Chapter 39

Hey guys!Happy Easter!Runners


****JULIA'S POV****

I don't remember running through the maze, like this part of my life has never existed. I also don't remember fainting or failing asleep. The only thing I remember is running into the maze and waking up here. In the small white room with bed on which I was laying.Slowly, I stood up. Dizziness didn't help me doing that, but with time I reached the door. Before I could open it, someone came in."Good morning Maria. I'm glad you finally woke up" Woman with white hair said."I'm Julia." She looked at me and smile. If it was other situation I would think it was actually a kind type of smile."I'm Ava Paige. I work for WCKD, actually my grandmother was the founder of it.""Why are you doing it?" I asked her."Don't you remember?""Even if I do, why should I tell you?" she smiled… proudly?"Let me show you this place"

****NEWT'S POV****

It's been three days since Julia ran into the maze. She hasn't come back yet. I, Minho and few other runners have been running the maze all days since that day. "Where are you, love?" I whispered.

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