Chapter 11

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"See you later" I said to Newt and he run to the maze. I stood near the door and recall last night. BEST NIGHT EVER. Okay maybe we were only kissing but what might happen if Alby didn't interrupt?

"Hey" I heard voice behind me and turn to face boy

"Hi David. How are you?" I asked

"It's perfect" he smiled "just like you"

"Thanks" is he flirting with me? I don't know what I have to do. Thanks God that Newt's not here. I still remember his red face yesterday "I have to go and help Frypan" I said and want to go away but he catch my arm

"Can I go with you?"

"Are you working in the kitchen too?" I asked

"No, I'm working with buildiers, but sometimes I help Frypan with carring sacks of flour"

"Okay, but today haven't you got sacks, have you?"

"If you don't want to go with me that's fine , you know?"

"I didn't mean like that" okay maybe he didn't want to flirt with me

"So… can I go with you?"

"Sure" and we go to the kitchen "Thanks" I said when we're there

"For what?"

"For walking with me. It was… nice" "See you later" I said and go to the kitchen

"Hi Julia" Frypan said

"Hey Fry. Am I late?" I asked him

"Only 5 minutes" he said

"So… what will we cook today?"

"I thought about potato soup and curry with rice"

"Okay let's do it" I said and we start


"How was your day?" I asked Julia at the dinner

"It was very tiring day" she said and put her head on my shoulder

"Hey lovebirds" Gally said

"Hi" I said

"Is Julia sleeping?" he asked and I look at her

"Actually… yes" okay I knew that she was tired but I didn't think that she will fall asleep on my shoulder "I'll take her to room. See ya"

"Bye" and I go with Julia on my arms

****NEXT DAY****

"Hey love" I said to Julia when she wakes up

"Hey. Did I fall asleep?"


"I hate working in the kitchen" she said "It's so-"


"Exactly" she smiles at me

"Let's go for breakfast"

"Okay" and we go to a canteen.


"-and then he-" Minho can't end his story because Cliff interrupt him

"Guys!" he shouted

"What's wrong?" Alby asked

"It's Hun" I stand up in 1 second

"What happened?" I asked him

"You should see this" and he run and we do the same. When we reach "hospital" I heard scream and then someone start to damp me.


Hun start to damp Julia. I hit him and he let her go. Alby catch Hun and I help Julia stand on her feet. She hug me. I feel her breathing hard into my shoulder. She's also crying. I whisper into her ear that everything is okay. She then look at me. I can see fear in her eyes. I kiss her on her forehead when Alby, Minho, Cliff and Jeff try to calm down Hun. He seems deferent. He's eyes are black. He didn't attack Julia. I know it. His eyes start to be green now. Julia stopped crying and her breath is normal now but she's still afraid.

"I'm sorry Julia. I-I didn't want that to happened I don't know w-why I did this. Klunk. I'm so sorry Julia" Hun said. Alby wanted to say something but Julia started before he could open your mouth

"It's okay" she said with softness in her voice. She's trying to calm him down "What do you mean that you didn't wanted that?"

"I-I... someone was-" and then he start to damp himself. His eyes are black again. Alby and Jeff try to take his hands from his throat. He's shivering. I hug Julia tightly. She closed her eyes. Hun still damping himself. Then he lose a grip on his throat and his body fall down on the floor. Julia scream.

The end of chapter 11

I know it's not very long, but I haven't got too many ideas for this chapter. I also didn't mean to make it scary. It was my only idea for this. I hope that you like it. And see you soon ( I hope).

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