Chapter 25


****JULIA'S POV****


I stood, I mean LJ stood on a meadow. It was raining really hard and LJ was wet. Someone put a jacket on my/her arms. "Why are standing?" Newt asked

"Because it's our only hour this week that we can go outside" LJ said with small smile

"But you might be ill tomorrow. You know that Janson won't like it"

"I don't give a shit of what he's liking."

"You shouldn't have said that, they could have heard that. You know they've got cameras everywhere"

"Rain pours too heavy for them to hear Thomas"

"I know Julia"

"I like how you're saying my name"

"You'd like everyone saying your name. You hate when anybody call you Marie"

"Don't you hate when they call you Newt or your sister Nicole" I turned to face him

"I do, but it's better to be obedient"

"What happened to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"When we met you weren't an obedient one. I remember how you and Minho pranked Janson or Amelia"

"It was funny, but they won't let us out ever if we don't obey them"

"I won't obey people who probably murdered my parents Thomas" I/LJ yelled quietly and hit him little in the chest.

"What do you mean by probably?"

"I think they're alive"

"Julia you heard shot and soldiers told you they're dead"

"I don't trust them" there were a minute of silent when me/LJ said " and I heard only one shot . Maybe they've killed only one of my parents"

"Do you really believe in this?" he took my/LJ hands and hold them in his

"I ain't sure, but answer can be in Ava's office" I looked him in the eyes

"You want to go to Mrs. Paige office only to check if your parents really are dead? Julia that's crazy!"

"But I am crazy okay? And I care about my parents and if they're alive I'll do anything to find them. You don't have to help me , but you won't stop me!" and then he did thing that I thing I and little me haven't expected. He kissed me/LJ. At first little me was confused, but then she kissed him back.

"So what's the plan?" Newt asked after they/us pulled apart

Then scene has changed

LJ was in white office. She looked around the room and start to search in lockers. There was a briefcase with my/LJ photo. LJ opened it. There were lots of papers… I think on it were tests results. "100%, 100%, 100%, blood – redder than normally, eyes changing tints, no Flare" LJ read then looked on another papers "Parents alive… not immune"

"Julia we have to go" LJ stood up and put briefcase on it place.

"They're alive" LJ scream whisperingly with joy in my voice . Newt took me/ LJ in his arms and spun.

"It's amazing" he whispered in her ear when she was standing again.

Again scene's changed

"They can't take you" LJ cried in Newt's chest "You won't remember me"

"Shhh… They can wiped my memory, but they can't take my love for you" LJ looked him in the eyes "We will find way out and then I'll take you away from WICKED and we will live normally. I promise"

"You can't promise me that. Something bad is happening outside. World is changing, but not for good"

"I know, but I'll do anything to find you, to be with you, to wake up everyday next to you, to laugh with you. To just be next to you when you need me the most" LJ kissed him passionately "I bloody love you"

"I bloody love you too" LJ said and I started crying like I probably had cried on sad movies in the past. Then someone walked in the room and took Newt away. LJ run to him and try to beat up the guards, but she failed. Newt kissed little me last time and guards took him away.

Then everything disappeared and I came back to be myself.

****NEWT'S POV****

"Julia, can you hear me" I said after she opened her eyes.

"Newt… " she sat up and started to crying.

"Shh…" I hugged her "It's okay"

"Newt I-I… I remember" I stopped hugging her and look her in the eyes.

"What do you remember?"

"M-my sister and yours-"

"I've got a sister!?"

"Yeah… Can you go get Alby?"

"Oh yeah sorry. I'll be back in a few"' I stood up but Julia stopped me.

"I bloody love you"

"I bloody love you too" I kissed her and go out of room.

****JULIA'S POV****

"That's all I remember" I said and Alby nodded.

"That's not telling us why your blood stopped the doors" Gally said

"Sorry guys it's all I know" Newt putted his arm around me and kissed my head.

"It's okay" he said.

"Newt's right. Now you should rest" Minho said

"Are you kidding me!? I was sleeping… I dunno a week? So please please please… let me go outside!"

"Okay" Minho said. "It's good to have you back by the way"

"Thank you" I hugged him and Alby, Gally And Newt joined us.

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