Convergent (Part One)

Tobias: Chapter 35

Tris is screaming.

She's kicking, shouting as loud as she's able, punching the air, thrashing. Even I'm struggling to keep her down, along with the screaming in my own head, demanding to do something.

"Caleb, what's happening?" I shout, Tris's wrists pinned beneath mine.

Caleb is trying to hold her feet while wrestling out a serum. "I don't-I don't know! I'm giving her a sedative!"

"Will that harm her?" I ask. She wrestles her hand out from mine for a moment and I feel the force as her knuckles meet my face. I recapture it, my cheek blazing.

"I doubt it," he says, putting it in the soft flesh of her leg.

"You doubt it?"

"I don't know!" He roars. "I don't know anything! I told you that! We can only wait and see what happens!"

"You mean wait to see if this doesn't kill her!" I shout back. The room is a cacophony of screams and yells. The pure volume of it all makes my ears ring.

"It was her choice," Caleb fires, letting the syringe fall. I can't hear it hit the ground.

"She decided it! It's not my fault for once!"

I can tell he's repeating that more to himself than trying to convince me of it, but I can't focus on that. My attention is centered around the girl thrashing on a medical bed. It makes everything in me ache and my instincts are searching for something to fight, but this isn't my war.

This is hers.

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