Chapter 24

Hey guys! Thanks for nice reviews! In chapter 26 there will be more Newtlia, promise! And no Julia isn't going to be pregnat. I mean not right now, but maybe in the future... who knows? Btw thanks for keep reading me! It's amazing to have readers like you guys! I also want to thank Enora for transleating my story and for being such a nice, funny and talented person! You've got a beautiful voice, you should be a singer in the future! I also want to thank Paulina, Asia, Martyna and Marta (my friendss from school) for being so amazing friends and for support me! You guys are increadible I love you so much.So... have a nice reading and I'll give you a new chapter on Sunday ( maybe in some time zones it will be still Saturday) See ya guys! Love ya all!


****NEWT'S POV****

Julia blanked out. Doors starts moving again.

"What has just happened?" Alby asked. Clint took Julia to homestead.

"C'mon you need help too" Jeff said to me.

"Okay" I tried to walk, but it was hard so Minho and Alby helped me.

"What happened to your leg, ya shank?" Minho asked.

" Bloody griever" (A/N: No Newt didn't tried to kill himself, griever really attacked him)

"But he's not stung you?"

"Do I look like he's bloody stung me?"

"Nope" we walked inside to one of Med-Jack's room. Julia was lying unconscious on a bed.

"How is she?" I asked Clint

"Not bad, she should wake up soon. Have you got any idea what happened? Why her blood stopped doors?" asked three of us

"No idea" Alby said "None of us"

"Okay Newt lye on bed so I could look at your leg" Jeff appeared

"I'll call the gathering when you'll feel better, okay?" Alby asked



"You should stay here for night, I'll come tomorrow to check on you" Jeff said

"Okay" I lied on bed. Julia's still unconscious . I start to worry about her.

"Night" I heard Jeff. Before I could say it back he went out of room. I closed my eyes and felt asleep.

****JULIA'S POV****


I opened my eyes, but I wasn't in the Glade. I was in a car. My sister was crying.

"Hej Nacia nie płacz" (Hey Natalie don't cry)

"Julcia? J-ja m-myślałam, że-" (I was thinking that-)

"Get out of car" Man yelled at us. Little me and my sister got out of car. They stood in front of huge building. "C'mon. Go inside." LJ and Nataly went in. Inside were lots of people in white suits. Everywhere were written WCKD. Man took small me by my arm and another to my sister. We(?) fought with them, but they finally broke us apart. We were screaming, but it hasn't given to much. Men put little me in room. I laid on a floor I've cried that hard that I haven't realized that I wasn't alone in room. Boy who looked like he was 13 ran to LJ and hugged her/me.

"Shh… It will be okay" he said. He had blond hair and British accent. Newt

"T-they k-killed my pa-parents and t-took my sister a-away" I said while crying.

"I know. They've done the same to me. To all of us"

"Us?" LJ stopped crying and looked little Newt in the eyes "There's more… child like us?"

"Yeah" he sent me a sad smile " Don't worry they won't do anything bad to your sister"


"Yeah… I promise" I smile weakly at him. He sent me kind smile

"Thank you um…"

"Tho- I mean Newt"

"Julia" We stood up "What did you want to tell before you said Newt?"

"My real name"

"Hey I know that we don't know each other for long, but you don't have to tell me a fake name"

"It's not that. Here, scientists are giving us another name. You'll get one too"

"What's your real name?"

"I shouldn't tell you. It can just put us in trouble" I sighed at his words and sat down on one bed. "Thomas"

"What did you say?"

"Thomas" I smiled.

"Nice to meet you Thomas"

"Nice to meet you too Julia, but please don't call me Thomas when scientists can hear"

"Okay. Can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah, go on."

"Are you from Britain?"

"My accent helped you guess?"


(Then scene has changed"

"This is Minho, Alby, Gally, Fry and this is my sister Nicole"

"Hi" LJ said to them.

"Hey" Minho, Alby, Gally, Fry said. Then Nicole came to me and hugged me.

"I'm sorry" she said " But you're first girl since Teresa joined WICKED and it's really hard to be the only girl with thirty boys here"

"It's okay" LJ smiled "I don't mind 'couse I actually like hugging" she laughed. They started to talk when LJ stood up. "Nacia"(short form of Natalie) LJ yelled after she saw my little sister. She ran to her and hugged her. "Jesteś cała?" (Are you alright?)

"Julcia ja chcę do mamy" (Julia I want mom) she cried

"Wiem skarbie" ( I know honey)

Then scene changed again

"You've got 30 minutes to do this test. Good luck" women said. LJ, Newt, Nicole, Minho, Alby, Gally, Naty and other guys were sitting in front of computers and they were doing some tests.

Then scene changed again

LJ was in hers/mine and Newt's room. LJ looked like 14 now. Newt went inside of room.

"Hey" he said


"Something's wrong?"

"No I just… No matter" he took my hand

"Everything what you think or feel is matter."

"No, it's not"

"For me it is"


"Because you're important to me" LJ smiled when she heard that "Now tell me what's wrong"

"Do you think it will ever end? That someday they will let us out and let us live like before?"

"I dunno, but as long as we're together I can stay here" We smiled and went to sleep.


****NEWT'S POV****

"When will she wake up?" I almost yelled at Jeff

"Detached your pants shank! We all want her to wake up, but she need some time to recover " Jeff said

"Yeah, sorry. I'm just…" I sighed

"We know" I heard Alby's voice behind me

"We here with ya" Minho walked in

"Thanks guys" I smiled sadly. Then Julia started to burble and scream.

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