Chapter 3

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I weak up and feel the aroma of red rose. I opened my eyes and saw… that Julia's head on my chest. My nose is in her hair and my hand is around her waist. I try to stand up. When I did I looked at Julia. She's still asleep. I look at my clock. It's 6 am. Perfect I must wait 30 minutes for breakfast. I go out of room and see Minho in front of me.

"So… you really don't remember her and she shuck don't remember you, huh?"

"Yeah, why?" 'what is he talking about?'

"You sure?" he raised his eyebrow "Cause I saw you with her…on the bed…and you were hugging her and…" he couldn't end because I cut him off

"Slim it" and then Julia wakes out the room

"Hi guys" she said with bloody big smile which makes me happy. I hope that she didn't hear anything

"Hi" we said at the same time "Are you hungry?" I asked her

"You even don't know how"

"Let's go then"


"We'll go to a canteen

"Okay " she tells and we go to the canteen. I turn back to see Minho smirk at me. I ignore that and go with Julia for breakfast.


We just come in to the canteen and I already see about 30 boys staring at me, but I can't see any girls. I stop and look around. Newt has to notice that because he stops too.

"What wrong?" he asks

"Why are here only boys? Where are other girls?" I respond him with a question

"Julia I won't lie to you… you're the only girl here" he says

"Ohh… so it's why their staring at me?"


I look around and see that all of this Slintheads are looking at Julia. Lots of them have open their mouth. If they don't close them I'll close them. Oh your jealous says voice in my head. No I'm not!

"Haven't you got some work to do guys!?" I scream at them. Their turn back and start it again. Julia give me her sweet smile " Come on you must starving" we're keep going and we reach Frypan.


"Hey, you must be this famous Newt's girlfriend…" boy said but before he can end I interrupt

"Excuse me!?" I said. What is he talking about? I just met Newt, I think.

"He means newbie" Newt said with blush

"What is newbie?" I asked

"Oh it's our slang. It means a newcomer in the Glade. Can refer to a Greenie, or anyone else relatively new. I'm Frypan by the way"

"Hey. Nice too meet you. I'm Julia" I said with a smile

"So Frypan what you've got for us today?" Newt asked

"Scrambled eggs" he said

"Oh… haven't you got something else? I'm not a big fan of it" I said with smile which says I'm so sorry.

"Normally I wouldn't do that but your new and you're beautiful queen so I can make an exception this time."

"Thank you so much Fry" I smile at him " Oh and I'm not a beautiful queen I'm just beautiful me"

"And you're the modest person I ever met" Newt said.

"So just beautiful you what do ya want to eat?" Frypan asked me

"French toast, please" I smile

"Oh me too" Newt said with sweet eyes

"No way" Frypan said and goes make toast for me. When I can't see him I whisper to Newt

"Don't worry I'll give you some"

"Bloody thanks Julia. I hate eggs" I start laughing with Newt.


I were jealous when Frypan was flirting with Julia. But she told me that she will give some of her french toasts. Point for me!

"Thanks Fry" Julia said "See you later" we both said at the same time and walk away

"Bye guys" Frypan said back to us

We seat down on chairs and start to eat.

"So…would you like some?" she says and look at toasts

"R-really" okay she told that she'll give me some but I wasn't sure if it's true

"Yeah, don't be afraid" she smiles I love that smile I take one.

"Thanks" I said and then Minho appeared

"Hey lovebirds" he said with a smirk. Before I could respond Julia says

"Oh Minho please don't be jealous I can give you some toasts too" she said with a smirk

"Thanks Juliet" and he turn to face me "Ready for 'brilliant' day in a maze?"

"Maze?" she asked

"Yeah Alby's gonna tell you about it"

"Okay then" she start to eat her toast after that she spoke again "Why are you going there?"

"We want to find a way out of here" I said. Then Alby came.

"Hey guys. You should be in maze in 5 minutes." He said

"Right" Minho said

"Have a nice day guys" I said and see Julia smiling at me so I smiled at her back. And we're (I and Minho) out.

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