Go Down With The Ship

(Alphonse’s POV)

I was sitting on my bed, thinking about everything that had just happened when Colonel Mustang dragged Edward into the room by the ear.

“Ow ow ow… LET GO, YOU IDIOT! THAT HURTS!” My brother shouted, trying to break free his captor’s grip.

The colonel glared at him. “Not until you tell me what happened with Alex!” He replied, sounding just a tiny bit irritated. Okay, maybe extremely irritated. He wasn’t happy at all.

If Ed’s expressions could kill, the Flame Alchemist would have dropped dead at that moment. “Her cat freaked out because of the thunder! The thing clung to me and Alex tried to pry it off! She pulled me onto her on accident!” He said.

“He’s telling the truth. That’s what Alex said to me.” I told Colonel Mustang hurriedly. Stepping in before any blood was shed seemed like a good idea.

My brother’s eyes widened. “She told you what happened?” He asked.

Oooh. He was interested. I decided to use his curiosity to my advantage. “Oh, yeah. We talked. We had a nice, long conversation about everything that had happened tonight.”

Ed turned bright red. “She told you everything?”

“Yes. She said that you guys had a nice, romantic dinner…” I started.

“What else? WHAT ELSE?” My poor brother started freaking out. I almost felt bad for him.

“She told me that you two kissed.” Now, I knew that was a lie, but… He was a teenage boy; She was a pretty teenage girl… Something had to have happened while they were alone.

The colonel glared at Edward. “What?” He asked, his voice deathly calm.

My brother turned bright red. “I’m going to KILL that girl! You don’t just talk about your love life to everyone! Who does that? That was private! That was…” He ranted, completely ignoring the colonel.

“So you two did kiss. I knew it!” I cut him off excitedly. Finally, things had gotten somewhere while we were gone. I made a mental note to give them some more alone time in the near future.

“What do you mean you knew it? Wait… Alex didn’t tell you anything, did she?” Ed finally realized my tactic.

“Nope!” I danced around in circles, feeling quite ecstatic. Not even in my wildest dreams had I expected my little plan to work so excellently.

“Okay, that’s just cruel! You don’t do that to people!” Edward decided to chase me around the room.

“Ed kissed Alex! Ed kissed Alex!” I sang.

Colonel Mustang reached his limit. “I’m going to KILL you, Fullmetal!” He joined in the chase.

The three of us circled around the room repeatedly, with the colonel chasing my brother, and my brother chasing me.

The door opened, and a very groggy Alex poked her head into our room. “Guys? Can you keep it down? I can’t sleep.”

I stopped, and Ed crashed into me. Colonel Mustang fell on top of him. We looked like a giant sandwich.

“Sorry.” We said simultaneously.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just kind of late, and I doubt that you guys will appreciate being kicked out of the hotel for being too loud. Normal people are trying to get some sleep.” Alex closed the door.

We quickly got off of one another. The colonel still kept a tight grip on Ed’s arm, however.

My brother glared at me. “As I was saying, whatever you saw was an accident. It was all a huge misunderstanding. Nothing happened.”

The Flame Alchemist dropped Edward, who ran next to me. “Fine. Just don’t ever again give me a reason to think that you’ve… You’ve… Never mind.”

My brother pouted. “Why do you care so much about Alex? You don’t give half a rat’s butt about me.” He said.

“Unlike you, she’s actually a very nice and agreeable person. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen her in a bad mood. Believe it or not, I enjoy spending time with her.” The colonel responded.

“I’m nice! I’m a very nice person! Alex wouldn’t like me if I wasn’t a nice person.” Ed defended himself.

Colonel Mustang laughed. “Alex likes anybody and everybody. The fact that she likes you isn’t saying much.” He paused. “Although I have no idea why she would see you in a romantic light. You just don’t have any positive characteristics.”

“I do too! I’m friendly, I’m smart, I’m handsome, I’m tall…” Edward started. “Wait. We still haven’t talked about your little setup, have we?” He asked.

“That was Alphonse’s idea. Not mine. I just went along with it.” The Flame Alchemist decided to throw me under the bus.

“What? You seemed to support their relationship earlier today. Don’t throw me to the lions. We’re all in this together. Nobody’s backing out now.” I said, annoyed.

Ed glared at him. “Why did you agree? You have no right to…”

I sighed as the two got into another fight. At least he wasn’t targeting me this time.

He turned to me, fire in his eyes. “Don’t look so relieved, Al. You’re not off the hook, either.”

“Don’t worry, brother. Why would I be relieved? I mean, I’m so upset that I made you unhappy by giving you the perfect opportunity for you to get to know Alex more. I’m sorry and I promise that I’ll never give you another moment alone with her.” I said sarcastically.

Edward sighed. “You don’t have to go that far.”

I smirked. “So you did enjoy that little setup.”

Ed threw a stone cat at me. “No! Is there seriously no in between with you?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

“It’s either you try and set us up, or you won’t leave us alone? Are those my only options?” My brother flopped onto his bed dejectedly.

“Yes. Yes, they are.” I said jokingly.

Edward glared at me. “I can’t even talk to you guys right now. Al, you don’t know when to stop.” He said, throwing on a nightshirt and crawling into bed.

“Oh, come on, Ed. Don’t be that way. I was kidding. I promise not to set you two up again.” I told him. I really wanted to talk to him some more.

My brother sighed with relief and got out of his bed. “Good. Thank you for…” He started.

“But I really think that you should ask her out.” I added, fully aware that my remark could quite possibly start another chase.

As I expected, my comment did not help our current situation at all. Edward made sure of that.

“That is definitely not going to happen. And if the laws of physics and alchemy bend somehow and I do ask her out, it’ll only be because I know that you’ll stop bothering me if I do.” He shut me down right away.

We were getting somewhere! “Yes, Ed. That’s right. I will definitely stop pressuring you about Alex if you ask her out. As a matter of fact, I will never mention her name in front of you ever again if you date her.” I said, trying not to sound too excited.

“You don’t have to go that far, Al. I just want you to stop playing matchmaker with us. Seriously.” Edward shook his head. “I’m going to bed. It’s past midnight.” He told us, crawling underneath his covers.

“Alright, brother. Sleep well.” I looked out the window, watching the lightning flash across the sky. Hopefully Ed and Alex would get to bond some more tomorrow. After all, every new day was a new opportunity.

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