Chapter 43

Hey guys!I hope you'll like the chapter. Maybe it's not too long, but I tried to make it happy and sad at the same time. I don't know if it works, but I hope you'll like it.There's a link to the song I personally love and I think that maybe it's not the best song to the situation in the chapter, but for me it's okay and I'd like you to listen to it while you're you allRunners :*

Chapter 43

****NEWT'S POV****

Dear Newt!I'm so sorry for everything that happened. I'm sorry for leaving you. Sorry for making you sad. I don't know if you read this letter, because you want explanation or maybe you won't even read it, because you're angry at me, but I really doubt that. I want to tell you why I've done what I've done, but I can't tell you everything for your own good.I had to run into the maze. Otherwise W.C.K.D. would have killed you and I've never wanted you to suffer, because of me. I wanted to stay with you forever. Even if the maze would last forever, I wouldn't mind, because you were with me, but I had no choice. I don't know if you're crying or if you're angry at me or anything. I want to tell you to don't worry about me. I'm with W.C.K.D. They told me to come back. They've never wanted you to know why I escaped. Bloody hell, they've never wanted us to meet again. That's why they told me to leave by the maze. And if I left by maze you can escape too. You need to keep fighting. Please don't separate from guys. Live like you used to live. I know that one they you'll escape and we'll meet again, but till then live your life and please remember that I love you and I'll never stop. No matter what.I hope you'll forgive me all my mistakes. I hope you'll keep on fighing. I hope you'll keep on loving me. I hope you remember about everything we've been through and that it will give you strange for fighting.Your love, Julia

"I love you too" I whispered to myself. "And there's no need to apologize."

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