Chapter 32

Hey guys!I just wanted to say one thing to firstthingsfirst if you don't like my fanfiction then don't read it. I once said that I want opinions about my story, but yours are inopportune.And yes I stole one line from Selena Gomez's song, but it was on purpose, what you would know if you had read rest of this story. Oh and if talking about eyes are so boring for you then as I said don't read it. I wouldn't mind your reviews that much if they weren't so rude.Maybe my story is not similar to book, but it's my story and I made it I make and I will make it as I see it.The truth is if you hadn't liked my story you wouldn't have read that and what I saw is that you read it to 10th chapter, so maybe you're just jealous, because I have thousands views and you even don't have an account.Oh and my English is better than yours.

Back to my readers.Guys I love you so much and I'm sorry about that long letter, but I don't like rude people, which are not brave enough to comment a story with their account. I hope you don't have to endure this kind of people in your live. And if you have to then believe me this people are just jealous of your beauty, talent and kindness and they're in love with themselves so they can't just say "you're better than me".Hope you don't know too many people like that (for example I don't know a real person like it. They're just on internet, 'couse like I said they're not brave enough to say it to your face and sign their names under what they've said)Love ya all Runners


****JULIA'S POV****

It's been 3 days since the situation in the forest has happened and nobody knows what really has happened. I couldn't have said the truth to anybody. Even Newt. I know creators would hurt him if I had told him, so I hadn't told him, but he sees that something is wrong. He didn't let me work after what had happened and he didn't go to the maze for 2 days, but today he went. He had to. He's been in maze for an hour and I already miss him. I think I'll always miss him. Coming back to creators… They haven't given me any instructions yet. I hope they forgot about me, but I know it's impossible. They will never leave me, because I broke the rules. I shouldn't be there, I shouldn't remember, but I do. And I don't regret that. I would never, but they'll make me regret it. They will make me regret everything.


"No, leave me alone" I thought to myself

"No, we need you here"

"What do you mean?"

"You have to come back"


"By the maze"

"No" I thought, but they didn't say anything right now "NO!" I screamed and everything went black.

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