Chapter 41

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****JULIA'S POV****

I slowly opened my eyes. I was in white room lying on the bed. I stood up. I burst into crying. "Newt" I whispered. His dead. If I had stayed there it wouldn't have happened. He wouldn't have died.Someone walked into the room. I looked at the person. Girl had long, blond her. She looked like Newt. Nicole."Shh… Please don't cry" she hugged."How am I supposed to stop crying? Newt's dead" she smiled at me and said"No, he's not" I stood up in a second."What do you mean?""I mean, he's not dead" I hugged her tightly"H-how?""Let me show you"

****NEWT'S POV****

I opened my eyes. Why am I not dead? "What the shuch were you thinking?" I heard Alby."Where am I ?" I asked"At medjack's.""Why?""Because of this" I pointed at my leg. It looked awful. Now I realized how much it hurts."What happened?" I asked hoping he didn't know about what I tried to do."You tell me. I only heard your scream and then found you""Oh""Oh?" he was frustrated "You almost died!""I-I… I know" I said with guilt/"You know what!? " He stood up. "If you don't want to talk, fine! But don't come to me when you'll know how hopeless you are!" and with that he left."Bloody hell" I murmured to myself.

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