Chapter 42

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****JULIA'S POV****

I walked with Nicole to a room with lots of computers and scientist. "That's where we work on the cure.""Cure?" I asked. I don't remember everything, but if I'm right, there's an illness in the world."For flare." She stopped walking, so did I. "That's why boys are in the maze.""I don't think I understand" I said."WICKED made the maze and puts the new boy there every month to learn how their brains work. Some of them are immune to the illness and WICKED wants to find what makes them different from the others""But why they do this, this way?! Can't they give them an exam to do or something?""It's not the same. On the exam there's no adrenalin and no so many emotions." She stopped. "WICKED is ready to sacrificed few lives for billions other""That's not fair!""I know" she sighed."But why-" I was interrupted by someone's voice."You' he pointed at me. "Come with me" I looked at Nicole and she nodded. I walked with the man. He was old, ugly and looked like rat. Ratman. "So you are Julia" I nodded. "Answer me!""Yes, I'm Julia" he laughed. What the shuck?"No, you're not. Not anymore." He said and smirked."What do you mean?""You're Marie now"

****NEWT'S POV****

I came to Julia's room. Nobody's been there since… since she… I don't want to think about it, but I want to think about her. She was the best thing that happened to me and now she's gone and it's all my fault.I laid on Julia's bed. I felt something under me. I stood up and looked under bedding. There was something.A letter…

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