Chapter 14

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****NEWT'S POV****



"Christmas. You kno-"

"I know what Christmas is. So you want to organize Christmas?"

"Yeah. I were talking with Alby about it and he said if Fry agree to cook something then it's okay. And later I wanted to tell someone so I walked to David because I didn't see you or Minho. And we were talking about it" she sights "I thought that you'll be happy when I tell but I didn't imagine it like that" I see sadness in her eyes and I feel guilty. She wants to walk away but I caught her hand and turn her to face me and hug her

"It's amazing" I said and kiss her cheek. She automatically smile at me "I'm sorry"

"It's oka-"

"No it's not. I should talk to you about it first and not get mad at whole world because you were talking with someone" she kiss me lightly

"That was bloody lovely"

"Hey you said bloody" I smirk and she tries not to laugh

"You said you were starving" she put her hand in mine "C'mon I'll eat with you"


"Do you think that other girl will come today?" I asked David. Newt stopped be jealous and his in maze now so he won't have any reason to be jealous

"I don't know, but even if she come she won't be as gorgeous as you are" I blush

"Thank you. But remember I've got boyfriend"

"Yeah I know… there's one thing that I must tell you" What is he talking about? "But not here. Let's go to the homestead"

"Okaaaaay" and I walk with him to the homestead. When we reach homestead he grabs my arm and put them

"Julia" he kiss my ear. I pushed him away and laughs

"What are you doing?" I asked. I try stay calm, but I want to run away from here. Run to Newt. To his soft arms un which I feel safe

"Don't act like that" he pushed me and I hit the wall. He suddenly caught my hands and put them near my head " I know you want me" he crush his lips with mine. I want to pull him away but he's too strong. He's kissing me deeply and I can't do anything to stop this. He put my both of my hands in his one. Second hand travel to my stomach. He started to massage it when someone came in

"Get away from her" I heard Alby's voice, he pulled David away from me. I started to crying. Alby hit him and he felt down. Then someone else came in

"What's going o-" it's Newt I cut him off by hugging him "Julia…" he looked at David and then at Alby

"Get her away from him" he said (Alby). Newt took me in his arms and run with me to his room. I cry hard to his chest.

****NEWT'S POV****

"Julia… shhh…. It's okay. You're safe now" if David tried do to her what I think he tried I'll kill him. Julia looks in my eyes

"I'm sorry. I should listened to yo-"

"Stop. It's not your fault. Never even try to think like that. Good that?" she nod but I can see sadness in her eyes

"I love you, you know?" I kiss her forehead and I wiped her tears away.

"I love you too" she kiss me lightly "I won't talk to anyone. Not counting you, Minho, Fry and Alby"

"Good that" I pulled her to hug



"Can you… can you kiss me?" and I do I kiss her lightly

"It will be okay. I promise"

"I thought he was my friend and-"

"No Julia. It has ended and I won't let that happen to you again"

"Newt he tried to-"

"I know. I'm so sorry. I should be there"

"You don't understand. I couldn't do anything he was too strong" she started to cry again "Please teach me how to fight"

"I will but after Christmas, okay?"

"I love you" and she kiss me.

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