Chapter 13

Hey guys! What's up? Do you feel christmas are coming or you still don't feel like it? To be honest i don't feel this yet, but i'm not losing hope and i hope you haven't got this kind of problems and i also hope you'll like a chapter :P



****JULIA'S POV****

"Alby please"

"Julia I said no"

"But I'll organize everything. PLEASE"


"PLEASE" I made the sweetest look like "PLEASE"

"Okay. If Fry'll agree then you can do it"

"Thank you" I shout and kiss his cheek "I'll tell Fry"

****NEWT'S POV****

I just go out of maze and saw JULIA KISSING ALBY'S CHEECK. I run to him. His in little shock either.

"What the bloody hell was that?" I yelled

"Ask your girlfriend you slinthead. But first go to map room and end your job"

"Fine" I said and run. I draw the map as fast as I could and went to find Julia and saw her with Frypan. She was excited. SHE DIDN'T NOTICE ME. What's going on here?

****JULIA'S POV****

"So… What do you think? Will you help me?" I asked Fry

"I think it's actually a good idea, so yeah I'll help you"

"Thank you so much" I hug him "I'll talk to Alby and we'll choose the date. Bye"

"Bye" he said and I run to Alby

"ALBY" I screamed he smiled to "Fry agreed"

"Good that. So we're going to do this next month. Okay?"

"Why in next month?"

"Julia greenie will come in 3 days and we need to prepare and Gally will end homestead 2.0 in 1,5 weeks so I think next month"

"Good that" I said with big banana on my face and go away "Thanks" I yell and went for diner. I have to tell Newt. He's gonna klunk his pants from happiness!

****NEWT'S POV****

Where she went? I asked myself. Does she even know that I came back from maze and saw her with Alby and then with Fry? Does she even mind? I went to canteen and saw Julia with David. They're laughing. So she prefers spending time with him? Fine! I go out of canteen. I saw Minho

"Hey. Shank what's up?"

"Bloody nothing"


"Why you mind?"

"Cause I'm your shaking friend" I don't say anything "Come to the canteen" he grabbed my shoulder and enlist me to canteen. Then Minho noticed Julia and David. They hug and he goes away. "Your jealous"

"No I'm not"

"Whatever you shunk" I see Julia. She's going toward us

"Hi guys" she said "How was your day?"

"Normal" I said and walk away

"What's going on? Did I say something" I heard Julia. No not exactly Julia you were just with David, Alby and Fry and NOT with me. That's all!

"Nah… He will tell you. Just… just give him sometime" Minho said

"I won't wait" I heard her and someone caught my arm "Can we talk?" she asked

"Not now. I didn't eat anything today and I'm starving so-"

"I'll go with you"

"No thanks I prefer to be alone"

"What did I do?" she said it that fast I almost didn't understand


"What did I say that you even don't want to talk to me?"

"You didn't say anything"

"Like I would ever believe that" I stay quiet, hopping that she'll go away but she incurs me to the forest. When no one can see us "Would you tell me what happened to you"

"I told you nothing happened to me"

"Stop lying to me and tell me what I've done"

"You were too busy kissing Alby's cheek, talking to Fry and laughing with David to noticed that I came back from maze"

"You're jealose" she half laugh which pissed me off

"Bloody hell yeah. Yeah I'm jealous" She laughs "And what's so funny?"

"At first none of them is my type so don't worry I love only you and second I was busy preparing something" it calmed me down a little bit

"And what is it?"


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