Chapter 12

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****2 DAYS LATER****


„Newt I'm fine. Really" I said 15th time today

"You sure, love? Cause you're not looking well-" Newt said but couldn't end because I interrupt him

"Thanks every girl wants to hear that"

"I didn't mean like that" he took my hand and squeeze it

"I know. I'm just tired. I can't sleep. I see his face all the time" one tear appeared on my cheek

"It will be alright. Please don't cry" he hug me tightly and kiss my forehead. I stop cry

"Thanks" I said and kiss him on cheek "We have to go. I wasn't in the kitchen since that"

"You're not going anywhere. Alby talked with Frypan and he gave you few day off"

"What about you?"

"I wasn't in maze for one day and Minho said that he won't run 2 times in one day so I have to leave you"

"So I will sit here for few hours and I can't even go and help Fry in the kitchen" I'm starting to be mad

"Hey don't be mad you need few day off. By the way you don't have to stay in room. You can go and talk with Gally or someone"

"Okay" I said and kiss him on the cheek. He smile and go to the maze. I sit on bed for a while and after 5 minutes I decide to go out. I see boys working. Who can be that heartless to put us here? What have we done? I asked myself

"Hey" I heard Gally behind me. I turn to face him


"How are you?"

"It's better I think, thanks. What about you?"

"It's hard, but I'll live." I only nod "Come with me. I want to show you something"

"What is this?" I asked

"C'mon. You'll see" and he go and I follow him. When we're at his room I sat down on his bed

"Would you like to tell me why I'm here?"

"We're gonna design house in you'll leave"

"WOW it's amazing, but I thought that you'll build this when another girl arrive"

"Yeah, that was before you and Newt start being together" he said

"What do you mean?"

"We just don't want little Newtie around here" he said

"Pervert" I said "Wait, what do you mean by we?"

"We means Alby, Minho and I" he said

"Perverts" he only laughts

"So what would you like to have in homestead 2.0?"

""There's lot of this" I said. He look at me and try to make a fear face. I laugh and tell him what I want

****2 HOURS LATER****

"That's it?" Gally asked

"Yeah. I don't think I need something else"

"But you said that you've got lots of ideas"

"So maybe my lots isn't the same that yours" we laughs "Let's go for a dinner. I'm starving"

"Go without me. I've got some work to do"

"Okay. Bye" I waved to him and go out of his room

"Bye" I heard and close the door. I'm going to the canteen right now. When I come in I see few gladers

"Hey. How are you?" Fry asked

"Fine thanks. How are you doing without my help?" I asked

"Nah… I'm trying my best"

"Maybe I should help you?"

"No. No. And. No"


"Don't you remember what you're doing when you're under pressure"


"Whatever helps you sleep at night" Fry said and gave me dinner

"You're annoying" I said and walk away. I'm eating alone because Newt and Minho are in the maze, Gally's working and Alby is nowhere to be seen. I ate almost half of my dinner when someone sat down next to me

"Hi Julia. How are ya? I haven't seen ya since you know…" David said

"Hey. Yeah I wasn't feeling well after Hun…" I feel tears coming to my eyes

"Hey don't cry" he said and put his arm on my shoulder "Everything will be ok"

"No! Nothing will be okay. Someone put us here and killed Hun! It's not ok! What if they want more blood!?" I yell "Sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you"

"It's ok" he hugged me "C'mon" he stood up and offer me his hand


"It's surprise" I smile softly and took his hand

"Don't make me regret this"

"I won't"

****NEWT'S POV****

I just go out of maze but I've already noticed that Julia is not here. I go to map room. When I draw a map I go to canteen. Maybe she's eating now? I sat down with Minho, Alby and Gally but Julia isn't here too.

"Did you find something?" Gally asked

"Nothing like always" Minho said

"Hey what's wrong slinthead?" Alby asked me

"Have you seen Julia?"

"I saw her today. We were planning new homestead and she went to eat dinner. I saw her with David later. They were going somewhere?"

"Where?" I stood up in 1 second

"Hey detach your pants" Minho laughs

"I'm gonna find her"

"c'mon Newt you didn't end eating" Gally shout but I'm already out. I went to sleeping bags outside homestead and they're there. They talking and laughing. What the bloody hell is going on? This morning Julia wasn't herself and now she's laughing with him?

"Hi" I said going to them

"Oh hi Newt" Julia said and hug me

"I'll better go. Bye guys" David said

"Bye. Thanks for everything" Julia said and he goes away. Why she was with him? She could be with Gally or Alby or Fry or someone who's not him! "Newt?" I see that she waving her hand nere my face


"What were you thinking about?"


"Really? Is it going about maze or…" please don't say it " or David"

"What!? No, why?"

"Are you sure?"


"If you want to talk abo-" but I cut you off by kissing me. Before she could return the kiss I said

"I trust you. I… I just…" she caught my cheeks. I thought that she's going to kiss me but she turned her mouth to my ear and whisper

"I'm glad that you trust me" then she kissed my earlobe "Come with me" I only nod. She kissed my cheek and clasped our hands together. And we go to the forest. In silent. She lays her head on my shoulder. When we reach the tree I released that it's the same tree where we have our first kiss. I then look at Julia and she smiles at me "It was week ago"

"What?" I asked her

"We were kissing here one week ago. Today is our anniversary" oh God I forget about our anniversary

"Julia I'm sorry. God I'm sorry I forget" she laughs "What?"

"You look sweet"

"Wha-" but she cut me off again by whispering to my ear

"Stop asking" and she kissed me jawline then my cheek. I couldn't take it anymore so I pressed her to our tree and kiss her hungrily. She puts her arms around my neck and return the kiss. She started to toy with my hair. My hands are on her hips and then one of her leg touch mine. I catch one of her thigh. She put her legs around my waist. My lips left hers and I' kissing her neck now. She moan softly. I'm kissing here shoulder when her hands leaves my hair and caught my cheeks. Then she kiss me hungrily. It feels like forever when we heard

"Really? Guys you're addicted to kissing" Minho laughs with Gally and Alb.y Julia stood up on her legs

"Good timing Minho" she said. He only smirk "What's going on?"

"It's nothing. We were going for a walk and found you guys" he said with a smirk

"Oh. Can we go with you?" she asked like nothing happened

"Okay" Alby said. I caught Julia's hand and we went with them for a walk.

****JULIA'S POV****

"-and then he-" Minho was telling me a story when Gally interrupt him

"No it wasn't like that"

"Yes it was"





"Stop" Alby interrupt Minho and I laught "I'll tell you how it was"


"then he felled down the stairs and landed on Winston and it looked like they were going to kiss" I laugh that hard that I almost felled down but Newt caught me

"Thanks" I said and try not to laugh

"Please Julia stop" Gally said with big blush

"So-" I still laugh "Sorry" I try to calm down "Okay I stopped"

"Thanks God" Gally said " I have to go. Your new home won't build on it own"

"New home?" Newt asked

"Gally and his team started to build homestead 2.0 for me and girls who will come"

"But he should start build it in 2 weeks"

"Yeah but we're afraid about have little Newtie around" Minho said with a smirk on hi stupid face

"Perverts" Newt said and I laugh

"That's what I said" he kissed my cheek and Minho let out a sound of disgust

"And you think that we don't have any reason for thinking about it" Alby said

"Slim it. It's just a kiss on a cheek"

"Hey you started to use our slang " Newt said

"It sounds weird when you say it" Alby said

"Oh I love you too" I laugh

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