Chapter 5

Hey guys. I'm so sorry that I haven't added new chapter yesterday but I was busy.Today I dedicate chapter to my BFF Asia (it's polish name – longer form of it is Joanna) happy 14th birthday shank.



"Hi guys. How's your neck shank?"

"Not bad. What's wrong?" Newt asked

"We've got a gathering for 5 minutes. You're invited too Juliet." I said and turn to her. She only nod and looked back at Newt.

"Has box gone?"

"No, I don't think so. Why?" Newt asked her

"I've got list of things that I need and I want to drop it to the box" she explains

"So hurry. We'll meet you on the gathering" I said

"Okay see ya" and she go away. When I'm sure that she can't hear as I start


"So… what?"

"I interrupted you" I said with a smirk and he blushes

"No… I even don't know what you're talking about"

"Seriously!? Newt I'm your best friend. You know you can tell me everything?"


"So… tell me then"

"Ygh… let's go to the gathering"

"As you wish. But after that we're gonna have bros-talking"

"Just go" he said and go to the gathering.


We're waiting for Alby. I really want talk to Julia. She seems so sad. She's standing alone in the corner. She doesn't look at me, but at her hand. I notice a bracelet on it. Heart is attached to this. Before she can even touch it Alby appeared.

"Okay slintheads we have to talk about few important things. First how Hun entered into the maze? Gally ? Do you know something about it?" he asked

"He disappeared two weeks ago but you already know that, cause I told you it 2 weeks ago"

"He should be dead right now. Even if grievers didn't found-him what they done-he should die,cause he hadn't had any food or water"

"We'll talk about this when he'll wake up" I said

"Good it. Now Julia, we've got problem with you . You arrived a week before normal appearance, so you'll live in the same room with Newt for next few weeks. If others girls come Gally will build big house for ya, but if they won't you'll have something smaller. Oh and for 4 days from now will be a bonfire. And from tomorrow you'll be look for a job. You'll start in the kitchen with Frypan…" before he can end Julia interrupt him

"I already told you that I want to be a runner" WHAT!? WHY NOONE TOLD ME THAT!?

"NO" Alby yelled

"BUT…" Julia yelled back

"NO, NOW GET OUT FROM HERE" where she doesn't do anything, so he shout again "I SAID GET OUT!" I see tears in her eyes

"Alby stop…" but he interrupt me

"SLIM IT NEWt AND YOU" he looks at Julia " GET OUT, NOW"

"ASSHOLE" she said and run away. I want go after her but he stop me

"No. She can wait. We've got bigger problems than stupid girl"

"Don't call her that never again" and I walk away


I'm running to the forest as fast as I can. I can't stop crying. 'WHY I AM SO USLESS!?' I don't know what else I can do. I only know that I can run fast. I'm still running. I'm in the forest, but I'm still running. I trip over root, but I'm still running. I run out of the forest. I'm on the meadow. I fall on my knees. I'm crying. Why I am so useless!? I don't know even in what else I'm good. And then I hear someone's steps.

"Hey there you are…" it's Newt. I can't look at him. What is he thinking about me right now!? Why I even care? He squats next to me and hug me, he leaned his head on my arm and whispers into my ear "Please don't cry. It's not your fault. Alby is such a shuck"

"It's not his fault it's mine"

"Yours? What are you talking about?"

"I'm useless"

He stops hugging me and face me.

"Never say that again. Never. Good that?" I only nod and hugged him and he hesitate for a moment and he hugged me back. "C'mon I want to show you something"


We go near the wall with the names. I stopped and Julia look in my eyes. I smile to her but she turna back to the wall.

"Inscribe your name on the wall" I say and she looked at me

"Why?" she asked

"Cause you are one of us now" then I can see her smile again. It's so beautiful. SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL

"Okay" I gave her knife and she starts to rip her name on the wall. When she finished she gave me back my knife

"Okay" she said and we started going. We were talking about … everything like we knew each other.

"Is it a bracelet?" I asked her

"Yeah, I saw it sometime ago. But I haven't got time to look at it" she grabs it and look at the heart on it. There's heart attached to it. She looked at it and passed out. Thanks goodness I catch her. I'll start running as fast as I can.


I look at heart and there's etched Newt. And everything turned black.

The End of chapter 5

( I know you hate me right now)

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