Convergent (Part One)

Her: chapter 10

I stare at the man.

I look into his eyes, that even from this point, I can tell, are a dark color; brown or blue, and he does the same. A part of me wonders why he is. Looking at me. In the heat of alarms sounding and him aiming a gun, I suspect he's not supposed to be in here.Something tugs, deep in my chest, but It's not fear. On the contrary, warmth spreads over me like hot water, swirling in my stomach and diving into my blood. There's a name for his face, I know, and suddenly, I just want to hear it. I need to, because I'll see things in that word; feel things I can't remember I did. In him, I'll find some answer.

Doctor Rellings works above me; unties my hands and shoves me to my feet. My head swims and my body sways, traces of whatever he put in me still taking its toll. He tries to push me to the door, but suddenly, I'm grounded, looking back as the man, my heart doing weird, floppy noises in my chest.Something in me knows him. Where my mind has lost it, my body has preserved the feeling of it and I just know.

Someone shoves me and the connection snaps. I turn to meet his eyes again, but the doctor pushes me, latches onto my hand pulls.

"No!" the man calls out behind, just as we stumble to a door across the room. The doctor jams in a code and the door clicks.

He swings it open and forces me through and all I can see is the man reaching out to me, splashed with red light that reminds me of blood. His body connects with the door just as the doctor slips in, pushing me towards a narrow, dark hallway.

In the corner of my eye, I watch the door shutter, beaten by the man on the other side of it. Then the hallway opens up and we turn a corner. The last thing I see is a glimpse of a hand pressed to glass before I'm lost to the shadows once more.

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