Chapter 20

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****JULIA'S POV****

"Julia" I felt someone poked my shoulder


"I said this dumplings are delicious" Minho said eating. I smile at him and yawn

"Julia are you okay?" newt asked

"Yep. Just tired, I'll go get some sleep. Bye!"

"Bye" they said. I went to my room and lied down on bed. I closed my eyes and fall asleep.



I stood in the corner and observed little me playing games with Natalie. I was about 12 and Naty about 8. My parents were watching TV. They weren't looking happy.

"Jak można być tak głupim!?" (How someone can by that stupid!?) my mum erupted

"Kochanie spokojnie, wszystko będzie dobrze" ( calm honey, everything will be okay) my dad said and hugged my mum.

"Mamo co się stało?" (Mum what has happened?) LJ asked

"Nic skarbie, nic" (Nothing baby, nothing) she hugged me.

Then scene had changed

"Skarbie schowaj się! Nie mogą was znaleść!" (Honey you have to hide! They can't find you!)

"Mamo co się dzieje?" (Mum what's going on?)

"Pilnuj Naci" (Keep Naty safe) my dad hugged me "Pamiętaj, że bardzo was kochamy. Nieważne co się stanie" (Remember we love you. No matter what)he locked LJ with my little sister in toilet.

"Julciu co się dzieje?" (Julia what's happening?) she asked while hugging me

"Nie mam pojęcia" (I have no idea) I hugged her back. Then I heard my mum screaming. Then someone came into toilet. That guy took me and my sister to big van.

"Gdzie są moi rodzice?" ( Where are my parents) I yelled

"What?" he asked

"Where are my parents?"

"It's no important now."

"IT IS IMPORTANT." I snapped him bump him in the face "Now YOU BASTARD will tell me WHERE ARE THEY?" someone put gun next to my face. I heard my sister screaming and crying but LJ didn't care.

"There's no need to do that" he said to man who held gun near my head. He took it away. "they're dead" NO! NO! NO! I started to hitting him and guy with gun hit me in head.

"Julia wake up" I heard Newt. I sat up, hugged him and cry. I was crying all night.

"Shhh… It was only a bad dream"

"No… no, it wasn't" I said when I wasn't crying very hard.

"What was it then?" I heard Alby

"Next memory"

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