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His Merman. || Woosan


A merman livid on his island until it was interrupted by humans. Him and his three friends may or may not fall in love with the humans and the humans may or may not fall in ,love with these mermen.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Wooyoung, sat on a rock on top of the sand tanning his already perfectly golden skin. He flicked his tail slightly, spreading it out on the rock. His purple hair flowing in the breeze. The rock that Wooyoung laid on belong to an island. That island was flowing with tons of trees and exotic plants. Wooyoung jumped back into the water swimming around for a moment before climbing back onto the rock. Wooyoung noticed a white thing in the distance. He jumped off the rock and swam quickly towards the moving figure. He roamed around the large white thing. He ran his hands along the smooth white surface curiously. He heard screaming from above and instantly ducked back into the water. He swan back to shore, lying on the sand in order to get into his human form. Once he grew a pair of legs he stood up, thin gold chains hanging around his wrist that connected to his middle finger, thin gold chains around his ankles, as well as his waist and neck. Did he care he was butt naked? Of course not, he didn't even know what clothes were, nor did he care to find out. He walked into the green land, climbing up a tree. Small sapphire specks appeared on his shoulders, sides of his neck and on the back of his ears where his gills once were but disappeared once he was human.

The white figure floated closer to the shore but stopped moving once it was pretty visible to the merman. Wooyoung watched from the top of the tree as his left leg swung back and forth and the other tucked under his body. A smaller black thing was thrown into the water and four figures jumped into it. The black thing floated quickly in the water. One of the figures pulled the boat onto the sand while the other three jumped out of the black thing. Wooyoung stared at each figure taking in their features. One had black hair with a streak of blonde at the front with pale looking skin and small eyes. The second had a white sort of hair that touched his neck along with a beret on his head with hands full of rings. The third was taller than the rest with a birth mark on their right cheek with coral colored hair. The forth had blonde hair with wonderful eye brows in Wooyoung's opinion. Wooyoung knew they were humans but wanted to observe since nothing interesting happened on the island anyway. He climb out of the tree and approached the males slowly, hiding behind a large tree. The four humans sat down on the sand, the one with the coral hair taking off their shirt, while the other took off theirs but had a tank top or other shirt underneath.

"How'd you even find this place?" The one with blonde hair asked the one with white hair. "I didn't really plan it, but this is a nice place though." The white head said, shrugging. The coral head grabbed the bag he had on his back and took out a small flat box off some sort. "Would've been nicer if their was reception." The coral head said. The one with black hair rolled his eyes. "This was meant to be a break from screens." He said. "Unless I can find myself a good fuck, I'm looking for reception." The coral head declared. "Fuck me for good measures then." The white head said, raising his eyes brows up and down. "I'd rather suck a badger off, thank you very much." He said with a sarcastic smile. Wooyoung thought they weren't so bad so he stepped out from behind the tree. "Hiya." He said walking towards the group of humans. The coral heads mouth hung agape. "What in the actual fuck cakes is happening?" The blonde head asked. "So why are you on my island? Hm?" Wooyoung asked, putting his arms on his hips. The one with black hair looked at Wooyoung wide eyed. While the blonde was holding the same expression the one with coral hair did. Wooyoung snapped in their faces. "Hello? Earth to humans?" He asked. The white hair shook his head and blinked a few times. "Okay, guys, do you see the butt naked guy who's hot as shit in front of our faces, or am I just high?" He asked the group. "Nope, I see it too." The coral said. "I can't even believe what's happening." The blonde said, the black haired one still eyeing Wooyoung up and down.

Wooyoung sighed in annoyance. "If I knew what those words meant I would smack each of you in the head." He said. The white head stood up. "Okay first off, hi, second off, woah, third off can I have your number?" He asked. Wooyoung looked at him confused. "My what?" He asked. The coral head stood up. "What even are you?" He asked. "Just a someone who's home is this island and no one else." He said, slightly angry. "The blonde stood up next, wiping the sand from his pants. " We don't intend to ruin this place if that's what you think, we just wanted to go on vacation." The blonde said, smiling. Wooyoung tilted his head. "What are all these strange words leaving your mouth?" He asked. The coral head laughed. Lastly the black stood up and faced Wooyoung. "This all can't possible be yours." The black head said. "Well it is, and you can't go into the forest without me, of course unless you want to die, which I wouldn't mind." Wooyoung said, glaring at the black head. The blonde slapped the black heads shoulder. "We'll keep that in mind." The white one said. "What's your name hot stuff?" The one with coral hair said. "Wooyoung." He said. The blonde smiled. "Nice name, so Wooyoung, you live here alone?" He asked. "Yes, like I said, my island, I have three other friends who have their island connecting to mine, Yunho, Seonghwa, and Jongho." He said, running his hands through his purple locks. "Well anyway I should be off." Wooyoung said, walking away, naturally swaying his hips from side to side until he emerged into the forest.

That night the four humans sat there. "I think I forever and for all of entirety, have a boner, if you yourself agree say I." The coral head said, The three other men said 'I' at the same time. "Now that I think about it, reception could never own up to Wooyoung." The coral head said. "Like honestly how the hell can a person be that fucking pretty?" The black head asked. "And those friends he talked about, I swear to gay that if they're anything like Wooyoung, I'll cum in my pants." The White head said. All of a sudden Wooyoung jumped out from the trees, still looking the same, only he was soaking wet. He walked up to the three men, drenched in water, making him look way to pretty. "I may not know what you're saying means, but I know it doesn't mean anything good." Wooyoung said, crossing his wet arms over his chest. "Least we know he's not that dumb." The coral head snickered, all of a sudden the coral head felt a harsh slap on the back of his head, he hissed at that. "Ow! What the actual fuck?!" He screamed as he turned his head, only to be met with Wooyoung's thigh in his face only centimeters away from his dick. "I'm smart enough to know what dumb means, thank you very much!" He said, offended. Mingi choked on the air. "I-I'm sorry." The coral head stuttered as he looked up to be met with a furios pair of brown eyes. Wooyoung scoffed. "You should be." He said. "Now may I ask, why are you still hear?" He asked, Not moving his position so the coral head just turned his head with his cheeks fire red and stared at the other three who were wide eyed.

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