Chapter 36

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****JULIA'S POV****

I've done everything. I ended writing. I've already helped Fry in kitchen. Everything.No I haven't done everything. I haven't said goodbye. Although I can't, I will.

****NEWT'S POV****

"Hey, love" I hugged Julia. She came as always. She always does. She comes to door to say "hello".

"Hi kitty!" I pecked her "Can we see each other, after supper, near our tree?" she whispered into my ear.

"Of course we can. Now, shall we go for a dinner?"

"We shall" she said and we went to canteen.

"How was the maze today?" Julia asked while sitting on my knees.

"Actually… it was really peaceful " Julia looked around. She was deep in thoughts. "You okay?"

"Y-yeah" I hugged her tighter.

I came to the woods. Julia was already there. I smiled at her. I was facing her back. She probably haven't heard me. I thought to myself. I hugged and she turned her head.

"Hey" I said and kissed her lightly.

"Hi" she smiled back. "I want to tell you something" she had really serious expression on her face.

"Julia? Has something happened?" I asked. Can it be that bad?


"Hey guys!" Minho interrupt. What in the bloody hell is he doing here? "Newt, Alby wants to talk to you"

"I can't. Not now."


"No! Just go away. Can't you see that I'm talking with Julia right now?"

"Newt it's okay" She said "Maybe it's something important"

"But-" I tried to disagree, but she interrupted me.

"It's okay. We can talk later" She faked a smile and walked away.

"Congratulation shanks" I said to Minho.

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