Chapter 19


****JULIA'S POV****

"It's great to have you back in the kitchen. It was shucking boring without you" Fry said making dumplings with cottage cheese and potato filling.

"Thanks" I smile "I'm happy that we're making dumplings. I remember that I loved them"

"Don't be too excited. I may not be as good in making dumplings as your grandmother was" I laugh" Don't worry. I'm not sure if I even remember their taste" he laughs with me.


We end making dumplings and now I'm eating one of them to make sure they're can be eaten by all Glade.

"You like it?" he asked with a smile

"No" I said with poker face. He started to worry when I laugh "I love it" I tapped one dumpling on a fork. "Here. Eat it""Okay" he said. I'm looking at him and waiting for verdict "God. It's delicious" I gave him my cutest smile.

"We should tidy-"

"Nah… slopers will do it. You can go and rest. It was hard week for ya"

"For all of us" I said but then smile " Do you want have fun with me?"

"What you've got in your mind?" he asked. He's really curious."We will prank Minho, Alby, Gally and Newt"

"You once prank Alby. Do you think it's a good idea"

"Okay, maybe not, but what if I take Alby to prank Gally, Minho and Newt?""Ahhh… Okay"

"Yay" I scream " I'll go find Alby" I ran out.

**** 5 MINUTES LATER****

"I'm in" Alby said

"Really?!" I couldn't believe in it

"Yeah, I wanna have my revenge on Minho" he looked at me "and yes. I know you were helping him. And yes he told me that"

"That peace of klunk" I said try to sound angry, but it only made Alby laugh

"That was funny, so what are you planning?"

"You'll see"


****NEWT'S POV****

"Hey Minho, have you seen Julia?" I asked him

"Hmm… No I don't think so"

"Hey, don't panic she should be in the kitchen with Fry" Gally said

"Okay, thanks"

"Wait, we're coming with ya" I opened the door and go out, but suddenly I, Gally and Minho slipped on something. I land on my stomach and Gally on Minho's. When I hear laugh I stood up in a second. My eyes met with Julia's for a moment. She smirked at me and looked at Gally and Minho. I tried not to laugh, but I failed.

****JULIA'S POV****

"-we buttered all floor near door" Alby explained

"So this is why we slipped" Gally said. He wasn't laughing about this little prank.


"I didn't know you're an evil one" Minho said looking at Julia with poker face "I like that" we all laugh "but NEVER do that again. Did you hear me?"

"Okay, don't urinate(pee)"

"You'll regret that" Minho said and tickle me

"STOP" I laugh, but he didn't "Newt-hahahahah- help me"

"Eh, you'll survive without my help"

"PLE-hahaha-ASE MINHO STOP" I laugh hard, then I felt arm around my waist. Newt.

"That's enough Minho" he said and Minho stopped "I've got better punishment" he took me in his arm. And run with me to the forest. He stopped running when we reach lake.

"Newt don't even thi-" I couldn't end 'couse he threw me into the lake. I have an idea I thought

"Help! I can't sweem!" I yelled and act like I really couldn't.

"Oh shuck" he pull off his hoodie and jumped into the water. Then I jumpeed on his back and ducked him. Then Minho, Fry, Alby and Gally appeared. I let Newt go and laugh.

"What the shuck are you two doing?!" Alby yelled

"I though Julia was sinking so I jumped into the lake 'couse I wanted to help her, but she ducked me"

"Weren't you guys swimming in this lake few weeks ago?" Gally asked

"It's not my fault that I'm such a good actress" I said and laughed.

"Come on it's time for dinner" Fry said. We'd gone out of lake and Newt putted on me his hoodie.

"Thanks" I'd said and he put his arm around my waist and whispered into my ear

"Everything for my princess" I smiled and we were going to kiss when Minho yelled

"You guys coming?"

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