normal for that to happen. It meant that my body was changing and that pretty soon, I had to learn a lot of stuff that I didn't know before. It was mostly Mom who said this stuff, because Dad always tried to avoid talking to me about puberty and my changing body. But anyway, I guess it was true what my parents said about the changes, but I didn't understand why Maya looked like she never got any pimples. Overall, I thought Lucas and Maya had the most perfect skin and flawless hair. Farkle, my other best friend... well, he was just Farkle.

Once I finished brushing my teeth and was back in my bedroom to change clothes, I put on a long-sleeved white shirt with a green sweater that had white snow flakes on it. It was my favorite sweater for the winter. I put on dark blue jeans with double socks and brown snow boots. I could barely bring myself to look at myself in my bedroom mirror as I combed my long brown hair. By the time I got out most of the tangles out of my hair, I heard Maya come through the main door.

"Hey losers!" she called out to my parents in a joking manner. "Hey Hunter," she called out to Shawn, who I predicted was sitting next to them at the breakfast table.

I could hear Auggie was up too, though he didn't have to be at school till 8:15. "Hey Maya." I heard him say in unison with everybody else.

"Where's Riley?" I heard Maya ask.

"She must still be in her room getting ready," my mom, Topanga Matthews said. "Maya, breakfast."

"No thanks Mrs. Matthews-"

"As always, I wasn't asking."

"Maya, come here. Shawn and I want to show you something," Dad said. His voice sounded overly-happy and excited. I guess that's where I got my peppiness from, it occurred to me.

Despite me still being twelve but almost thirteen soon and my parents prohibiting me from wearing makeup, I decided to take my chances today and sneak in some mascara, powder and lip gloss in my backpack simply because I wanted to impress Lucas. I didn't want him to see that I was beginning to get pimples on my face. How unattractive. Maya secretly got me the mascara last year after I asked my parents if I could wear some. They obviously said no. Mom told me she didn't begin to wear makeup until she was almost sixteen! Then she told me this really long story about how looks don't matter and how when she was in high school, she chopped off most of her waist-length hair making it uneven in an attempt to show my dad that looks didn't matter. Then apparently she realized she was wrong and she got this new makeover and began to wear makeup. The message and moral of the story was really confusing to me. I suppose I should have been there to understand it.

I forced myself to look in my mirror one last time, then I flung my backpack over my shoulder as I walked out into the kitchen. The smell of fresh pancakes hit me even harder than it did before. Everybody was already eating breakfast. I looked at the time: 7:10 A.M. I forced a smile on my face.

"Good morning early birds!" I said using my usual cheerful voice. Everybody had been occupied in their own conversations, so I didn't earn a response back from my dearest family. As if they haven't seen each other in years. The chatting volume was increasing. Maya looked up at me and smiled.

Over all of the loud voices, I managed to hear her say, "Hey Riles, you're up! Your parents and Shawn were telling me about this one time when they were in high school and they dressed up as girls to write a school article. Isn't that awesome?" she smiled her usual wild smile. Her eyes danced crazily the way they usually did whenever she found something 'cool' to talk about. How could she be so happy about something like that? It was as if we switched roles and now I was acting the way my best friend would. How could knowing that your Dad and his best friend dressed up as girls in high school be so exciting? It was so embarrassing! But I couldn't say that. It would bring everybody's moods down and that was not my intention.

I kept the fake smile on my face. "That's hilarious!" I faked a small laugh. I turned my attention to my mom. "Mom, where are my pancakes?" Mom stopped for a brief moment from talking to Shawn and Dad. She didn't even look at me when she said, "On the pan, sweetie."

I took out a plate and put a pancake on my plate. Then I realized the breakfast table was almost completely full. Dad was sitting at the head of the table. Mom was sitting next to him on his right and Shawn was sitting next to him on his left. Beside Mom was Auggie. Beside Shawn was Maya. I took a deep breath as I sat down opposite to Dad but thankfully, next to Maya.

I placed my backpack next to me and focused my attention to my best friend. "We should really get going Maya, we wouldn't want to miss the subway." Maya took the last bite out of her pancake as I poured syrup on mine.

She shook her head. "Relax Riles. It's freezing outside. No way is your dad going to let us go to school in this weather."

Suddenly, Dad got up from his seat with his empty plate. When he saw me it was like he didn't even know I was already there and said, "Oh, hey honey. You're still going to school in this weather." Maya groaned and rolled her eyes.

Ever since I met her, Maya hated going to school. I wasn't sure if it was because of her life at home or because of her rebellious mind. It was a combination of both of them, I supposed.

Maya whispered at me, "I was wrong." She paused for a second and suddenly it was apparent that a light bulb went off in her head. Metaphorically speaking. "Why don't we get Shawn to write us a note?" Oh, have I forgotten to mention that Shawn was also teaching at John Quincy Adams? If I once believed having my dad as my History teacher be bad enough, having Shawn and my dad both be my teachers was even worse. Shawn was the new English teacher. Wanna take a wild guess on who got him the job?

I shook my head. "He's never going to do that."

"I'll take that challenge." Maya smirked mischievously. "Hey Shawn," she elbowed him. "The weather's pretty bad outside. Mind writing us a note just in case we're late?"

Shawn stopped talking to my parents and turned to look from Maya to me and chuckled. "I used that same trick on my English teacher when I used to live with him. You know what he said?" He was looking directly at me.

"No way." I said before he could utter even the first syllable.

"Oh, I told you that already?"

"Sorta." I responded feeling a little bad that I took away his thunder.

"So you used to live with your English teacher?" Maya raised an eyebrow and crunched her nose.

"Yes." Dad jumped into the conversation. In all his giddiness and excitement, I sincerely loved my dad. He had to be tougher on me than Auggie because Dad was my school teacher, and I was supposed to be the more responsible one because I was the oldest.

Shawn pulled out a black photo album from his backpack and flipped through a few pages. The black album was something that Shawn carried around with him and he would pull it out whenever someone would ask a question about the past. Strangely, to me it seemed like he had a lot of pictures of almost every place and person he ever knew.

"This is Mr. Turner." He pointed at a school picture of a man in his early thirties with curly jet-black hair, a dress shirt and a tie with a smile on his face. Below it was another picture of the same man but with a teenage Shawn smiling at the camera. They were sitting on a couch in a comfy apartment, it seemed.

"Hey, you shaved!" Maya joked. She was referring to the picture. Now that Shawn was in his early thirties, he wore a beard. It was strange to see an old picture of him without his beard.

Shawn titled his head up and touched his chin. "I like this look. Makes me look like a writer."

"But you weren't always a writer Shawn," Mom pointed out.

"What were you, Uncle Shawn?" Auggie asked curiously.

Shawn hesitated before he said, "I was the bad boy of the school. Always getting into trouble. I grew up in a trailer park before my half brother Jack invited me to live in his apartment."

"I think growing up in a trailer park is cool." Maya said. I knew she sincerely meant it. For some reason, Dad and I had the same taste in friends. I was aware that Maya and Shawn had a better bond than I did with Shawn and I tried not to let that bother me.

"Trust me, it wasn't. But I like to think that I turned out okay. Your mom and dad are the best people." Shawn said looking at me and Auggie.

"You must have gotten all of the girls in high school, right?" Maya observed flipping through some of the photos. Shawn chuckled.

"He was the coolest guy in school!" Dad said enthusiastically.

"But there was only one person I ever loved. Her name was Angela." A dark shadow seemed to overcast Shawn's face (metaphorically speaking). I saw the same look on my parent's faces. I couldn't stand to see them like this.

"I think we should go now." I said getting up and dragging Maya to the front door.

"Wait up, I can drive you two if you want." Shawn suggested getting up from his seat.

"It's alright. We'll just take the subway." I said grabbing my tan trench coat and dragged Maya outside the door.

When we were already at the front door of the building, Maya said, "Riles, why'd you do that for? Haven't you noticed there's a snow storm outside!" She waved her hands in the air.

I smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, it''s just I thought the subway would be safer." I guess that made sense, though I regretted it a little when we walked outside. The subway was just a block away and we managed to make it there in two minutes. I was a big klutz so I was surprised that I managed to only slip three times during that walk.

When we arrived at school, it was 7:50 A.M. Class started at 8:00 A.M. Maya and I got to our lockers and got our books out.

"Who was that the women Shawn was talking about anyway?" Maya asked me in a curious tone. "An old fling or something?"

"Angela? I guess so." I shrugged. I never tried to listen in on what Shawn and my parents talked about but it happened sometimes. A lady named Angela Moore was always one of their topic discussions. She apparently went to the same school as my parents and Shawn did and moved away to Italy when they were in college. It was all I knew about her anyway.

"Maya," I said cautiously and carefully trying to change the subject, "did you do the homework?"

She groaned. "You know me Riles. When do I ever do my homework?"

I pulled out a textbook from my locker and said, "Well, if you were wondering where your books are, they're right here." I handed it to her. Inside was her homework completed by me.

She smiled genuinely at me. "Thanks Riley. I'll really try not to sleep in class this time." And I could tell she really meant it.

"You better." I said jokingly and pushed her into my dad's classroom. Before I could go in too, I remembered the makeup. I grabbed the mascara and applied some while looking in my locker mirror. Then I grabbed the lip gloss and spread some on my lips. I took out the container and small brush. My final touch. I powdered most of my face. If I had an older sister, I bet she would help me with this problem and perhaps then I wouldn't have to hide it from my parents, I thought to myself. I gained up the courage to look at myself in my locker mirror. For the first time in what seemed to be an eternity, I liked what I saw. I looked different. I looked beautiful. My eyelashes looked longer. My lips looked fuller and brighter. My skin, spotless and lighter. I smiled to myself, for the first time today, for real.

Just as I closed my locker, Lucas passed by me. He stopped in his tracks and walked up to me.Oh my gosh.

"Hi." He smiled his gorgeous smile.

"Hi." I smiled back, feeling a little dazed.

"You look different. I like it." He was complimenting me!

"Thanks." I said and laughed this weird laugh. It wasn't like a giggle but a creepy and nervous laugh all mixed up in one. I stopped, covered my mouth, and felt myself go red. Lucas didn't seem to notice as he was looking in my eyes.

"I was wondering, you know, because tomorrow is Valentine's Day and all, that you'd like to go out with me tomorrow?" He said nervously fidgeting with his notebook which he carried in his hand. He suddenly looked down. Why was he so nervous? I was supposed to be the one who was nervous!

"Sure. I'd really like that." I said trying not to lose my cool. I wanted to scream and dance inside, but I would not lose my cool. Lucas and I walked into my dad's history class. Dad was already there sitting at his desk doing some work. Seconds later the bell rang and I sat next to Maya at the front. Sometimes, Maya tried to get me to sit at the back with her, but I wanted to be a good student. Besides, Dad never let me. I once asked him if Shawn ever influenced him into doing bad things, and he sort of looked at me funny. He said he rarely did.

"Okay class," Dad began to say before he suddenly stopped. He stood up and looked at me. He looked puzzled. He came near my face and looked at me really closely. He gave me a disappointed look. Oh, no.

"Are you wearing makeup, Riley?" I looked around the class to see everybody staring at me. Even my friends. Maya, Farkle, and then...Lucas. I guess I didn't fully plan out my scheme so that Dad wouldn't catch me. I later realized it wouldn't have worked anyway.

I looked at Maya while I started to panic. My dad, who was also my teacher, caught me wearing makeup in class. How could this get any more embarrassing?

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