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His Merman. || Woosan

Chapter 2

"We were just hanging out on the beach." The black head said. "Wooyoung still glared at him. "What are your names?" Wooyoung asked. the black head stood up holding out his hand. "San, Choi San." Wooyoung looked at his hand then back at the one now known as San. "Why are you holding your hand out?" Wooyoung asked, genuinely confused. San grabbed Wooyoung's hand making Wooyoung flinch. "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TOUCH ME! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" Wooyoung screeched, running onto the wet sand and diving into the water. "What the actual fuck?!" The white head screamed. He ran to the water but almost lost his balance when he saw a huge sapphire tail in front of his feet. Wooyoung swam away faster than the speed of light. "Shit!" The coral head screamed as he ran up to the white head along with the other two. "You happy now San? You fucking scared him!" The white head yelled. "I was trying to show him what a goddamn hand shake was for fuck sake!" San yelled. "Wow, you already scared the poor thing away." Said a voice from behind. All four of them turned and their knees went weak. The creature in front of them was far from beautiful, a word that gorgeous couldn't compare to. The male was absolutely breath taking. The male was decorated with thin silver chains that covered his dick up but not something you would call clothing, he had black hair which sorta covered his left eye, with red scale specks across his neck that ended at his wrist, he had pale skin with red lips, making him look unrealistic. "I'm Seonghwa, nice to meet some pesky yet good looking humans like yourself." Seonghwa said, leaning against a tree. The blonde took a certain interest in this red bodied man, he stared him up and down. Seonghwa cleared his throat. "If you're gonna be eye fucking me, at least tell me your names." He said.

"I'm, K-Kang Yeosang." The blonde stuttered. "Good for you, anyone else?" Seonghwa asked sarcastically. "I'm Choi-" San was cut off. "Oh I fucking know you, you tried to fucking touch Wooyoung." He said walking towards San. "So help me God, you ever lay a finger on him again, I will chop your goddamn dick off." Seonghwa said, through gritted teeth as his nose and San's nose were practically touching. He backed up with arms on his hips. Seonghwa sighed. "I assume you two have names?" He said, looking at the coral head and white head. "Hongjoong," The white head said. "Mingi." The coral head said. "Oh, Yunho would adore you!" Seonghwa said. "Unfortunately, he's shy and rarely speaks, but if you have patience with him I'm sure he'll let you fuck him." "Where can I meet this, Yunho?" "Who said I would love him?" Another voice. The four men turned to see yet another drenched male. Mingi's jaw fell to the ground as he looked at Yunho. His blue hair, darker since it was in the water, he had pale skin as well, his cheeks were pink and he had pink scales on his thighs and sides of his stomach, his cheeks looked puffy and his brown eyes kinda glared at Mingi, he too had no clothes on. "Okay, another naked hot dude appears and I'm cumming." Hongjoong said with no shame. Seonghwa let out a devious giggle. "Where's Wooyoung? And why is there a huge white thing near the reef?" Yunho asked "It's a yacht, and Wooyoung swam away, because this guy, Seonghwa said pointing at San, tried to touch him." "Ugh, now who's gonna cook for me?" Said high pitched voice. "Tsk, what's wrong with my cooking, you ungrateful rat." Seonghwa hissed. "He cooks good with meat is all I'm saying." The high voice said, emerging out from the tree.

"You're shitting me." Hongjoong said. A boy with big lips walked up to the group of men. "Swearing is bad." The boy said, looking at Hongjoong. He had light brown hair with tan skin, while his big brown eyes stared at Hongjoong, he had purple little scales along his back and near his cheek bones with some scattered along his shoulders, he had pink, shiny lips, and he had thick thighs with a little bit of muscle,a small pink flower in his hair, his nails were even pink, but he was butt naked. "Right, here's the youngest, Jongho." Seonghwa dramatically said. "The short one is cute." Jongho said, eyes sparkling at Hongjoong. The white head blushed at the statement. "So you guys met each other without me?" A sassy voice asked. "Wooyoung!" Jongho said, running happily towards the pretty male. Jongho squished Wooyoung's face in his hands. "Are you hurt?" He asked, turning Wooyoung around and kneeling to look at his legs, his looked at his neck and grazed his nose over it. "I'm fiiiine, Jongho." Wooyoung whined. San watched Jongho touch Wooyoung as he pleased, pissing San off for some reason. "Well now that we all have met each other we should get going." Seonghwa said. Jongho and Yunho were already gone and Seonghwa had just walked into the forest. "So what do you think of my friends?" Wooyoung asked, walking up to the group of males. "I like the one with the black hair." Yeosang said. "I've got my eyes on the blue one." Mingi said. Wooyoung slapped Mingi in the back of the head yet again. "He's not some object." Wooyoung said. "I didn't mean it like that, I meant I think he's best looking out of every other human I've ever met." Mingi said, rubbing the back of his head.

The next morning the group of humans woke up on Hongjoong's yacht. Yeosang woke up first. "Oh my fuck cakes! Wake up, all of you bitches wake up!" Yeosang screeched. Mingi sat up groaning. "Whaaaat." He whined. "I had this fucked up dream that we were on an island-" Yeosang was cut off. "You mean that island?" San questioned, poiting to the green land in front of them. "Yeah....and there were four hot guys that looked unrealist." Yeosang said. Hongjoong sat up yawning. "That was not a dream." A voice said. "How the fuck did you get on my yacht?!" Hongjoong yelled. The blue head climbed down from the top of the boat, leaving little water droplets all around. "I climbed." He said, shrugging. Mingi was barley awake and blinking his eyes as he put on his glasses. "Am I already blind? Cause there's a naked dude in front of me." Mingi said with his cheeks pink. "You're not blind." Said the blue head. "Why are you here?" Hongjoong asked. "You're kinda on top of my island." Yunho said. The four humans looked at Yunho confused. "I'm a merman you mindless humans." Yunho said, rolling his eyes. Mingi pointed his finger at Yunho then looked at Hongjoong. "That, that I don't believe." Mingi said. "I've got better things to do than prove I'm a merman, I'm warning you if you don't move this yacht, bad things are gonna happen. That's a promise, not a threat." Yunho said, diving back into the water. "I honestly think I'm still high." San said with his hand in the air.

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