Chapter 21

Hey guys! I returned with new (still short) chapter! Thank you for 8k views! You're amazing :* ! Next chapter should appear this week, but while you're waiting for it you can read my new fanfiction called Easy (don't ask me why I called it Easy, I have no idea ;) ) and it's also about tmr.Hope you guys enjoy it!


****JULIA'S POV****

"-And then he said that…" I couldn't believe that "That they are… they are" I took a breath "They are dead" I started to cry again. Newt's still hugging me.

"I think that's enough for today" Newt said and Alby walked out of room with other boys. "Get some sleep love"

"I-I can't" I sobbed

"It's okay. I'll stay with you"

"Thank you" I kissed him. We laid on the bed. My head was on his chest. His arms around my waist and he was kissing my head and kept telling mi "It's okay, you're save here with us, with me" and I was slowly falling asleep, but those words were running threw my head They are dead.

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