Chapter 15

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****JULIA'S POV****

We keep kissing when alarm rang.

"Wanna see who new greenie is?" Newt asked me

"Yeah" I smile and we go out

****NEWT'S POV****

I'll kill this slinthead. How could he tried do something like that to her?

"Wanna see who new greenie is?" I asked her

"Yeah" she gave me her beautiful smile and we go to the box. When we reach box Alby's already here.

"Julia, you alright?" he asked her. She only nod and gave him small smile. He opened box and everyone wait "It's a boy" I look at Julia and she looks almost sad

"Where I am? Who you are? And who I am?" he asked

"Easy. We will tell you everything"

"How can I trust you?"

"Newt give him tour. Julia we have to talk"


"-and that's it" I said to greenie



"My name. It's Luke"

"So welcome in the Glade. C'mon you must be hungry"

"Where are we going?" Luke asked

"To Fry. He's second best cooker here"

"Who's the best then?"

"Julia. My girlfriend. Don't touch her, she… had bad accident with one of boys"

"What happened?"

"He said he want to talk to her. She walked with him and-" I stopped for a moment "He tried to… and I wasn't even there" I put my hands on my face "I'll go to her. Find Minho. He will help you"


****JULIA'S POV****

"He's in the slamer right now. We'll have gathering tomorrow about that okay?" Alby asked me

"Do I have to be there?"

"If you really don't want to"

"Thank you" I hagged him. When I want to go away I heard Newt

"Julia wait"

"No Newt I have to talk to you"

"It's okay. I see you near the tree" I smile to him. He waved to me and started talk to Alby. I went to forest. I made sure no one was tracking me. I walked slowly and saw shadow behind me.

"Who's there?" and something hit my head.

****NEWT'S POV****

"We should just banished him"

"Most of keepers have to agree for that" I wanted to say something, but Gally shout to us

"David escaped" he took a breath "and run to forest"

"Julia" I whispered and we run there.

****JULIA'S POV****

I opened my eyes slowly. I was gagged. I also had rope in my mouth so I couldn't shout for help. I know this place I thought it's a map room. It was dark, but I saw someone in the corner.

"Hey princess" it was David " You owe me something" and I felt his lips on my neck. My hands were gagged behind my back. I couldn't do anything. The only thing I did was crying. His hands cached my waist and went down to my thigh. I've never cried that hard.

****NEWT"S POV****

"JULIA" I shouted her name but she didn't answer. I run through the forest. I reached map room and heard

"No one will find you here" I opened the door and went inside

"You sure?" I asked and punched him in his face. Later I hit his stomach and lost consciousness. I run to Julia and cut the cords. She hugged me


"Shh… it's okay. You're safe. I'm here now" and then David woke up, but he didn't attack us. He just run away.


I took Julia to homestead. She stopped crying, but she's still hugging me.

"He run to the maze" Minho said

"It hasn't got any sense" Julia said

"He's got 2 minutes to go out before the doors close" Alby add

****JULIA'S POV****

****5 DAYS LATER****

"It has been almost a week since David run to the maze. He didn't go out and runners haven't found his body, blood or anything. And I should said that's good news. I can't say that I hate David. Probably I should but I can't. He's dead for 90% and I will never see him again… but what he did was unforgivable (AN: Can I say that cause I'm not sure about it so if it's wrong then I'm sorry) . By the way I started work in kitchen again so I don't feel useless anymore. Minus of that is I barely see Newt. He goes out to maze every morning and when he's back I'm working in kitchen, so I only see him on dinners, suppers and when we go to sleep, but tomorrow I'm gonna move to homestead 2.0 which I called seclusion, cause I'm the only one who will live there. But not counting our not seeing each other all day I think that it's better see him for 2 hours a day that not seeing him anymore. Oh I almost forget about the best part which is Christmas. Yeah… we've got lots of things to do but everyone seems happy about it. Maybe because it is something new for us. I've just end my present for Newt. I hope he will like it. But there's one thing I'm still thinking about. It's a not I got from box which came with my guitar. Who's N? I wrote letter and drop it to the box but no answer came. I'm curious who that person is. If it is a person. Hmm… Stupid me. Of course it has to be a human, cause who? A griever? Of course because griever knows something about my past and sent me a guitar. Maybe I should go to the maze and ask one of them to join us at Christmas Eve? Nah… I've got enough of thinking for one day.

"Hey Julia" I heard Minho "Do you want to prank someone?"

"Actually it's not a bad idea"


"Yeah, I need some fun" I laugh "What do you think about prank Alby?"

"You bad girl" I laugh with him "I think I've got an idea"


I and Minho watched the door of homestead. When it opened Alby go out and slipped on oil which I and my best friend on this shucking world shed on the grass. So Alby slipped and landed on his but where we shed our special mixture. It consists of eggs, flour, mud and milk. We laughed very loud and Alby noticed us.

"Run" Minho whispered. I run as fast as I could. I saw Newt and then I had an idea. I run to him

"He-" I cut him off by kissing him. Hungrily. I pulled away after 2 minutes to see that Alby runs after Minho to the Homestead. Poor slinthead.

"Would you mind telling me what was that?" Newt asked

"I and Minho had pranked Alby"

"You what!?" he tried not to laugh "You've got balls" and we both laugh


****1 DAY LATER****

"Welcome in Homestead 2.0" Gally said

"Seclusion" I said


"I named it Seclusion"

"How many things you've got?" Minho asked walking into Seclusion

"Just a few" I laugh

"Just a few?" Newt asked

"Are you not strong enough to take few clothes and guitar?" I laugh

"Is it only this?" Minho said "Cause I found this" he shows me my pack of sanitary napkins

"I'll ask again. Are you not strong enough? I don't think it's too heavy, but if it is I'll ask someone another to help me"

"Just please use it" Minho yell and threw at me pack of condoms

"Slim it you bloody shuck face" I try to walk away but Newt catch my waist and whispered to my ear

"So I'm losing my roommate right now"

"Please don't cry"

"I'll do my best" I smile "Let's go for dinner. I don't know what about you but I'm starving"

**** NIGHT****

"Night Julia" Newt kissed my cheek and went out of my new room. I closed my eyes and fall asleep.


I was standing in the corner and saw a little girl. I think… I think it's me.

"Proszę mamo, ostatnią" (Please mom, the last one) I know this language. It's polish. But how do I know it? And this women… is she my mum?

"Julcia nie" (Julia no) woman said "Jesz za dużo czekolady" (You're eating too much chocolate)

"Daj jej" (Give her) man said. Dad? But how?

"Ale to ostatnia" (but this is the last one)

"Kocham cię" (I love you)

Then something changed

"Juleczka… bedziesz miała siostre" (Julia… you're gonna have a sister)

Then again scene changed

There were lots of people. My family. It was Christmas Eve. Everyone were talking, laughing. I was giggled with my cousins. I watched… us for few hours. There was no meat. Tradition. In Poland people don't eat meat at Christmas Eve. We were singing carols and joking and there was my little sister. Natalia. She's N! So she's alive and she's outside the maze. Maybe my family is too.

****NEWT'S POV****

"Julia wake up" she opened her eyes. I heard her screaming someone's name "Love, what happened?"

"I saw my family" she took a breath. Wait…WHAT!? "Newt I saw my family. I've got sister. She sent me guitar. Oh God. Newt I'm from Poland and I saw my family. I've got parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents. Newt I saw them. We were talking and laughing and-" I couldn't end because Alby, Gally and Minho tun in

"What happened?"

"Why were you screaming?"

"Who's Natalia?"

"I had a dream. Actually a memory. I-I saw my family. Natalia is my sister"

"What did you saw?" Albyu asked?

"It was actually I think scenes from normal life. I saw my family. It was Christmas Eve. I was maybe 12 and Natalka was 4"

"Natalka?" this time Minho asked

"Oh yeah. I'm from Poland and it's kind of nickname. And from now you can call me Juleczka"

"Ju… what"

"It's li Julechka"


"But you know how to go out right?" Gally looked at me

"No, it was… I don't know. Normal life if I can call it that. There were no maze. People were smiling, singing carols. Everything was perfect. I didn't see anyone ruining this. Maybe it happened later"

"Yeah right. Now get some sleep. Tomorrow Christmas Eve you'll have to be very stimulated" Alby said. He, Gally and Minho go out of room.

"I'm jealous about your memory. I really wanna remember something as beautiful as this" he kissed me sweetly "Night Juleczka" Juleczka wasn't the best speaking but it was sooooo sweeeeeet

"Please Newt. Stay with me"

"Okay" he smiled

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