An Unwelcome Visitor

(Alex's POV)

I collapsed onto my bed in fits of giggles. The Fullmetal Alchemist had just kissed me, Alexandra Hagane. The words resonated in my mind, their beautiful meaning making me happier by the second. My emotions were off of the charts, and I felt as if I could grow wings.

I calmed down and started to unpack my suitcase. After letting a rather distraught Nya out of my backpack (and apologizing profusely for everything that had happened), I started running hot water for a bath. I was exhausted from this morning, and I needed to unwind.

I got in the tub and immediately felt a hundred times more relaxed. The hot water soothed my aching body. Finally, in the peace and quiet, I could reflect on everything that happened to me.

“Ed kissed me, Ed kissed me, Ed kissed me…” Huh. My mind couldn’t seem to think about anything besides that right now.

I closed my eyes and leaned back, clearing my thoughts. Right now I just wanted to relax.

After a few minutes of my mind being perfectly blank, Edward somehow found his way into my thoughts again. I began thinking about why I was so drawn to him.

He asked if I wanted to stay with him for a while. The boy had noticed that I felt lonely.

He had given me his cloak and a few shirts to sleep on. He cared about how comfortable I was.

He had tried to help my mentally unstable self make caramelized cookie dough. And when that had failed, he went ahead and bought me peanut butter chocolate… My favorite!

He came to find me when I had run away. I realized that I had wasted everybody’s time and been extremely selfish, so I decided then that I was going to somehow repay everyone for my rash behavior.

Then he had protected me from my kidnapper. He rescued me.

He was there when I needed him most. Ed and Alphonse hadn’t judged me when they found out about my human transmutation attempt. They had comforted me instead. Edward wanted to make sure that I was okay.

Finally, he had kissed me. Edward Elric had kissed me. Sure, he blamed it on the Law of Equivalent Exchange, but hey, he didn’t have to kiss me if he didn’t want to. After all, relationships had very little (if not nothing) to do with alchemy… Right?

I slid lower into the bath, enjoying the warmth from the steaming water. After a few more minutes, I got out of the tub, dried myself off, and wrapped a towel around my body. I opened the door and gasped.

A teenage boy was sitting on the floor next to my bed, munching on some bread. And he had seen me in my towel.

I stood frozen in shock. “Who… Who the heck are you?” I asked, clutching the towel closer to my body.

“Huh? Oh, sorry. I must be in the wrong room.” The boy said, taking another bite of food. I noticed that his voice had a strong accent to it.

“You better believe that you’re in the wrong room. How the heck did you get in here? I locked the door!” I shouted.

“The window wasn’t locked.” He pointed to it. The window was wide open.

“Who the heck enters a three story building through a window? I’m on the top floor for God’s sa…” I was interrupted when the front door swung open. A very confused Edward stood in the doorway, looking at us.

I turned bright red. So did he.

“Ling? What the heck are you doing here? Or, more importantly, why are you in Alex’s room?!?” He asked angrily.

“I heard that you were in town, so I decided that I would give you a visit. I thought this was your room. My bad.” The boy laughed.

“You know him?” I looked at the teenager, who had finished his bread and was digging through his bag.

“Unfortunately, I do. We’ve crossed paths before. Ling, meet Alex. Alex, meet… Ling.” Ed put his head in his hands as Ling pulled another piece of bread out of his bag and bit into it.

“Hi there.” He said, smiling.

I just stood there, reeling from the train of events. It wasn’t every day that your friend’s pal climbed through your window.

Finally, I came to my senses. “Alright. Everybody out.” I quite literally kicked both of them out of my room.

After locking the door, I rummaged through my suitcase for some clothing. I pulled a skirt and long sleeved shirt on and walked outside.

I knocked on the boys’ door. Ed opened it.

“Oh. Hey there, Alex.” He led me inside. Alphonse, Colonel Mustang, and Ling were sitting on the ground, looking at me.

“Hi, Alex.” Al said.

Ling waved and popped a chocolate into his mouth. He had a box of them on his lap. The box looked quite similar to… Wait a second…

I looked at him. “Where’d you get those chocolates, Ling?” I asked.

He ate another one. “These? I found them on your bed. I couldn’t resist. Peanut butter chocolate is delicious.” He told me.

My face grew red with anger. Edward stood up.

“Do I have permission to remove him from the premises?” He glared at Ling.

I nodded, pissed. “Be my guest.” I said in a deathly calm voice.

Ed grabbed the chocolates from Ling and dragged him out of the room. I sat down next to Alphonse.

A few minutes later, Edward returned. He handed me the chocolates. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine.” I laughed.

He sat down next to me. “I can buy you more.”

I shook my head. “You’ve spent enough money on me already. You bought train tickets to Rush Valley because of me.” I said.

“So what? I… We were worried about you.” Edward looked down.

“I’m touched, Ed, but I’ve still wasted enough of your money and time. I shouldn’t have run away, guys. I was being super irrational, and I’m sorry.” I bit my lip.

“Alex, it’s fine. Next time, though, if you want to leave, can you please leave a note or something telling me where you’re going? It would make it a lot easier for me to track you down.” He put his hand on my shoulder.

I nodded. “I’m not going to run away again, guys. I promise.” I looked at Edward.

He smiled at me. “That’s good. It was hard enough to find out that you had left…” He started.

I interrupted him with a giant hug. “It was hard enough for me to think that I may not ever see you again.” I said softly.

Four different things happened at that moment. Alphonse made some sort of squealing noise, the colonel laughed, Ed blushed, and Ling came bursting in through the window.

“Hey, Alex, you never did tell me where you got those chocolates.” He said.

Edward stood up quickly. “Please go away.”

Ling threw up his hands in surrender. “If Alex tells me where she got those chocolates, I’ll leave. They’re delicious, and I want some for my own.”

I glared at the boy. “I don’t remember where I got the chocolates. But I bet Ed does. Right?” I looked at him.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. She got them at a candy shop in Resembool.” Edward said.

“Oh, really? Thank you. I’ll have to get some. Bye now.” Ling disappeared through the window as quickly as he came.

I closed and locked the window. “Okay. Now what?” I wondered, walking over to everybody.

Alphonse looked at Colonel Mustang. “Do we need to do anything, or can we just… Hang out?” He asked.

The colonel nodded. “I think everybody could use a break. You guys are all free for today.” He said.

“Yippee!” I giggled. I could really use a day off. A lot of things had happened in the past week. I had met the Elrics, I had been hit with a wrench, I had run away, I had been kidnapped, the boy that I loved the most had kissed me…

“What’re you thinking about, Alex?” Alphonse smirked. He must have noticed the goofy smile that was forming on my face.

My face grew hot. “Nothing! Hey, you two want to hang out in my room? We could talk, we could eat, we could play with Nya…” I rambled, trying to change the topic.

Ed nodded. “Sounds good. I’m sure Al would like that.” He said.

The youngest Elric nodded eagerly. “Yes. Yes, I would.”

I laughed. “Alright. Come on, guys.” I said, standing up and walking out the door. Good thing that I had cleaned up my room after my confrontation with Ling.

The boys followed me, and I opened my door. “Welcome to my humble abode.”

I had been planning to invite the Elrics over to my room later, so I had put a pitcher of water and a bowl of chips on the table. Nya was laying on my bed, sleeping. She opened an eye as I stepped inside the room.

“FOOD!” Ed yelled, grabbing a handful of chips.

“Kitty!” Al called. Nya ran over to him and started nuzzling him.

I laughed. Things were about to get fun.

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