Blue Butterfly of Death


You know being apart of the Akimichi clan isn't half bad after all they have great food, their really strong and they have connections everywhere. Over the few months of being a baby I finally managed to start forming words and walk, the funny thing is both me and Choji spoke at the same time we were like "food" to which Kaa-san started to make us some food and Tou-san just laughed. Not long after that I started to notice something 'I wasn't gaining weight not that I minded but it's kind of important when it comes to being an Akimichi' I had to go visit several doctors and all ended up with the same result, the doctors in the hospital 'hey try to stick a needle in me and I will bite' so Kaa-san and Tou-san had to call in Ino's dad 'I suck at remembering names'

One year old Yuumichi ~

I sat in my room next to Choji we were laying down and starting at each other. After having our little staring contest I suddenly felt sleepy like really sleepy 'this kind of sleepiness is unnatural' I thought before looking at the door where I saw what looked like some sort of plant, it was the big pink one from pirate fairy 'I am allow to have more than one fandom' it took me a second to know whats happening 'they are trying to put me to sleep so I don't send another doctor to the hospital' I thought as I narrowed my eyes at the plant, sadly I didn't last long and fell asleep, When I woke up I was staring right at Ino's dad 'should I bite him-nah Ino would be mad besides I still feel numb' I thought giggling to which Ino's dad signed and started talking with Kaa-san. I picked up a few works but the ones that caught my attention was Kanojo wa daijōbudesu 'wait that means she'll be fine was there something wrong with me' I thought tilting my head in confusion, this small action brought all eyes on me 'oops I slipped up time for the escape plan' I thought nibbling on my thumb "food" I said using my feet to sway back and forth "hai 1-Byō amaimono" she said before heading into the kitchen leaving me alone with Inoichi 'kaa-san mentioned his name' "2-Node, anata no Yuumichi" He said giving me a light smile 'think your whole life of watching anime what did he say-wait I got it he probably said that i'm'd I forget my own name' I thought before smiling back at him "3-Watashi wa musume ni anata to onaji nenrei o motte imasu" he said patting my head "4-Tabun anata wa yūjin kamo shiremasen" he added I pouted 'still can't control emotions that well sugar-that was so much I don't know what he said' I thought as my pout deepened "5-Anata wa anata o okonau rikai shite imasen" He said chuckling which caused me to puff out my cheeks, after that Kaa-san came out with food which lighted up my mood and I finished quickly. Both Kaa-san and Inoichi went to another room so I was all alone but then I noticed Inoichi's bag and there was a scroll sticking out of it 'ooh stuff' I thought crawling over to it 'what could it be' I thought picking it up and opening it, me and my forgetfulness forgot that there was a nail sticking out the carpet and my thumb got poked causing it to bleed. Sadly the blood got on the scroll as well 'there family is good when it comes to Identifying blood' and then it started to shine that's when I realized 'sugar this is a summoning jutsu scroll' I thought in panic 'I am so dead' I thought as two summoning appeared before me.

Me: "haha Kaa-san won't be happy when she finds out" *scratches cheek*

Administration: "why were you panicking"

Me: "simple if the thing you summon doesn't like you or finds you unworthy to use them they will try and kill you, since i'm a baby there's a 99 percent chance that I will die" *smiles proudly*

Administration: "That is nothing to be happy about" *starts lecture*

1- One second sweetie

2-so your Yuumichi

3-I have a daughter that same age as you

4-maybe you two will become friends

5-you don't understand do you

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