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Five nights at freddy's To Friendship


There was a boy called oswald who liked to help others and spread happiness among children,and it was thinks to Frake,until everything changed.

Horror / Mystery
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To Friendship

In 1982 there was a boy named Oswald, Oswald was living in misery and sadness, until his father suggested they go to a pizzeria called Frake's circus, and when he went to the pizzeria, he saw frake the clown, the animatronic that bestows happiness among children, He gave happiness to oswald and hope to continue this life, after this day oswald starts visiting this circus every week to see frake and the rest of the children, after 3 years came the day of oswald's birth which coincided with the day he was going to frake, but oswald's father said They will not go to the circus, oswald asked: why did you promise me!, But oswald's father did not back down on his word, then oswald kept asking: why are we used to go all A week, what happened, then Oswald called his friend Bob who was going to go with him to the circus, oswald asked him: Are you going today to the circus? He said no Did you not hear about the accident? Oswald said: Any accident? Bob said: They found the body of a child yesterday so they will close the restaurant today, then oswald remained sad because he will not return to the place that gave him happiness in this life, then oswald called bob and said to him: we will sneak from the house and go to the circus, i want to see frake last time, bob said then: this is impossible my dad won't let me go! Then Oswald said: Don't worry, we will sneak in the middle of the night without our parents knowing, then the Bob agreed, but on the condition that if their parents found out, oswald would be responsible, then came at 12:00 am, oswald and bob sneaked into the circus, and for good Luck the door was open, they entered but they did not find a frake in the theater, bob said: Well we tried to go now !, Then bob and oswald heard the voice of a man speaking from one of the doors, oswald went because of his curiosity near that door which has a serrated symbol, the strange man says : why did you do thatI will lose all of my wealth because of you! Then the mysterious man cried, then Oswald opened the door more, and he saw frake he had killed the man, then he glimpsed the frake through the door oswald, and without any hesitation he attacked Oswald, and the bob could never move from his place, then frake raised his claws his hand to kill oswald , D and said happy birthday oswald, and at the last minute a bullet hit an eye of frake and he fell, it seems that my father oswald and bob noticed their kids disappeared, but frake took advantage of the moment and fled away before the police realize it.

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