Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

****NEWT'S POV****

It's been two months since Julia disappeared. I've been reading the letter from her since when I found it."Hi shank, how is your leg?" Alby brought me back to reality."It's not the worst thing that happened to me." He sighed."Listen..."he started. "I know it must be hard for you. I know Julia was-" I looked angrily at him. "Is important to you, but you can't stop living your life. You need to be stronger than this. You angry because she's not there anymore? Then change it!" What the bloody hell?"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to understand."I mean, if you want to see her again you need to work as hard as you only can. I know you're not going to run through the maze anymore, but be helpful. Live like you used to live. Show those shanks that put us here and have taken Julia away from you that you have hard ass and that they won't break you! Show Julia that you've never given up on her! Show her that you will fight to have her back!" I smiled at him. He's the only one that knows about the letter."Thanks Alby." He smiled back and said"Now get your fat ass up and go back to work."

****JULIA'S POV****

"He's taking it better than I expected." Nicole told me."He's strong. He will fight no matter what." I said back."He wouldn't if it wasn't you.""What do you mean?""I know about a letter" she stopped for a moment and looked me in the eyes. "And I know there's more of them."

****NEWT'S POV****After work I went to my and Julia's tree. As I saw it I remembered our kiss. The taste of her mouth. The sound of her voice. Her smell. Her laugh. The way she was. I sat under the tree and looked at the sky. Okay the part that was visible threw the branches. I closed my eyes. Little breezed ran through my eyes, then something felt down on me. Next letter.

Newt, the love of my lifeI know I wrote it in last letter, but I'm sorry for leaving you. I hope you do fine. I want you to know that you should keep living your life. Remember, it doesn't stopped the day I disappeared. It still last, if you like it or not. I want to have fun with guys. To behave like you used to. Do not ever give up. It is the worst thing you can do. You need to fight with W.C.K.D. and escape the Glade. I know it's not easy. It can take you months or even years, but I will wait for you to come and save me. No matter how long it takes, because I love you.Now pick up your sexy ass and go have fun with guys. Put the brightest smile that you only can and forget about all bad things, just for few hours. Imagine that I'm next to you and we talk with guys like there was any maze, grievers or anything like that.Please do me a favor and tell guys that I miss them, not that much that I miss you, but still tell them. Don't you dare cry while talking to them. If you do, the first thing I do when I see you is talking how you girly behave.I bloody love you.Your and only your loveJulia

"Hey Min-hoe" I said and smiled."Whoa, shuck. Newt are you okay? Are you drank?"" No why?""Because you don't look worried, depressed and heart broken." He counted on his fingers."I'm fine and not drank" I chuckled. "How was the running today?""And what do you think?""I think it made your day." I faked a smile."Yes, it did. Now sorry, Mr. Happy rainbow, but I need to draw a map."He started running to the homestead."It's okay shuck face."

"Hi Fry!" I said while walking into a kitchen."Newt? Hi! Are you okay?" He asked. I haven't seen him for a month now and he was surprised. Like a lot."Yeah… What about you?" I asked."It's… not that funny like it used to be when…" When Julia was there. "I know.""I know you miss her, but remember, we all do." He said like he's wanted to say this since the day Julia disappeared.We'd stayed quiet for a while, but I decided to break the silence."You need any help?"

Now I know why Julia loved cooking. It was pretty fun. I could talk to Fry about her and he told me a lot about their friend ship."Hey Gally." I said and he turned around to face me."Newt? Hi, shank, where have you been for two months?" He smiled, but he didn't look happily. I saw him a few times, when I was only observing Gladers life. He looked really depressed. Julia was one of his best friends and from what I know he's almost felt as bad as me."You know here and there." I tried to smile, but it was a sad smile. "How is it going?" I pointed at new building that builders were making."We work as hard as can."

Dear Julia No that's not good.

Julia, love

I don't know what I should write to you. There's too many thing.First, I miss you so much.Second, I understand why you left, but I don't understand why you're sorry. It's my fault, because I wasn't there for you, I wasn't listening, when you wanted to talk and I'm sorry for this. For everything.I love you so much and I'll never stop. I'll do as you said. I won't give up, but you need to know that I already did. I'm sorry for this. I was broken after you left. I thought you were dead. That you gave up, because I wasn't there for you, but believe me I'm okay now and I'll do everything I can to see you again.I did as you wanted me to do. I talked to guys and they all miss you. You were right, day with them was amazing, but all we were doing was talking about you.I promise I will get out of the maze and find you, no matter what.Forever yoursNewt

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