Chapter 29

Hey guys! Thanks so much for nice reviews! I really enjoyed reading them :* oh and molliezoe21 don't think I haven't read your review, maybe it's not exactly what you wanted, but I hope you'll like it.And I just want to say I dedicate this chapter to my BFF Martyna! Happy Birthday!Okay so... enjoy the chapter :)


****JULIA'S POV****

"Be careful, okay?" I asked Newt. He holds my hands tightly in his and move them to his mouth and kissed them

"Always" he said and I smiled

"Oh how sweet! I think I'm gonna pukeeeee a rainboooooooooooow!" Minho yelled and I laughed

"Oh don't be jealous Minho. If you want Newt can kiss your hands too" I said with a smirk on my face

"Ewwww" Newt and Minho said in the same time

"Never in forever! Don't even dream about that" my kitty said

"Oh please! We all know you're waiting for occasion to cheat on Julia with me" I playfully punched him on a shoulder

"Into the MAZE! NOW!"


"Oh please it sounded like you were my submissive"

"Don't say that near Newt! He can become jealous" Newt just hit him in head and then come to me

"Bye love" he pecked me and they both ran into the maze.


"Hey Fry"

"Mind helping me making dinner?"

"No, not really"


"Hey you came back!" I ran to Newt and he spooned me around

"Zawsze" (Always)

"What? Did you just said something in Polish?"

"Tak" (yes)

"Jak ty…?" (How did you…?)

"Znasz coś takiego jak słownik?" (Do you know about book called dictionary?)

"Nauczyłeś się dla mnie polskiego?" (Have you learnt Polish for me?)

"Jak widać" (As you see)

"Jesteś najlepszy! Kocham cię!" (You're the best! I love you!)

" Też cię kocham" (I love you too)


"How do I read that?" Newt asked while pointing at word.

"Oh that one is chrząszcz (beetle)"

"Chrzamlb" he said and face-palmed himself " Can you repeat?"



"Not bad" I said and kissed his cheek. " Don't you think it's enough for today?"

"Hmm… it depends on what you want to do" I laid on bed and he was on top of me.

"I've got something in mind" he then kissed me. At first it was slow and gentle, but he deepened the kiss and forced his tongue to my mouth.

"Hey guys sorry that I interrupt you, but we need second in command" Jeff said like we were just talking or something and not making a foreplay.

"Perfect timing Jeff" Newt said and walked off of me. " Bye love" kitty kissed my hand and walked out with Med-jack.

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