Chapter 23

Hey guys! So there is next short chapter, but I hope you'll like it!Lova y'all!Runners


****JULIA'S POV****

"Are you sure it's a go-"

"Yes Newt, I am sure. " I took a breath "You should go to maze and I should have been in the kitchen helping Frypan ten minutes ago"

"Okay, but if something happens-"

"Nothing will happen" I kiss his cheek "No take your butt and go into the maze" I laught


"Bye" I went into the kitchen. " Hey Fry sorry I'm late but Newt can sometimes be really anno-"

"What the shuck are you doing in here!?"

"I'm working?"

"Yeah, I mean" he sighed "Look Julia I heard you screaming last night and I think you shouldn't work for few days"

"No Fry I'm fine, really."

"Okay but if something'll happen tell me , 'kay?"

"Sure" I smiled "So… chef what are we going to cook today?"

"You tell me"

"Hmm… I thought about lasagna"


"Yummy" Gally said

"You must be kidding. This is delicious. It's better than dumplings" Minho said

"Thanks guys. Have you seen Newt?"

"No, he hasn't came back yet"

"Maybe we should go look for him?" I asked

"Julia… you know we can't"

"Yeah, it's just… never mind" I went to kitchen. I took an apple and a knife. I tried to cut an apple, but I cutted my hand. "Ouch" then someone run into the kitchen.

"Julia, doors are about to close and Newt isn't coming back" I run to doors. I waited for few minutes when I saw him. He tried to run, but something was wrong. He was limping. Blood was running threw his leg. Before anyone could stop me I run to doors. My hand brushed one of door and then their stopped moving. Minho and Alby run into the maze and took him out of it. When they were out doors started moving again and I blanked out.

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