Chapter 44


****JULIA'S POV****

I don't know when tortures started. I don't know when they will end either."I'm going to ask for last time" Jonson said. " What do you know?""Do I look like I know anything?" I asked barely birthing. He kicked me again. We were in white room. Are there any others? I thought to myself.Then I felt blood in my mouth. Don't think about it. Stay strong. For Newt… If he's even alive. I started crying. Not because of the pain, but because of him. Am I ever going to see him again? Does he still love me?"Stop!" I heard someone yelling at Janson. Ava Paige? "Let her go and go away now, before I change my mind." Janson ran off the room as fast as it was possible. "Can you stand up?" she asked me. I shook my head, no."Leave me alone." I said huskily."Let me help you, let me explain you.""You explained enough.""You have to listen to me." She stopped probably waiting for me to protest, but when I didn't she kept talking. "What we do here, we do for good of all people. Not all of us are good, for instead Janson, it's not that he's bad, but he wants too much.""He wants to find a cure." She nodded. "But why did he ask about what I know?""He thinks that your blood might be the cure."" Is that even possible?""Of course not." She stopped for a moment. " But... if you help us we would find cure sooner.""And then you'll get boys out of the maze?""Yes."I thought about it for a moment. I can help the whole world and save guys, save Newt, but how can I be sure that Ava is not lying to me?"You have to promise me that Newt will survive." I said."I can't promise you anything. Not like that, but I can promise you that finding the cure would be a lot of help.""Okay, I agree."

Hey guys!Sorry for such a chapter, but I don't have time for writing. I'll have very important exams this week and then I'm going for a trip, but I'll try write as much as I can.Love you :*Runners

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