Chapter 28

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****JULIA'S POV****


"Julia I miss them too. You know that! Newt is my brother and Minho boyfriend! I would do everything to save them and you know that! You also know that we can't do anything!" Nicole yelled at LJ

"Nicole I kno-"

"Don't try to say anything" she said and started to walk away "I'm done"

"Fuck" LJ murmured

Then scene changed

"Very well Marie" Women told LJ while she was looking at the computer and at the boys " I'm going to tell Janson to put another guy today"

"I can do it Mrs. Paige"

"Very well. Subject A26"

"I'll go now" but it wasn't truth. LJ went to weird room and sat near the computer and had done something that made alarm turn on. She stood up and ran. She reached another room and injected something into her hand, but hasn't empty the syringe. She closed a door to the room before someone walk in. "Just don't forget" she walked into something that looked like cabin and closed door. Some people walked in, but it was too late LJ was already going into the Glade.

Sorry for short chapter! Next gonna be longer and I'll try to put it near wednesday.

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