Chapter 4

Hey guys. I've got ch.4 for you and i dedicate it to nephilimgodling and also to fangirlwithfanfiction. Thanks for your reviews (and no I haven't got IG acc)



"Okay greenie …"Alby starts but I interrupt him

"I've got name you know" but he ignored me

"Don't ask any question. You'll do that after our little trip"

"Okay, let's go"

"Follow me"


I'm running for about 2 hours and I can't stop thinking about Julia 'BECAUSE YOU LOVE HER YOU KLUNK' I try to disagree with this annoying voice, but I can't. And then I see Han. I run to him. He's been stung.


"So only runners can go into the maze?" I asked Alby

"Yeah it's what I told you on the trip 32 minutes ago" he's annoyed

"Okay, okay detach your panties"

"Agh… just tell me what do you want"

"I want to be a runner"



Han's sitting on me and trying to strangle me. I hit him in his head and he lost his senses. I'll take him by his arm and go with him to the glade.


"Alby please"



"No way Juliet. I end with you"

"But I don't" I yell but he doesn't listening to me. And then Minho came.

"Hi guys. What's wrong?"

"I want to be a runner and Alby even doesn't listening to me" I said and then Minho starrts yelling at me

"Are you crazy!?" before I can respond I heard Newt screaming and I know that something is wrong. I run toward the maze. I am first here. And then I see him and his ALRIGHT.


"HELP" I shout as loud as I can. I go out the maze and see Minho, Alby, Julia and others newbies.

"Jeff and Clint take of Hun" Alby orders. I fall on my knees.

"I'll take care of him" I hear Julia. She hugged but before I can hugged her back she caught my neck and looked at it

"You're bleeding" she said with frightened in her voice

"I'm fine" I said. I don't want her to be scared but I love that she cares about me. We stand up and go to the bathroom near my room.


"I'll take care of him" I run torward him and I hug him but I feel something on his neck. It's blood.

"You're bleeding" I said. I'm so scared that something serious happened to him. He feels my frightened and he says

"I'm fine" 'No, you are NOT' I think and we go to the bathroom.

"What happened in the maze? And who is that boy?" I asked after long silence

"Easy. Ok so, I was running in the maze and I found Hun, he's one of the builders. I don't know why he was in the walked there, but I only knew that he wasn't awake. I walked to him and he attacked me. He tried to simmer me but I hit him and he lost his unconscious again. And then I back with him."

"But why he attacked you?"

"He's been stung"

"What does it mean?"

"We call them grievers. They live in the maze. When you met him there's 3 option. You're quiet and he doesn't see you. 2 – he kill you and 3 he stung you. When that happen, you start to be angry and attack everyone on your way. We've got only 48 hours to give you a special serum. And if you won't get it in the right time you'll die"

"That's horrible"

"I know, but don't be afraid you're save her. I, I-I mean we're gonna protect you"

"I know" we're only a few inches away from each other. When we're gonna kiss… Minho comes.

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