Chapter 27

Hey guys! How was your week? I went with my friends on 50 shades of Grey and it was... ymm... Let just say it's not my fav type of movies, but soundtrack is incredible! Have you heard Love me like you do ? I love this song! Btw have a nice reading!



****JULIA'S POV****

I slowly opened my eyes. I was lying on my bed with Newt next to me. My head was on his chest.

"Hey love" He said and opened his eyes.

"Hey kitty" I said

"Kitty?" he asked, his voice was so sexy in the morning.

"You prefer Newtie?"

"Kitty's fine" I laughed "I have to go"

"Maze can't wait, hm?" I hugged him tighter.

"No… Sorry love" he kissed me lightly " I see you later?"

"Yep" he stood up "Bye"

"Bye, love"


"Hey Fry"

"Hey Julia, any ideas what will make for dinner today?"

"What would you say about pizza?"

"Shucking perfect"


"You became a cooker was the best thing that ever I mean EVER happened in the Glade!" Minho said while eating pizza. Gally chuckled at him.

"Thanks Minho!" I said

"Hey guys!"

"Hey Alby" We said "How was your day?" I asked

"Uh… Ya know telling everyone what to do and things like that"


"Hey you asked"

"Yeah, but you could have said something more interesting"

"Maybe next time"



"Ple…please…Ne…hahahah…Newt… ple… stop" I laughed while lying on bed with Newt on top of me. He stopped tickle me and landed in and whispered

"Only if you kiss me" I landed I either, our lips almost touch

"Never" I whispered and pulled away. I lightly hit him on a chest and he felled on his back and I sat on him. "Now I've got you" I laughed and kissed him on his nose.

"Hey I wanted on lips" he murmured and I landed in again, but then Minho walked inside.

"Hey gu-" he turned our "Oh please get a room!"

"We're in one! What ya want?" Newt said

"I actually came to Julia shuckface so…"

"What I can help you in?"

"can you go into the kitchen and bring me some pizza? PLEASE"

"Can't you go by yourself?" I asked

"No! I mean I would, but Fry won't let me in!"

"Why so bloody sure?" Newt asked

"'Couse he yelled at me 'Come back again and you won't have dinner in a week!' Do you believe that? I just ate 10 slices!"

"I ate 3 Minho"

"But you're a girl!"

"Okay I'll go" I said and go off of Newt and bed. Minho ran to me and hugged me "I shucking love ya! You shuckface!"

"Hey let my girlfriend go!" Newt yelled

"Oh someone jealous" Minho said "Now go for my pizza"

"Okay, just do me a favor and don't pee from excitement"

"Sassy I see"

"I learnt from best!" I said and went out of room.

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