All Alone

(Alex's POV)

I opened my eyes and looked out the window of the train. We were pulling into the Rush Valley station. I looked at my pocket watch. One in the morning. Holy cow, I had been asleep for a while. Last time I had checked, it had been nine at night.

I grabbed my bags and stood up. Time to find a hotel. After the train stopped, I walked into the station. I shivered. Even though I was wearing a long sleeve shirt (I always did), the cold air and biting winds still chilled me to the bone.

I sighed. I was standing in the exact spot where I had first met the Elric brothers. Hopefully I hadn’t worried them too much. I just didn’t want to force Winry to welcome me with open arms if she didn’t want to. The girl said she hated me, and I got the message and left. I regretted not leaving a note or something, but I wanted to be far away before anybody could notice that I was gone.

As I was walking out of the station, I realized that I would have to meet Colonel Mustang tomorrow. He had called me earlier, when I was at the Dublith train station, and said that he would meet me at here at noon. I had promised him that I’d be there, and that if I wasn’t on time that something was wrong. Hopefully, after I met him again, my life could return to normal. I wouldn’t have to hide my secret from the Elric brothers any longer, because I wouldn’t see them again.

I rented out a hotel room for relatively cheap. I think that the woman in charge of the place took pity on me, a fifteen-year-old girl traveling alone in the dark. I thanked her for her kindness, walked into my room, and immediately took a nice, long, hot bath, which warmed me up almost instantly.

As I was relaxing and restoring my body heat, I realized that I missed the Elric brothers more than I had expected I would. Even though I had just met them, they were a big part of my life. Alphonse and Edward. Edward. The notion of not seeing him again made me tear up. Being the hopeless idiot that I was, I had gone and fallen in love with a person that I knew would never see me again. But he had Winry, and Winry had him. The two would make a great couple, and one of the only things that mattered to me right now was he being happy. That made me happy, even though it hurt me at the same time.

I got out of the bath, toweled off, and put on my pajamas. After I turned out the light, I crawled into bed wrapped myself up in the bed sheets. I wanted to feel the comfort and warmth I had gotten from bundling up in Ed’s cloak. Thankfully, I almost couldn’t tell the difference between the two. The sheets were extremely similar to the cloak. Not exactly, but close enough to satisfy me for now. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a nice, peaceful sleep.

When I opened my eyes, I discovered that it was morning. The light was streaming in through the window. I slowly came to my senses, got up, and pulled some clothing on. I checked my pocket watch. Eleven in the morning. My eyes widened. I had to go!

I stuffed everything in my suitcase and headed downstairs. After I turned in my room key to the woman in charge, I ran outside. The bright sunlight hit me almost immediately, so I shaded my eyes as I hurried towards the station. I passed a restaurant and stopped, realizing for the first time this morning that I was super hungry. After checking my pocket watch and discovering that I still had forty-five minutes to spare, I walked over to the building and went inside. I sat down at a table and ordered some food. After a few minutes, my meal arrived, and I started eating. When I had finished, I paid and hurried out the door. Unfortunately, the shoulder of my shirt snagged on a loose nail and ripped. I stopped abruptly as everyone turned to look at my bare shoulder. Oh, crap. I was screwed.

Not ten seconds later, I was being chased down the streets of Rush Valley by roughly ten teenage boys, who were holding wrenches and begging me to let them lead me to their automail shops.

“Come on, I’ve got the best prices!”

“My automail is better than the rest… It’s heavy duty!”

“I’ll give you a discount!”

I continued running from the hoard. I didn’t have time to get sidetracked. I pulled far ahead of them, took a sharp turn on a nearby street, and ducked into an alley. As I heard the group’s thundering footsteps get closer to me, I hid behind a large crate. The boys ran past me, waving their wrenches like crazy people. I sighed and checked my pocket watch. Eleven forty five. I had better hurry if I was going to meet Mustang on time.

I pulled my ripped sleeve up back over my shoulder, not wanting to get caught in another street chase. Standing up, I picked up my suitcase and bag. A shout came from the other end of the alley. I turned and backed into the street. Or, at least, I tried to back into the street. I would have if there hadn’t been a teenage boy standing there. I bumped into him and my ripped sleeve fell down, revealing my shoulder. Oh, great.

“What do we have here?” He asked, holding on to my shoulder.

I shook my head. “Leave me alone. I have somewhere I have to be.” I said, glaring at him.

I dropped my suitcases so I could use my hands if I needed to. Unfortunately, the second my hands were free, his hands had a gun in them. And he was aiming at me.

Great. I couldn’t even use alchemy on this idiot. He would shoot me before I had the chance.

“I think that place could wait. Why don’t you come with me?” He asked, grabbing my hand and exchanging the gun for a knife. He hid it under his shirt and moved close to me. I could feel the sharp edge of the weapon.

I picked up my suitcases. I didn’t have a choice. The knife was pressing into my back. So I held his hand and allowed him to lead me out of the alley.

The only thing I could wait for was Mustang to realize something was wrong. Hopefully he would find me before anything bad happened.

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