Chapter 2

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"Where am I gonna sleep?" I ask "Hmm… we haven't got any free rooms now so…" "I'll take her to my room for few days" Newt says before Alby can end his sentence. "Are you agree?" Alby ask me "Yeah" and then I turn to Newt "If it's not a problem for ya" "It's a pleasure" he says and smile to me and I smile back. "Go on then it's late. Tomorrow I'm gonna show you glade , but now get some rest, okay?" Alby ask. I only nod "Come on I'll take to my room" Newt says. "Goodnight" I say to Minho, Alby and Galle and go with Newt to his room.

We're going to Newt's room in silent and for about 5 minutes we're in front of the doors with number 2. Newt open the door and say "Welcome in my palace" and I smile to him. I go in and see not a very big room with a window. I'm going to it and see all glade and lots of boys. I see lots of small buildings too. "Did you built all of this?" I ask "No, some houses were here when we arrived. But builders built some house where we can sleep. Galle is the keeper of them. He 'll build something for you" I only smile and he smiled back.

"How long are you here?" I ask him

"1 year"

"Who was first here?"

"Me, Minho, Alby and some other guys" he say and looks at me but he's not smiling any more

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be"

There's an awkward silent.

"You should go to sleep now. Tomorrow Alby will show you our 'home'" I nod and turn back. There's only one bed so I want lie down on the floor, but someone put arms on my waist. It's Newt. He put he's head on my shoulder and whisper to my ear

"What are you doing?"

"I am going to sleep" I answer

"But bed is there" he indicate at the bed

"But it's yours and it's one here so…"

"You won't be sleep on the floor, okay?" it doesn't sounds like a question. Now I see him, he's smiling at me. God he's smile is so beautiful.

"But…" he interrupt me

"I'm gonna sleep on the floor" he takes me in his arms before I can't protest he put me on bed "Don't even think about arguing with me ;)" he goes away and lie on the floor.



"Would it be weird if I ask you to sleep with me?" He then turn back and face me and smile

"No it's totally normal" he lie next to me. We're smiling like idiots.


"Newt could you tell me how I look like?"

"You've got brown hair with blond highlights, pretty blue eyes which changes colors about 2 times in 1 hour"

"What does it mean that they changes? They changes color?"

"No, they changes their hue"

"Oh… Is it normal?"

"You're first person I see with this skill" I start laugh, but he continue "You've got beautiful smile and you're the most gorgeous person that I have ever seen" ' Did I really say that?' she starts to blush.

"Stop it, you make me blush" She smile and I congratulate myself that I made her happy (and blush).

"But it's true"

She hits me in the chest, but it doesn't hurts.

"Good night Newt"

"Night Julia"

Okay it's the end of ch. 2 I hope you like it. I'm gonna put next chapter here on Tuesday ( but if you write me few reviews I'll put it on Monday or even tomorrow.) Have a bloody-nice day guys.Runners

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