Merry Christmas

(Edward’s POV)

“I am!” I grinned, grabbing a bunch of the bags with the rice dough in them.

Alphonse nodded. “So am I.” He retrieved the rest of the bags.

Alex smiled at us. “All right. Let’s do this.”

We walked out of her room and down the hall. When we reached the offices, Alex stopped.

“Okay. I’ll give one to Colonel Mustang.” She said, handing us all of the bags except one and creeping towards his door. “Feel free to pop in.”

She knocked on the door. “It’s me.”

“Hi, Alex. Come on in.” The Flame Alchemist said.

The girl opened his door and stepped inside. Al and I peeked our heads into his room.

“How’s your day off going?” Mustang asked her.

“Oh, good, good…” She said, pulling the gift bag out from behind her back. “Merry Christmas!”

He laughed as she handed the bag to him. “You made those again? Thank you!”

Alex looked down a bit shyly. “It wasn’t just me. The Elric brothers helped. Come on in, guys.”

Alphonse and I walked inside the Flame Alchemist’s office. He looked at us curiously.

“Wow. I’m impressed. Let me just say, Alex is an amazing cook.” He said, eyeing our stack of gift bags.

“I know.” I told him, smiling at the girl.

“All right. We just stopped by to say hello. Don’t let us keep you from your paperwork.” Alex said to Mustang, winking. “See you!”

“You’re amazing, Alex. Thanks again for the treats.” He said, waving as we walked out of his office.

Al closed the door. “Okay, who’s next?”

Alex thought for a moment. “How about Lieutenant Hawkeye?”

“Sure. But, Alex, it’s only November. Why did you tell Mustang ‘Merry Christmas?’” I wondered.

The girl laughed and kissed me on the cheek. “Where’s your holiday spirit?” She asked, grabbing another gift bag and skipping ahead, humming.

I turned a bit pink and rubbed the spot where she had kissed me. “You know, I hate to admit it, but Mustang was right. She really is the life of this place.”

Alphonse nodded. “Yeah. She’s always in a good mood. I’m glad that we’re going to be together from now on.”

“You know what, Al? I am too. I really am.” I told him, watching Alex attempt a pirouette and fall down. She laughed and got right back up again, still humming. I smiled.

She stopped in front of Lieutenant Hawkeye’s office, looking at us. Al and I ran to catch up with her.

“Okay. Who wants to give the rice dough this time?” Alex asked.

“I will.” I handed her the gift bags and knocked twice. “It’s Edward.”

Lieutenant Hawkeye opened the door. “Hello, you three. It’s nice to see you.”

I handed her a bag. “Merry… Christmas.”

Words could not even begin to describe the expression of pure joy on Alex’s face. She looked as though she had been to heaven and back.

The lieutenant smiled. “Thank you. Did you help Alex make these?”

“Yeah. She’s an amazing cook.” Alphonse told her.

“So are you two! You guys helped.” Alex said, linking arms with the both of us.

“All right. We just came to say hello. We’ve got a whole lot more of these to give out.” I laughed, pointing to the bags that Al was holding.

“Okay. Thanks for stopping by.” Lieutenant Hawkeye smiled again and closed the door.

Alex looked at me, her eyes shining. “Merry Christmas, Ed!” She said, hugging me.

“Merry Christmas, Alex.” I smiled and returned the embrace.

She ran over to Alphonse and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Merry Christmas, Al!”

He laughed. “Merry Christmas.”

“All right. We’ve still got a bunch of these to give out.” Alex told us. “Alphonse, do you want to give one to Lieutenant Havoc?”

“Oh. Sure!” Al handed most of the bags to us, keeping one for himself.

“Great. Let’s go.” Alex said.

We all walked towards his office. After a few minutes, we stopped outside Lieutenant Havoc’s door.

“Okay. Here goes.” Al said, knocking on the door. “It’s Alphonse.”

“Hey, Al. Come in.” The lieutenant said.

Alphonse opened the door and stepped inside. Alex and I poked our heads into the room.

“Merry Christmas, Lieutenant Havoc.” Al handed him a gift bag.

He took it happily. “Thanks! Are you helping Alex hand those out? She’s been baking again, hasn’t she?”

Alex stepped into the room. “The Elric brothers helped make them. I bet that they taste twice as good since we made them together.”

“I doubt it, Alex. Everyone knows that you can make just about anything. That pasta…” I said, staring off into space.

She laughed. “Once again, Ed, you helped me make it.”

“Okay. We just came to say hi. We’d better go, because we have a lot of these to hand out.” Al said.

Lieutenant Havoc laughed. “All right. Thanks for the eats, you three!” He said, waving.

“Who’s next?” I asked after Alex closed the door.

She looked around a bit nervously. “It’s my turn to give the bag. And our next stop is… Major Armstrong.”

My eyes widened. “Are you sure that you want to go in alone?”

The girl nodded. “I’m sure.”

We walked down the hall until we reached his office. Alex took a deep breath, handed Alphonse the bags, and knocked on the door. “It’s Alex.”

The door opened right away, revealing the major. He looked down at us. “Edward! Alphonse! Alex! Come on in!” He said.

I walked in slowly. Hopefully Alex wouldn’t get hurt by one of his bone-crushing hugs.

“All right. What brings you three here? Did you want to see… This?” Major Armstrong tore his shirt and started flexing.

Alex turned a bit pink. “Uh… Merry Christmas!” She said, handing him a gift bag.

The major started to tear up. “Oh, Alex! How thoughtful of you!” He said, sweeping the poor girl off her feet and hugging her tightly.

“I’m… Glad you like… It. The Elrics… Helped me make them.” She said in between gasps.

Major Armstrong looked at us. “Did they?”

Al nodded. “Yes. Yes, we did.” He said a bit nervously.

“Thank you. I love Alex’s baking. And I’m sure since you boys helped her, her treats will taste even better!” The major said, setting down Alex.

She stood up slowly, still a bit blue in the face. “Thank you. Well, we’d better go and hand some more of these out. It was nice seeing you.”

“You all certainly made my day. Thank you!” Major Armstrong said as we walked out of his office.

Alex closed the door. “Oh, geez. I’m covered in sparkles.” She realized, shaking them out of her skirt.

I wiped some off of her back. “Are you okay?”

The girl nodded. “Yeah. I’m just… Sparkly.” She shook most of the sparkles off. “All right… Who’s next?”

We continued handing out the bags until everyone had received one. Even then, we still had a few extra.

“Here. You guys can have them.” Alex said once we were back in her room. “I can always make more.” She handed the rest of the bags to us.

“Alex! At least keep one.” I told her, setting a bag in her hands.

Alphonse nodded. “You deserve it.”

She smiled. “You guys are sweet. Thanks for helping me out.”

“Sure. Anytime, Alex.” I said, brushing the last remaining sparkles out of her hair.

The girl turned a bit pink and looked at the ground. “What do you guys want to do now?”

Al thought for a moment. “Alex hasn’t seen our room yet, has she, brother?”

I shook my head. “I don’t believe she has. Would you like to see it?”

“Really? Sure! I’d love to.” Alex said, blushing a little.

“Okay, right this way.” I said, leading her out of her room. Alphonse closed her door and opened ours.

“I know it’s kind of plain, but maybe one of these days you could help us decorate it, if you want.” Al told her as she peered inside our room.

Alex looked at him, her eyes shining. “Wow, Alphonse, I’m honored! I love decorating! Just tell me what…” She tapered off and looked at the ground. “Thank you.”

“Come on in. Make yourself at home.” I walked inside with her.

“Wow. I like it in here. It’s nice and warm.” She said, smiling.

I returned the grin. “Glad you like it.”

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