Riches to Rags

Chapter 24

“Well? What did you think?” I ask, peering across at Asami whilst trying to casually lean against the arm on my side of the sofa.

“It was great! Although… not quite as good as the first. Also, the snowman annoys me,” Asami’s nose twitches as she speaks; it’s somewhat adorable.

“Yeah, he’s a bit of a screen hog. Kind of like Kuvira,” I laugh.

“Hey! I don’t write my own parts,” Kuvira growls atop her beanbag throne, scowling and launching a small cushion at me.

I manage to catch it, and hold it to my chest, chuckling. “Instead of assaulting me why don’t you make yourself useful, and make us some of your famous Kuv-pizza? I need to tell Asami the rest of my story anyway…”

Kuvira stands, folds her arms and pierces me with a stare. “I’m not your little bitch, Korra. What do I get in return?”

“Oh I don’t know, free beer. Free lodgings. My eternal gratitude?” I roll my eyes at the words, and lightly nudge Kuvira in the hip as she heads into the kitchen. She dramatically complains on the way, but fails to hide her smirk.

“A—ACHOO!” Asami sneezes loudly, and I turn to see her nose wrinkle up, ready for a second sneeze that never quite manages to come.

She’s so damn cute; how can she even be real? I blink the thought away and try to compose myself, “You’re getting a cold? Now you’ll have to stay, so I can look after you,” I wink, and then moments later realise what I’ve said, waves of panic jolting through my spine, “I’m joking, I-I mean you can go whenever you want, but I wouldn’t, I mean it’s awful out there and if you’re getting a cold it’d be a terrible idea and I-“

“I… it’s fine. I’m glad… I mean, thank you, for bringing me here. This all just feels a little… overwhelming,” Asami admits, smiling apologetically.

“Yeah. I remember feeling the same when Prisc fussed over me. It took a lot of getting used to,” I sigh.

“KOR, DO YOU WANT ONIONS?” Kuvira’s voice booms from the kitchen, along with the sound of drawers being opened and closed.

“YES PLEASE,” I shout back, then turn to Asami, “that okay with you?”

“Um… yes. Of course. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I had pizza. Dad used to hate the stuff, so we’d rarely order it in.”

This time I don’t pry further about her personal life. I hope that she’ll open up to me slowly, bit by bit, like just now. “Kuv’s pizza is the best. If we ever finish our acting careers, we’re gonna open a restaurant.”

“Oh? What will your speciality be – bacon?” Asami asks, and I chuckle at the words.

“Humm, pizza and bacon? I don’t see why not. We’ll call it Pi-con, or Pizzon, or hmmmm… Bazza, Ba-“

“-those all sound terrible,” Asami states bluntly, then suddenly sits upright and holds an arm up, “You could call it dough pigs, and have a cartoon pig holding up a plate of pizza, like this.”

“I – uh. That’s not a bad idea, but...” I’m taken aback by how excited Asami suddenly looks. I didn’t realise she was the creative kind, “… isn’t it a bit sinister, having the pig there? I mean, we’ll be serving him up. In a bun. Or on pizza.”

“Everyone else does it. Look at chicken city, they have three cartoon chicks. A whole family, just waiting to be eaten,” Asami forms a sinister smile at the sentence, and I feel deeply grateful that I’m slowly discovering so many aspects of her personality. I wonder what else she’s got tucked away, hidden in that beautiful mind of hers…

“DO YOU GUYS LIKE JALAPENOS?” Kuvira yells, the sheer volume causing me to wince a little. I look towards Asami, who giggles and nods. “JALAPENO THAT SHIT RIGHT UP!” I yell back, and Asami’s mild giggles turn into full on laughter. Once again, I’m a little transfixed watching her… she’s just so… so incredibly beautiful. I wish I could tell her, but it’d probably sound weird, especially coming from another woman.

Asami wipes the tears of laughter from her face with her sleeve, “Anyway, how did you become an actress? You never told me that part,” She says, sinking back into the sofa and tucking her blankets in around her frame.

It’s definitely getting a bit chilly, so I adjust my own blanket, covering my ice-cold toes, “All right, all right… I suppose Kuv will be a while making the pizza anyway.”


“KUV SHUT YOUR TRAP OR NO MORE BEER FOR YOU!” I cut her off before she says something that could make Asami feel extremely uncomfortable.

“UGH, WHATEVER, YOU DAMNED SLAVE DRIVER,” Kuv yells, slamming a cupboard door. I hear frantic chopping, and I inhale deeply when I detect a scent of freshly diced garlic. I must be hungry, because even that smells good; really good.

“Sorry about that, she’s always been a bit of a personality…” I say, wincing a little at Asami.

“It’s okay… I - I like her. She’s funny,” Asami says, smiling sweetly, stretching out her legs across the middle of the couch. She’s a little bit of a sofa hog it turns out, because she’s clearly invading my space; her blanket-cocooned toes are pushed up against mine. It feels really nice, so I don’t complain, nor do I draw attention to it this time.

“So… how I became an actress? I guess I’ll start with the day that everything changed…”

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