Power Rangers: The Next Legend


When the Dark Void attacks, it's up to five teenagers to harness the powers of Ancient Spirits to become Power Rangers of the Next Legend!

Action / Adventure
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Ep 1: Legends Awaken

Before I start, this fanfiction corresponds to a Wiki site! Just google "Next Legend Start Up." Careful! Major spoilers are there!

Earth... A beautiful planet... One of many that supports life and peace. However, time and time again, Earth has been thrown into danger. However, when the wicked rise, a team of heroes would stand tall to protect this world. Now, a new story... a new Power Ranger Legend is about to begin...


Five Power Rangers were doing battle with two mysterious figures. The town of Bayview shakes with the raging conflict. The Green Ranger traps the figures between stones, while the Yellow Ranger charges up Lightning. The Blue and Pink Rangers send in a water-wind combo attack that strikes the enemies. The Yellow Ranger then releases the lightning into the water, electrifying her target. The Red Ranger shoots a metallic arrow of fire right at the figures and destroys them. The rangers gather together thinking they had won, but an explosion behind them disproved this. One figure had used the other as a shield... The rangers were shocked...

-End Dream-

Jared Gordon woke up in cold sweat. His alarm clock was blaring into his ear. He reached for it with his left hand and hit the snooze button. Little did he know, a glowing gold Triquetra was shining on his left hand. After a few moments, it faded away.

Jared got up and went into the bathroom. "Weird dream..." He muttered. After getting dressed, Jared observed himself in the mirror. He wiped his shaggy brown hair over dark eyes. He blankly examined his tan face. The teen wore a red t-shirt, brown cargo shorts and red vans shoes.

Jared sat down at the breakfast table where his twin brother, Cody was already sitting.

"Morning, Champ." Cody said cheerfully.

Jared looked as his brother with a, "Don't even start," face.

The two were polar opposites. While Jared was the quiet, shy and withdrawn one, Cody was the outgoing, and optimistic one. However, Jared always had the innate ability to understand others without getting particularly close.

Their mother Melissa, who was single, said, "Okay, boys. You have fifteen minutes before school starts. I suggest you leave now. You don't want to be late on your first day."

"Alrighty!" Cody said. "Come on, Jared."

The teen sighed, shook his head and followed his brother out the door.

- Cue Theme, Look up "Power Rangers Next Legend" on Youtube-

Jared and Cody stepped off the Bayview High School bus and went straight to the Principal's office. The Principal's name was Principle Edals (Eh-Dells) and he was a tall man with brown hair and green eyes. He also had a mature tan face. "Welcome to our school, you two." He smiled.

Cody smiled back. "It's a pleasure to be here."

Jared just sat there and stared at the ground.

"So..." Mr. Edals began as he went through his laptop. "Just let me pull up your profiles so I can get your schedules..." Cody and Jared took turns filling in electives for the Semester. They were then given printed copies.

"Now, if you need any help, ask a student, teacher, or me!" Mr. Edals said as he patted Jared on the shoulder. That's when it hit Jared. He felt a strange sensation. He had never felt it before. He and Cody parted ways and tried to get through the day. By lunch period, Cody was already in a group of friends having a great time. Cody's twin, however, sat under a tree. Jared's brother amazed him. A few hours into the first day and he already had friends. Jared was deep in thought, but was caught off guard by a camera flash.

"Sorry!" Came a female voice.

Jared rubbed his eyes. "Don't sweat it..." He looked up and met the eyes of a girl with long brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and a petite body. She wore a white shirt under a pink button down, blue jeans and pink converse. Jared looked away after a little while.

"You're one of the new students, right?" She asked.

"Uh... Yeah. I'm Jared."

"Alicia Morgan. Sophomore Class president, Head of the Yearbook club and Chief of the School Newspaper... And I sit behind you in Biology." She held out her hand and Jared shook it.

"Do you mind?" Alicia asked motioning a spot next to Jared. Jared nodded and Alicia took a seat. "So you're from LA? What's it like there?"

"You sure know a bit about me... and ask a lot of questions." Jared teased.

"Well..." Alicia trailed off, "I make it my business to know."

Jared stared off and saw a group of teens staring at him. "Who're they?" Jared asked.

"Oh, them?" Alicia asked. "They're actually in our grade. That's Rachel, Iris, Colton, Luke, Kayla and Devon. They're all friendly, don't worry."

Suddenly, a girl about the same height as Alicia ran to her. Her light skinned face moved heavily with her deep breaths, her green eyes were wide and wild, and her blonde hair was all over the place. She wore a grey sweatshirt over a yellow shirt, brown capris and yellow converse.

Alicia looked at her friend. "Sonia, what's wrong?"

Sonia said, "There's a fight going on!"

Alicia got up and ran, Jared followed. The three shoved their way through a crowd and found a fellow Sophomore duking it out a Junior. This Sophomore was taller than Jared, had lighter skin, blue eyes, and shorter brown hair. He wore a light blue shirt under a darker blue jacket. He also wore dark brown cargoes and black sneakers. The underclassmen kicked the Junior in the stomach and round house kicked him in the face.

"Noah Ryder! Paul Kirkland! Break it up!" Yelled a teacher.

Alicia said to Jared, "That's Noah... And of course he got himself into a fight."

"What is the meaning of this?" The teacher asked.

Noah explained, "Paul was picking on Liam!" He pointed to another Sophomore. He had dark short hair, light skin, green eyes and a fair face. He wore a black leather jacket over a green shirt, black pants, and white and green sneakers.

The teacher was about to chew Noah out even more, when Alicia stepped in.

"Mr. Larimer, I'm sure Noah meant well. We all know he can be a little... over the top."

"Hey!" Noah exclaimed, offended, but Alicia kept going.

"Just let this one slide, and I'll guarantee he turns his attitude around."

Mr. Larimer thought it over. "Fine, Ms. Morgan. I trust you."

Noah looked at Alicia with a look of gratitude.

- Dark Void-

Earth has a shadow. In this shadow, lies a world where beings of dark magic, the Twilightians, reside. They were banished eons ago by a great force. However, the seal upon them is weakening by the day. The current king is King Cepheus. By now, it should be Cepheus's son Roxas who should be king, but, Roxas mysteriously lost his only heir... Cepheus sensed many different things in his massive and dark throne room.

"Roxas, come forth."

"Yes, father?"

"Do you feel it?"

"I do, but what is it?"

"The Slayer has arrived in Bayview. In other words, directly above us."

"The Slayer?" Came a voice. A man wearing crimson colored loose clothing approached the two. He looked human, like the other two. He had black hair, dark eyes and light skin. "Sounds like a fight to me..."

A female voice said, "You always want to fight, Phoenix..." An asian woman stepped out from the shadows. She wore a green and black kimono.

"I didn't ask you, Medusa."

"It's just an observation." She countered.

"Silence!" Cepheus ordered. "The seal is weakening, I can feel it. I want you to send a specter up to the surface and possess a group of Vampires. Then, a Phantom leading a squad of Shadowlites."

"We'll get right on it." Roxas said.

- Bayview Docks -

A giant coven of vampires, there were about 30, waited patiently for the sun to lower. Suddenly, a black fog filled the room. The fiends knew what it was, they tried to resist, but the substance sank into them and took control. The vampire eyes went from yellow to pitch black. 15 stepped out into the sun, unharmed. Vampires can withstand the sun while under the dark specter influence, however, they lose free will.

- Bayview High -

Jared, Noah, Alicia, Sonia and Liam sat down in Mythology class. The bell rung, and the teacher introduced himself.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Dr. Wells, the school's new Mythology teacher."

A girl asked, "Aren't you a little too young to teach?"

"Believe me, I'm old enough. Now..." Dr. Wells turned around to write on the whiteboard. "Who can define 'Mythology?"' Suddenly, the ground shook. Screams were heard outside. Jared looked out the window and saw vampires running around campus.

"Great..." He muttered. He ran out the door.

"Jared, wait!" Alicia shouted. She followed him. The other three followed as well.

Jared sprinted toward a vampire and clocked him in the face. He withdrew a stake from his bag and struck the heart, turning the vampire into dust. Another came at him, and he kicked her face. He threw the stake and dusted her.

"Jared!" Noah shouted.

"What're you doing?!" Jared asked running over.

"What are we doing?" Sonia asked. "How about you? How'd you kill that thing?!"

"I don't have time to-" Jared was grabbed from behind and thrown into a wall. He struggled to get up. The others ran to him. The vampires advanced. The five held on to each other, but the moment they made contact, waves of multicolored energy burst from them and destroyed some vampires. Before two more could strike them, a girl appeared with a white hilted katana and slashed them to dust.

Jared recognized her as Rachel.

"So, you're the Slayer?" She asked.

Jared nodded with a confused face.

A vampire came from above, but two white foxes appeared and dusted it. Colton landed next to Alicia with two pieces of paper in his hands. Each paper had a symbol on it.

More vampires came, but gun shots sounded and silver bullets ripped through the crowd. A voice chanted,"The sun shines on all. Earth answers its call. Obliterate these creatures of the night, vanquish them, out of my sight!" A ray of light obliterated a few more vampires. Iris and Luke appeared next to their friends.

"What's going on?" Jared asked.

Rachel said, "You five stay back. We'll explain everything later." In a matter of minutes, Rachel and her friends finished the last of the vampires.

"Mind explaining?" Liam asked. Rachel nodded. She flipped open a white phone and pressed a button. In a flash, they were gone.

- An unknown location -

Jared and the others landed in a dark room.

"Where are we? What just happened?" Noah asked.

"I'm not sure..." Sonia said.

Suddenly, the room lit up. It was a very large room with a futuristic feel to it. Rachel and her friends walked in through metal sliding doors.

"Welcome to our HQ." Rachel said.

"Where is this place?" Liam asked.

"None of your concern. What we need to deal with is you five."

"What?" Noah asked.

"Kayla." Rachel said.

Kayla was sitting at a keyboard that controlled many of the monitors lining the wall. She tapped a few keys and revealed the scene from before. The waves of energy burst from the teens and dusted a few vampires.

"I don't understand." Jared said.

"We don't either. That's the thing." Kayla said.

"We know you're the Slayer, but how can you, with four humans, create such a burst?"

A swirl of blue and white lights descended into the room and faded. A blonde guy stood before them.

"Devon, what's the order?" Rachel asked.

"There isn't one. The Council of Light is baffled as well." Devon answered.

"Can you please explain?" Alicia asked.

Rachel said, "I'll start from the beginning."

"Eons ago, Earth, and all the other human inhabited planets were one world. It was a paradise of magic and science. Everything was peaceful until the Twilightians, a race of powerful beings, attacked. No one knows why, but they just did. Anyway, twelve champions who ruled over the elements defeated them, but six died. As a result, the perfect world spilt into infinite counterparts. The core of this world became Earth. The most powerful counterparts became the worlds known as Eltar and Geo Nova. The Twilight were sealed in Earth's shadow, a mirror world called "Dark Void." Before leaving, the Twilight cast a curse on Earth. They brought the Supernatural to this world. This curse also attracts evil all the time. Knowing they'd return the remaining six created six classes of fighting styles to combat them. You've seen most of them in action already. I'm in the Knight Class, fighters who use all kinds of swords. Luke is in the Spell Caster class, the class that utilizes incantations to fight. Colton's in the Tamer Class, a class that uses talismans to tame spirits. Iris is in the shooter class. This class uses firearms. Kayla is in the Hacker class, the class that learns to use numerous forms of technology. Devon is in the Light-Watcher class. They're like angels almost. They're the support members. They can heal and teleport. They also have enemies called Dark-Seekers who are like fallen angels. Humans can become either one after dying depending on the kind of life they led."

"And the Slayer?" Noah asked.

"Hundreds of years ago, three wise men infused the heart and soul of a demon within a teenage girl giving her super strength, speed, reflexes, intelligence, and so on. She became the first slayer. The girl was a great force of good and defeated many Supernatural beings. When she died, the three men made a prophecy. It's that every generation, a slayer is born. One teen in all the world will stand alone against the vampires, demons and forces of darkness. Jared so happen to be the current Slayer."

Jared looked up, knowingly.

"Jared, our goal is to protect the world from the Twilight. As the Slayer, it's your duty to unlock-"

Jared carried on in a mock tone. "-unlock my hidden Supernatural powers to save the world, the Twilight grow stronger, the Ancient Spirits must be found, yada yada yada, I know!"

"Ancient Spirits?" Liam asked.

Iris said, "The spirits of the Ancient Warriors. Their powers are contained inside special crystals that can be infused into a vessel giving them elemental power. We have four of the five."

"What happens when you get all five?" Liam asked.

"When the five vessels are together," Kayla said, "they can transform into Power Rangers of the Next Legend. The vessels will most likely be warriors from Geo Nova."

Rachel said, "Since the five of you together created that wave, our best guess is that you all have hidden Supernatural abilities. You can help us fight the Twilight. So we'll ask. Will you please assist us in this battle?"

While the others looked like they wanted to help, Jared shook his head. "I'm sorry... I can't.""What?" Sonia asked.

"Why?" Liam asked.

Jared's mind flashed to horrible memories. "I just can't..." With that, he ran to Kayla, and looked into her eyes. His irises went from brown to red. Kayla couldn't pull her own eyes away. Jared found what he wanted, put his hands on the keyboard and pressed a command to teleport him away.

"How'd he do that?" Liam asked.

Rachel and her group were shocked. Colton said, "I've never seen that before."

"It doesn't matter." Rachel concluded. "We'll teach you the basics. Starting with Power from Within, the energy that fuels your powers. As a Slayer, Jared should know this."

After a few hours, the four teens managed to discover their powers. They were going to practice, but another alarm went off. The remaining Twilight Vampires were attacking the city.

"What could be there?" Devon asked.

Kayla said, "The last spirit crystal has revealed itself! It's in the museum!"

"Let's go!" Rachel said to her group.

- Bayview Museum -

A human looking Twilightian was carrying the red crystal inside a class container. He led the possessed vampires.

"Twilight!" Rachel shouted. "Drop that crystal!"

"How about, no?" The Twilightian answered. "Go, strike, kill!"

The vamps charged forward and Rachel's group went to battle.

- HQ -

"There's so many! They're outnumbered!" Noah said.

"We have to help!" Sonia said.

"But can we? They look powerful." Liam said.

"What should we do?" Alicia asked.

Noah said, "That tears it! We're going!"

Noah and Sonia ran out, with Liam and Alicia in tow, both were a little hesitant.

- The Streets -

Rachel and her team were forced to their limits. They wouldn't have held out much longer. But, a wall of green energy appeared in front of them. Liam was behind them, emitting a thin green aura around his hands. A flash of blue zipped by and thrashed the vamps. Sonia lifted her hands and emitted a thin yellow aura, shooting a concentrated blast of sound waves at the fiends, destroying them.

"We came to help!" Noah said as he slowed down.

Rachel was going to lecture them, but an explosion knocked them to the ground. Alicia had a flash, and saw the future. She saw Jared running toward her.

The "human" said, "If you want something done right, you do it yourself." He glowed and turned into a black, tall and thin gargoyle monster. It flew right at the teens.

Jared tried to focus on his studies, but he kept sensing the energy around him. The others needed his help. He got up and ran out of his house.

In no time at all, all the teens were sprawled on the ground. Iris struggled to lift herself. Jared stared from the shadows and gripped a stake.

"Move, Jared, move... Come on... GO NOW!" He sprinted forward. He threw the stake into the Gargoyles head and kicked it 10 feet away and into a car. Jared ran in front of Iris and concentrated...

Jared opened his eyes. Instead of their usual brown they were bright red. A strange red symbol appeared under Jared and Iris. A blue hole as wide as a CD appeared on Iris's sternum. Jared raised his right hand and stuck it into the the mysterious blue portal. Streams of beautiful silver ribbon like structures flowed out of it. Energy ribbons also swirled around the circumference of the symbol on the ground. Jared started to withdraw his hand, but when it came out, it was wrapped in a purple crystal-like substance. By then, his whole arm was out, but the crystal kept coming out of Iris as Jared pulled. Jared then jumped back two feet and raised his right arm into the air. The crystal that covered his wrist stretched up to at least six feet. Two streams of energy swirled around the crystal and broke it to bits. When substance was gone, a six foot silver buster sword was held in Jared's hand. Iris was on her knees with her eyes closed. The blue hole in her chest was still there. The sword shot a silver light into the sky and made a high pitched ringing sound. The creature started to run at Jared. The teen looked like he was in a trance. At a blinding speed, he slashed at it. He jumped into the air. When the monster jumped at him, he literally hopped to a different aerial location. He did this by forming the same red symbol under one of his feet and used them as stepping stones. He swung the giant sword and sent a long silver wave at the Gargoyle, sending the red crystal into the air. Jared caught the crystal and felt a pleasant warmth in his hand. The sword burst into lights and re-entered Iris's chest.

The Gargoyle got up.

"Give that back!" It rushed into Jared and threw him to his classmates. The Twilight charged once again.

Suddenly, Rachel, Iris, Colton and Luke ran in front of the attack and took it head on. The Gargoyle's eyes glowed and silver auras appeared around the four. These auras were then absorbed into the Phantom.

"What's happening?" Colton asked.

"I'm taking your powers!" The Phantom answered.

When it had finished, the four collapsed.

"Rachel!" Jared shouted.

"Now it's your turn!"

"It won't end like this." Noah said.

"It's not over." Jared added.

In his hand, the red crystal shined brighter and brighter. Rachel was the only one still conscious, and she saw the crystal reacting. "It's feeding off of their emotions. Could they be?" She flipped open her phone and pressed a button on it. The four other crystals teleported away from HQ and appeared in front of the teens.

"What?" Sonia asked.

"Take those crystals and squeeze them tight!" Rachel instructed.

"The crystals!" The Phantom said. "Be silent!" It sent a wave of energy at Rachel, sending her into a fountain. She was still conscious, but barely.

"These are the Ancient Spirits." Jared said.

Noah grabbed the blue crystal, Alicia the pink, Liam the green, and Sonia the yellow.

"If we merge with them, it'll give us power. So let's do it."

The five lined up and pressed the crystals to their chests. Each sunk into their hearts.

Their vision flashed, and they were in a white room. Five cloaked figures walked toward them in unison. They stopped a foot away from each teen and held out their arms. As if in a trance, the teens grabbed the cloaked hands.

Back in reality, the teens looked up. Five blue morphers appeared around their left wrists. They pointed them forward and turned the dial.

A female voice said, "Biomerge."

In a series of arm motions, similar to that of Dino Thunder, the five called out, "Biomerge, Spirit Legend!" They pressed the touch screen behind the dial.

- Morphing Sequence -

Jared is standing in a neon green space that is moving downward. A circle of green energy appears at his feet and moves up his body, scanning him. As it goes along, it leaves small green orbs of energy. When the circle gets to his head, it disappears, and the energy particles flash into Jared and burst outward, forming his ranger suit.

From left to right, Noah, Alicia, Liam and Sonia are going through the same process.

- End Morphing Sequence -

"Spirit of Fire! Legend Red!"

"Spirit of Water! Legend Blue!"

"Spirit of Wind! Legend Pink!"

"Spirit of Earth! Legend Green!"

"Spirit of Lightning! Legend Yellow!"

"Ancient Spirits Unite! Power Rangers: Next Legend, Start up!"

Rachel grinned and weakly said, "They did it..."

"Ok, guys let's go!" Jared called out.


"X-Defender!" Jared materialized a white, black and red hand gun. He fired at the Gargoyle and hit it repeatedly in the chest. His team mates followed suit.

"Vampires, attack!" Twilight possessed Vamps appeared and charged.

"X-Sword!" The rangers materialized white, black and red swords in their opposite hands.

Jared shot a Vamp and sliced another. Noah super sped through the crowd, slashing as he went along. Liam low swept a vamp and sliced it. Alicia and Sonia stood back to back, sniping the dark creatures down.

In a matter of minutes, the vamps were dust.

"Then how about this?" The Phantom asked. "Shadowlites, attack!" Grey humanoid foot soldiers appeared and attacked.

"Spirit Weapon: Legend Sword!" A red hilted sword appeared in his right hand. He slashed down three Shadowlites and blocked a strike from another.

"Spirit Weapon: Legend Kwan Dao!" A blue staff with a curved blade on the top end materialized. Noah grabbed. "I can use this like a lacrosse stick." He jumped into the air and sliced a Shadowlite down the middle. He spun in above and and jabbed another Shadowlite through the chest.

"Spirit Weapon: Legend Bow!" A pink and silver bow appeared in Alicia's left hand. She focused her energy into her right. The Pink ranger created a pink arrow made of energy and strung it. She let it fly and it ripped through many Shadowlites.

"Spirit Weapon: Legend Axe!" A green and black handled doubled bladed Axe appeared in front of Liam. He grabbed it and swung it into a Shadowlite and sent it flying into other Shadowlites.

"Spirit Weapon: Legend Daggers!" Sonia grabbed the twin daggers and struck down two Shadowlites. She front flipped forward and sliced another.

Within minutes, the rangers were only faced with the Phantom.

"I'm going have to take your spirits after I kill you!"

"Just try it!" Noah challenged.

"Let's go, guys!" Jared said. He jumped forward and slashed at the Phantom's arm. He screamed in pain and sent his other arm to swat at Jared, but Alicia shot an energy arrow into the hand. Liam jumped up and sliced it off. Noah and Sonia dashed forward and drove their weapons into the Phantom's chest.

"Guys, clear out!" Jared instructed. Noah and Sonia jumped away and Jared made the tiger hand sign. A small sphere appeared on his joined fingers.

"Soul Fire, Ignite!" The small sphere erupted into a full blown blast of fire. It clashed into the Phantom and set him on fire.

"No! Curse you, Rangers!" He disappeared in a burst of red lights.

- Dark Void -

Cepheus was shocked as he observed the battle. "Power Rangers? And using the Ancient Spirits, no less?

Roxas was shocked as well. "I should've known there'd be resistance..."

Medusa said, "They're rookies, though. We can easily beat them..."

Phoenix said nothing, he only observed Jared and grinned. He thought to himself, "A possible challenge..."

- HQ -

"Will they be ok?" Alicia asked Devon.

"Yeah, they need to rest. Their powers were stripped from them after all."

Noah cut in. "I know this may be inappropriate, but how awesome were we?"

Liam laughed. "We were pretty good."

"Yeah." Jared said. "But now we're in deeper because Rachel and the others can't fight... It's going to be a long war."

Noah draped his arm around Jared's neck. "Let's worry about that later. For now, let's hang for a bit."

"Are you serious?" Jared asked.

Rachel limped to the doorway. She said, "You five deserve it. You proved that you can handle this power. From here on, your Legend starts now."

Jared nodded. "Then we'll meet it head on."

The others nodded as well...

As the five teleported back to town, they walked down the street together. A black cat watched them from a tree. It said to itself, "Was giving those five the Ancient powers really a good idea? Only time will tell I guess."

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