Chapter 30

Hey guys! Sorry, but this chapter is not exactly a chapter. I'll put real chapter on Sunday. I just wanted to thank you guys for still reading me! Please review me more, 'couse I love reading your opinions! I have a spoiler of what will happen in this story soon. I'm not gonna say what exactly is going to happen, but I know you either will love me or hate me (to be honest I think you'll hate me). I just hope you'll keep reading it and have a nice weekend.




****JULIA'S POV****

"So… What was that important that they had to interrupt us"

"To be honest… nothing. They just did stupid gathering!" we sat under our tree in silent. Newt was toying with my hair and I didn't know when I felt asleep.

****NEWT'S POV****

I watched Julia falling asleep. She looks so cute when she sleeps. Watching her makes me forget about maze, no memory… almost no memory.


"Shh" I said to Minho and pointed at Julia.

"Shuck sorry" he whispered

"What do you want?" I asked politely

"I just wanted to make fun of how disgusting you two are, but I see I'm late"

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