Alone in the world with just a friend

Chapter 15

The next morning, Alec woke her by kissing down between the v-neck of her nightdress, thinking how beautiful she was just lying beside him and how lucky he was that this world she’d had created around her had included him.

Rose was stirring.

“Good morning my dear Rose, how are you today?”

“Hi, mmm, I feel great actually, must have been what you did to me last night.”

“Care for a repeat my love? Now, about having that shower, are you ready to take the next step in our relationship?”

After kissing for another ten minutes or so, Alec said he would go run the hot water and tried to convince her to join him.

“Just think Rose, I can rub your back for you, then you can rub mine and see what happens ,” he called as he left the bedroom, leaving the door open.

“Alec, can I use the bathroom first?”

“Sure darlin’ then maybe you can wait for me?”

She waited for him coming out, Alec feeling her rear as he came out and sneaking a kiss, which didn’t help Rose any as she crossed her legs.

This was getting so domestic, something the Doctor would have run a mile at and Rose was surprised how they’d got into this in a week. Now she was having trouble getting her head around the fact this was her Alec and had been all along. She had been trying to resist him since she found him and she needn’t have. Alec was tapping on the door. Did she leave him to shower alone or be already under it when she told him to come in?

“Rose, can I come in love?”

“Yeah, just a second.”

“I hope you are going to be under the shower when I do come in love?”

She turned the shower on, picked up two towels and put them over the shower curtain. Then she got under the stream of water, pulled the curtain over and called him. Now she was going to tease him.

“You can come in now.”

Steam was coming from above the curtain. “You started without me Rose, I’m going to have to come in there.”

Rose giggled, wondering if he was just wearing his shorts or had put a t-shirt on and her arm appeared from the centre of the curtain.

“Come on in then lover,” she teased, wagging her finger at him.

Alec smiled and took his shorts off and grabbed her hand. There was plenty of noise coming from above the sound of the water, most of it was Alec calling ‘oh babe’ and when they emerged, finally, Alec was puzzled as to how they had still managed not to actually have sex, not for lack of trying on his part.

Over breakfast, Alec asked if that was as far as she was willing to go.

“I said last night Alec, I still need to think about this. We can carry on with that we did last night and in the shower.”

“Well, maybe what we just did in the shower? Right, let’s go get a laptop and see what we can find out eh?”

Once in the superstore, Rose went to get some more clothes and underwear, Alec went to choose a laptop and figured since Rose had the credit card, she should pay for it, his only concession of using it himself. Over coffee, when they had chosen everything apart from the food shopping, Alec said they should see about opening a joint bank account to make things easier for Rose.

“I don’t think you need worry too much about your name, I think things will die down now.”

“I hope you’re right. Anyway, you’re the one who’s supposed to be watching me, do I have to worry about you?”

“No love, you’ve nothing to worry about from me though I do rather like keeping a close eye on you in the shower.”

Rose smiled and got up. “I just bet you do.”

They finished the shopping and were on their way back when Rose’s phone rang and since only Alec and Ellie had her number, she took it out of her pocket, relieved to see Ellie’s name come up.

“Hey Ellie, you ok?”

“Yeah, just wondered if you were busy?”

“We’ve just been shopping, I can call round if you want?”

“Well, Tom and Joe are out, I wanted to check how you and Hardy are getting on.”

She glanced at Alec as he turned into the street.

“We’re fine. I’ll get him to bring me over when we’ve emptied the car.”

Just under an hour later, Rose was getting dropped off after arranging they would meet in the harbour café in an hour, Rose saying she would get a cab there.

“Sure you can live without me for an hour, lover?”

“I’ll try darlin’, don’t go telling her anything about what we’ve discovered though.”

“You mean about how we almost had sex in the shower and how much you like getting your ass pinched?”

“Very amusing Rose. You know I mean about what we’ve discovered about this world, or rather how it’s become. I know we still have our doubts but it’s becoming clearer. I’ll set up the laptop and later, we’ll go though those Torchwood files properly.”

“Well Torchwood existed here, we know that much and you’ve spoken to a few of them so I’m still convinced there was another Rose Tyler ’cos that wasn’t me who did those things or got anyone else to do them for me.”

“I know love, we’ll figure it out. I’ll see you soon and no discussing our love life, now we’ve almost got one.”

Ellie let her in and they went to sit in the front room, somewhere she’d hardly been in the other world since that Ellie had been in self-imposed exile over in Exeter.

“So, you two doing the shopping together?” Ellie mused.

“Yeah, why not? He had to go do it before he met me, why should I go spoiling his fun?”

“Why indeed? You know the town’s reporter is my nephew, don’t you?”

“Yeah, Alec told me.”

“Well his editor said someone was in their old office yesterday, claiming they had a big juicy story to tell. Was that you?”

“Yeah but I changed my mind, Alec said it would be a good idea, to tell my side of the story of how I was almost mistaken for a wanted person but when we thought about it, it could send half of Torchwood after me.”

“A wise decision then but Maggie told Olly she thought she recognised you, just be careful Rose, I wanted to warn you both.”

“Thanks Ellie but Alec can look after me, he even conned Special Branch into believing he would keep an eye on me for them.”

Ellie laughed. “They fell for it?”

“Yeah, they even wished him luck trying it on with me.”

“Seriously? I take it it’s too late for that then, since you’re going shopping together?”

“Sort of. Ellie, I’m falling for him in a big way and I don’t know how to handle it.”

Ellie still thought Rose was torn between this Alec and the one she’d left behind.

“Oh sweetheart, only you can do something about that. If you’re feeling guilty, it will just hold you back but what if there is no getting home? What if this becomes your home and you drive him away?”

“I know that Ellie but what do I do? We’ve been talking about that, I don’t think there’s anyone left to help me, I think the other Rose is already gone.”

She didn’t want to say that she might have been that other Rose but memories of that version were already beginning to fade away. Talk about ‘Back to the future’ then. Alec had theorised it would be gradual, she just hoped they were totally wrong about this but it was looking more and more like they weren’t.

“Rose, just be sure how you feel about him, you know his reputation, it’s not exactly spotless. He’s tried it on with every single female in the station at one time or another, they had to go around in pairs.”

“Yeah, so I’ve been told but they weren’t being fair to him, he just went about it the wrong way. He said it was Tess all along but now he thinks that everyone believed he was that actor and were disappointed when they found out it wasn’t him.”

Ellie laughed, remembering the rumours the Scottish actor was researching a role of a DI in a seaside town where an eleven year old boy had been murdered by a family friend. Nothing ever came of it though and she’d heard it had been sold to the U.S and good luck to them, they would probably get some unknown American actor to take the role or entice the said Scottish actor to be in it.

“Well, just so long as you know Rose, don’t say anything to Hardy but I think he’s improved somewhat since I worked with him and Marie said he’d actually smiled at her on his way out, so she told Beth last night in the pub.”

She said goodbye to Ellie and got into the cab she’d ordered and was just getting out in front of the harbour café as Alec walked across the road and waved to her. Neither of them noticed that Olly Stevens was just coming out of the new office and had seen Alec walk across the road towards the café. He decided to follow him, despite being warned off before when he’d tried to get the low-down on the DI punching Nigel Carter’s nose last Saturday night and he’d been asked if he wanted a demonstration.

He saw the two of them greet each other from his vantage point outside the harbour newsagents but he was about to have attention drawn to himself as the newsagent came out, his love for Olly well known in the town.

“What are you doing hanging around out here you little weasel? Got no-one else to bother?”

“Ah, Jack, want to talk about your little band of sea scouts do you?”

“Get out of here before I toss you in the river. You couldn’t even tie knots properly when you were in the sea scouts.”

“Well we didn’t need to be able to tie knots to be asked to stay behind.”

“Why you little rat. Go on, clear out before I set Hardy on you.”

Olly laughed, turning back to see Hardy with his arm around the blonde just going into the café and witnessing him putting his hand on her rear. Well, Maggie had been right on one thing, the DI had got himself a blonde girlfriend and they were very friendly, plus Maggie thought she knew who the blonde was – none other than Rose Tyler, who was believed to have fled the country four years ago. This was going to be his big shot at the nationals, up there with Karen White herself, the London reporter he worshipped from afar.

It was a shame Rose Tyler was with Hardy though, he wouldn’t mind spending the night with her, wanted or not but since Hardy had gone all Bruce Lee on Nige last Saturday night, he thought he’d best keep his distance for now and get her alone, not be stupid enough to let Hardy catch him. Surely the blonde wasn’t serious about the detective? He decided to go back and start work on his big story, that of Rose Tyler and the playboy detective of Broadchurch.

Over lunch, Rose told Alec about the chance Olly may be alerted to her being in the town.

“Don’t worry too much Rose, he won’t be interested in you if you are with me. He’ll know what happened to Carter and stay away from us.”

“I hope you’re right, all I need is for him to poke his nose in where it’s not wanted. Did you set the laptop up?”

“Yes, I’ll set up an email address for you if we decide to still contact anyone but I think that now is a waste of time. We’ll also set up a joint bank account as well or maybe I can just get an additional card. We can’t keep relying on your credit card.”

“Why not? There’s no alert out for it now, is there?”

“Not as far as I know unless Special Branch want to keep track of your spending?”

Rose smiled. “Thought you were supposed to be spying on me?”

“Only in the shower love.”

They spent the rest of the day setting up Rose’s email and getting back into the Torchwood files, to see if there was anything that could solve the mystery of how a world had just been created around her and as they ate dinner, Alec decided the next day, they should go across into Devon and have a nice day out, just like they had discussed earlier.

When they got to bed, Alec wasted no time in making the most of raising the bedroom stakes as she went to lay on him. This time though, Alec was the one making the most noise as she finally relented to let him remove her underwear on the condition he kept his shorts on. There was little talking since he didn’t have to reassure her this time that it was ok for her to relax on him and enjoy the feelings he was giving her and enjoying them himself.

“Rose, darlin’ this is amazing.”

“Yeah, now I don’t think I have to compare you with anyone.”

He gently kissed her neck as she moved on him without any restrictions on her part but he himself not doing any more than the night before. He could have easily taken advantage but he knew she was just getting comfortable with him and it could set them back a week.

“You said you had to get to know me again but I’m just getting to know you, you’ve had that pleasure before.”

“That’s all changed now Alec, I’m losing all that guilt I felt.”

“Then can I hope that it won’t be long before you lose all of it?”

“Yeah, I don’t feel so bad now but maybe after my monthly?”

“If that’s what you want Rose, I can wait. I hope you are not a grump during that time?”

Rose giggled as she moved again. “I invented it and you, you were the grumpiest man I’d ever known and that was why I loved you, you were even grumpier than I was.”

“Well that’s nice to know, thanks for that. I’m not grumpy, am I?”

“Nope but you might be in a few days time when you can’t get in my knickers.”

“Oh, so every night, I have to first get in them to get you to let me take them off for you?”

“I thought you liked a challenge? Not up to the task are you?”

“Let me take my shorts off and I’ll show you if I’m up to the task or not.”

Rose giggled again, moving slightly that this time made him jump.

“What are you trying to do to me Rose?” he groaned.

“Getting back at you for what you did to me last night, lover.”

“Geez Rose, a little warning would have been nice.”

“Where’s the fun in that? Besides, you gave me no warnings last night or in the shower this morning, now we’re even.”

“You are so going to pay for that you little minx.”

He recovered quickly and suddenly pushed her over onto her side and wrapped his legs around her, making her stifle a scream.

“Payback time Rose, you’ll be beggin’ me for mercy.”


“We’ll see darlin’ and as for waiting until after your monthly, for me to take off my shorts, I’ll agree on the condition you at least let me get some use out of what I bought, just to be on the safe side.”

“Don’t you believe me, about the injections?”

“Yes but how much time has moved on Rose?”

“I thought it was just four days?”

“We don’t know that for certain, do we?”

“Blimey, how much time have I lost Alec?”

“I’ve no idea but we know you were four days ahead, a week ago but your body clock may also have been thrown out, we don’t know just how it affected you, do we?”

“I could have missed a whole month Alec, how am I ever gonna work it out?”

“You’ll have to go by when it happens next, it may not be a few days, you may have already gone past it and never known, what do I know? I’m male, you women know about these things.”

“Yeah, well I might have done but the manual just got re-written. So, is this all the payback you have?”

Alec mumbled something and pushed the two of them so Rose was on her back, her legs raised.

“You don’t get out of it that easily babe, I want to really hear you moaning tonight and since you did not want me go easy on you, you may just regret it.”

Rose reached up and ruffled his hair, then she said softly, “Never, make it so I can watch you.”

He raised her against the pillow and moved her right where he wanted her, then he dived down to kiss between the v-neck of her nightdress as Rose watched him move down. Then as she felt his fingers on her legs, she put her arms around his neck to raise her head.

“I didn’t mean watch you kissing me there, Alec.”

The lamp was still on and all Rose could do was whimper as he knew what she meant when she moved her legs right where he wanted them.

“You know we are amazing together Rose?”

She never answered since she was lost in his touch. As they fell asleep, he whispered, “Still want to shower together in the morning my love?”

“Yeah but best save that for weekends or you’ll be late every morning.”

“Aye, there’s that and the fact I’ll go to work with a stupid grin on my face that everyone knows what it’s about, that we’ve been screwing around with each other.”

“Yeah, don’t want to give them that impression, do we?”

The next morning, after their extended shower together and still both managing not to actually have sex, they set off over into Devon for the day, stopping at two small resorts and Alec buying lunch for them. He’d started the process to add Rose onto his bank account and hopefully it would be accepted though Rose had agreed that it was a risk, putting her name on the application but Alec had pointed out lots of women could have the same name and not make a big deal out of it.

They had talked on the journey about others who could share her name, since she had practically had the world bend around her but Rose thought that was rather a daft idea, even for the Doctor to have come out with, let alone Alec.

“You have a different sense of humour than I’m used to Alec,” Rose commented as they’d found a parking space and he’d wanted to use his ‘Wessex Police’ sign that got his hand tapped when he tried to get it out of the glove box and a scowl from Rose.

“That’s cheating Alec.”

“Huh? I bet you let the other Alec do it?”

“The other Alec was a grump when he didn’t get his own way.”

“Well I can well see his point then, I may just try that in bed.”

“Very funny Alec. I’ll go get the ticket then?”

“It’s free on Sundays until the end of March, I was just making sure by putting the sign in.”

“Cheapskate, trust you to notice that. It’s already past the end of March Alec.”

“What’s that supposed to mean exactly?” he asked, locking the car with the remote and putting the sign in anyway.

Rose stepped up to him and kissed his cheek. “Nothing babe.” Then she put her arm in his and since he was liking showing her off, he let it go.

While they were out though, Olly Stevens was hard at work on his laptop, having decided not to wait to break the news the irritating DI was probably screwing around with none other than Rose Tyler and was going to confront him in the morning by waiting for him outside the station to ask if he had any comments. It was about to turn into a disaster for both Rose and Alec.

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